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Posts Tagged ‘Dancing Machine’

B.J. Raji Gets His Super Bowl Grove On

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B.J. Raji and the rest of the Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl, thanks, in large, large part to Raji’s interception/touchdown return, which, after avoiding a Leon Lett moment, also featured one of the best touchdown dances you’ll ever see. In fact, Raji’s play was the most crucial of the game, a contest that became a defensive struggle with neither offenses doing, well, much of anything.

On Chicago’s side, you had the Jay Cutler debacle — Memo to Maurice Jones-Drew: Don’t EVER miss another game in your career, ace. — which introduced Caleb Hanie to the rest of the world. On Green Bay’s side, after they moved the ball on their opening drive, it didn’t become a trend; and if they were moving the ball, the Packers couldn’t convert those yards into points.

Enter dancing machine B.J. Raji. After dropping back into zone coverage, Raji found the ball coming his way, and, well, the rest is dancing history.

After the jump, Raji’s hypnotic dance is preserved forever in lovely gif form >>

Herb Sendek Gets In On The Dougie Craze

…And the results are about what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong, white guys in the basketball universe who dance are always good for laugh, thanks to the intrepid, pioneering ways of Mark Madsen, but for heaven’s sake, can we please stop with the Dougie? Hell, I’d prefer a flashback to the days where the Cabbage Patch ruled all.

In fact, I’d pay money to see Sendek do the Cabbage Patch, followed by the Running Man. Arizona State would never be the same again.

H/t to The Dagger for the find.

LeBron’s Dancing Schtik Getting Old

It’s becoming quite clear The Chosen One’s dancing antics are starting to get on people’s nerves, not just Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls, either. The Noah/James “dust-up” hit the sports blogs this weekend, but after James repeated his “Dancin’ Machine” performance against the Milwaukee Bucks, the fact is, people are getting tired of LeBron’s “notice me” act — as one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet, that’s something he certainly does not need to do — and it looks like a mini-revolt is coming.

Also, LeBron James was dancing the entire game. Just making an ass of himself… Damon Jones danced. Antoine Walker danced, and Mark Jackson danced. Nick Van Exel danced. These are the players you’re acting like, LeBron.

Magic Johnson didn’t dance. Michael Jordan didn’t dance. Kobe Bryant didn’t dance, Larry Bird didn’t dance, and Dr. J didn’t dance. These are the players whose games yours most resembles, LeBron.

It’s been a tough little stretch for the LeBron public relations team, starting with James’ refusal to shake the hands of the Orlando Magic players that gave him his fishing license for the summer last season. This petulant response segued nicely to the Jordan Crawford dunk hubbub, which showed just how thin-skinned LeBron can be.

I mean, who gives one damn if LeBron got dunked on by a college player? Does that fact make LeBron somehow less, well, good? Even James knows the correct answer here. Had he kept his mouth shut, and/or played the dunk off with a sense of humor, he could’ve endeared himself to a lot of detractors. Instead, LeBron allowed Nike to strong-arm the video taker, which blew the entire thing so far out of proportion, TMZ got in on the fun.

TMZ a reputable basketball news source? Who knew?

And then there’s the LBJ MVP t-shirt nonsense, which, to some, was more embarrassing as any Jordan Crawford edicts acted out on LeBron’s behalf. What we have here, folks, is a pattern. One that smells like the actions of an insecure being, an idea that’s awfully puzzling when it comes to LeBron James.

Perhaps the overdose of “The Chosen One” hype resonated all the way to James’ core, because it’s becoming obvious that kind of attention is something he doesn’t want to do without.

Bringing Pride To Kentucky Fans Everywhere

You go, brother. Tell the world you are Big Blue and proud of it. What’s next for a Kentucky fan showing such an individual style of celebration? A dissertation on why Tubby wasn’t right the coach for the university? Actually, Mr. Dancin’ Machine would just be another member of the crowd if he went that route.

Maybe next game, they can have him join the Wildcat Dance Team.

Wildcat Dance Team

I think he’d fit right in.