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Posts Tagged ‘Dallas Mavericks’

The Last Word On Jordan and LeBron?

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Considering last night’s NBA Finals playoff-low scoring output from LeBron — combined with the upcoming statistical breakdown — the lead video seems awfully appropriate. The unnecessary Jordan/LeBron discussion was, of course, initiated by Scottie Pippen’s outburst, something he semi-recanted. Initially, LeBron’s fourth quarter scoring was the discussion point, but after his eight point outing in Game 4 — zero in the fourth quarter — it’s time to put the discussion to bed.

The lead video comes courtesy of, and it speaks volumes. So do these NBA Finals statistics:

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You Can’t Touch Dirk Nowitzki

No, this is not channeling MC Hammer. Well, not too much, anyway… So what if it is? I blame the “Can’t Be Touched 2011″ gem of a remix that leads this post, canonizing Dirk Nowitzki with such an eloquent song, courtesy of that well-known bard, Roy Jones, Jr. It’s clearly Nowitzki’s world, all of the time; so much so, in fact, his play can take your song and make it fresher, and much more appropriate.

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Kevin Durant’s Poster

It’s 1-1 in the Western Conference Finals as the Oklahoma City Thunder responded to their Game One loss with more great offense — I’m not sure the phrase “playoff defense” will, at any point, apply to this series — largely in part to James Harden’s beastly fourth quarter performance. Harden drained 10 crucial points in the deciding fourth as the Thunder held off the Mavericks, 106-100.

While Harden was indeed playing the role of closer quite successfully, the highlight of Game Two, however, was when Kevin Durant literally threw the ball down on Brendan Haywood. It wasn’t so much a dunk as it was a “get the **** out of the way” smash, something similar to Blake Griffin’s highly-celebrated throw down on the New York Knicks.

The difference being, Durant’s dunk came during the Conference Finals, making much more important than Griffin’s regular season offering.

After the jump, video and the poster image of Durant’s nasty slam >>

Dirk Nowitzki’s Bout of Perfection

See? This is what happens when the best-shooting 7-footer ever to play in the NBA gets hot from the free throw line. You get a chance to witness perfection. You also get a chance to see a record-setting performance from the charity stripe as Dirk Nowitzki surpassed the previous record of most free throw makes in a playoff game without a miss set by Paul Pierce.

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Dirk Versus Kevin, Who Ya Got?


While the match-up may be unexpected, that won’t stop the Western Conference Finals from starting tonight when Oklahoma City Thunder take on the Dallas Mavericks in their best-of-seven series. Granted, the absence of teams like the LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs may be shocking to some, but these clearly are the two best teams playing currently for the Western Conference.

Sure, the Lakers might have had Phil, Kobe and Pau, but a lot of good that did while being unceremoniously swept out of the playoffs by the Mavericks.

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Mark Cuban Flips Out After Mavericks Lose

Mark Cuban

The Dallas Mavericks’ season came to a disappointing end against the San Antonio Spurs last night, losing their opening round series, 4-2. The realization that the mid-season moves made the Mavericks didn’t work apparently didn’t sit too well with Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. As a response to such unsettling news, Cuban took his frustrations out on one of the Gatorade jugs in his vicinity.

Naturally, there’s a video and an animated gif of Cuban’s emotional outburst.

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Manu Struggles To Protect His Nose

Manu Ginobili

Thanks to the take down skills of Eduardo Najera, Manu Ginobili will be finishing the 2010 Playoffs with a busted nose. Because basketball is something of a contact sport — especially playoff basketball — the Spurs excellent wing player has been trying different nose-pad styles, all of which are about as aesthetically pleasing as roadkill.

With Ginobili rejecting the idea of wearing a Richard Hamilton-style face mask, those nose pads, which look like super-sized Breath-Rite strips, are about the only protective option he has. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s been working as well as he’s wanted, hence the color changes between Game 4 and 5.

The lead image shows what his nose protection looked like in Game 5. Unfortunately, without the courtesy of a good screenshot, there aren’t any great pictures of Ginobili’s nose guard from last night’s Game 5. Thank goodness for the power of Photoshop, or in the case of this particular blogger, Fireworks (sorry, it’s just a much better web graphics program), because now we have a better idea of what Ginobili’s massive, flesh-colored band-aid looked like.

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Where Dirk Nowitzki Goes Off

Dirk Nowitzki is averaging 29.6 points a game, a total to be reckoned with by any estimation. He’s easily one of the best offensive players in the NBA. However, what he accomplished last night turns the description “one of best” into “downright scariest.” When the fourth quarter of Dallas’ game against Utah started last night, the Mavericks trailed by 16 points. While deficits like that are commonplace in the NBA, the way in which the Mavericks came back is not. Sure, Dallas rode their best player, but I doubt even they figured Nowitzki would be as effective as he was. Let’s put it this way, during their fourth quarter comeback, Dirk Diggler matched his season scoring average by dropping 29 points.

In one quarter.

The flop-haired German with the exquisite outside shot finished with 40 points, but it was his sterling fourth quarter that’s getting headlines, and rightfully so. 29 points in one quarter is more than a number of teams can muster as a whole. To wit, the Jazz, as a team, scored 18 in the fourth against Dallas last night.

In fact, a quick glance at last night’s scores reveal only one team, besides Dallas, that is, outscored Nowitzki in the fourth quarter and that was the Boston Celtics with 36. The rest of the NBA could only match, if not score less, than Dirk’s final stanza explosion. has a nifty little chart showing just how effective Nowitzki was last night. His contribution is designated by the pinkish-flesh colored bar:

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Dirk’s contributions were instrumental in helping the Mavericks overcome the Jazz.