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Posts Tagged ‘Dana Jacobson’

Tiger Doesn’t Back Down

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Master Eldrick was on the Deuce this morning discussing his verbal antics at last week’s WGC-CA Championship. Tiger was upset with the gallery because of pictures being taken during his swing motion and informed the guilty party(ies) he would break their necks if they took anymore pictures. I believe the F word was used during Tiger’s warning.

During the interview, Dana “Belvedere” Jacobson tried to grill Tiger about his choice of adjectives and to his credit (or lack thereof, depending on your perspective towards swear words), Tiger didn’t back down. He informed Jacobson she had no idea what’s being said out on the course and that he’s tired of these types of things happening while he’s playing.

I’m probably one of the few that appreciates Tiger’s reaction here. At no time during the blurb-style interview did he show any indication he was sorry for chastising the gallery for their actions. He also shows no noticeable regret for using a couple of F-bombs to make his point either… and considering the fact his father was a Green Beret from the Vietnam era, I’d say swearing is the least of his family’s concern.

For some reason, a lot of military dependents have a bluer tongue than many “civilians” and you can tell Tiger thought he was absolutely in the right, language and all. One final thought, does anyone see the irony in Dana Jacobson asking Tiger Woods about some perhaps unfortunate vocabulary choices?

Dana Jacobson Returns, Apologizes

Roast-master supreme Dana Jacobson has returned to the ESPN fold after some comments she made at a celebrity roast for Mike and Mike (have they responded to Whitlock’s critique?) resulted in Jacobson being served with a one-week suspension. To celebrate her return to the mighty Worldwide Leader, Dana issued an apology for her Belvedere-fueled behavior.

Much ado about nothing? It was a roast for crying out loud…