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Posts Tagged ‘Dallas Cowboys’

Drunk, Slutty Football Fans Are, Well, They’re Something

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Clearly, that’s the most positive action Dallas Cowboys have had this season. Unfortunately, it came in the form of a chick who apparently turns into a porn star in training once Miller Lite is introduced and the willing dude she’s with. I’m torn here, because, normally, I have little problem with slutty chicks, but this reeks of a desperate “Please notice me” cry of attention-getting.

I guess I don’t like attention whoring all that much.

What? You couldn’t get on at the local strip club, so you take your drunken, slutty talents of having no sense of how to behave in a public setting and dry hump the guy your with until the other fans start waving dollar bills at you?

Was that her plan here? If so, she succeeded far beyond expectations.

H/t to Boston’s Barstool Sports for the find.

Get Thee To The Waiver Wire

Romo's Shoulder

The sad/bad news for Dallas Cowboys fans is also bad news for Tony Romo owners in fantasy football. Tony Romo’s broken clavicle not only breaks the rest of the Cowboys’ season — more than likely, anyway — he’s also caused a massive trend with the fantasy waiver. As of this posting, according to Yahoo Sports’ fantasy football page, there have already been 9404 adds of John Kitna and 12702 drops of Romo.

Clearly, even when their most recognizable player gets hurt, the Cowboys still move the needle. Of course, a major injury to a popular fantasy football starter has that effect.

As a non-Cowboy hater (not a fan, though), I’m not interested in kicking the franchise while its down. The same goes for Romo. Injuries in sports suck, even if it’s for a team people are currently loving to hate. Currently, Romo is expected to miss 6-8 weeks, and his teammates fully expect him to play again this season:

“Anybody who knows what kind of work ethic this guy has there’s no question,” Witten said. “People doubt him in many ways … but that guy is a fighter. He’ll bounce back.”

Granted, that could be a teammate who’s trying to make the best of a crappy situation, but it would be surprising if Romo doesn’t find his way back onto the field before the season ends. The question is, will the Cowboys have anything to play for by then?

Correction Concerning Celebration Penalties

Dallas Penalty

Yesterday, I bitched a little bit about the celebration penalty against Miles Austin for leap-frogging Roy Williams in the end zone after Williams scored. According to Shutdown Corner, the penalty was, in fact, on Sam Hurd for joining Williams with the “Hook ‘em, Horns” salute. Unfortunately for Hurd, he did the sign wrong. The thumb is supposed to stay in.

Clearly, America Is Ready for Football

Hall of Fame Game

While we as football fans probably didn’t learn much after watching the Dallas/Cincinnati Hall of Fame Game — The Bengals offense looks suspect, Dallas still has questions on their offensive line — we sure as hell watched it. In fact, the ratings for the first preseason game of the year was the highest they’ve been in six years. Clearly, the American public is ready for some football.

According to PFT, the game drew a 7.6 rating, 31% higher than the 2009 HoF game.

So when Hank asks the inevitable question in about a month, we obviously know the answer: Football is the most popular, trendy sport going right now and the American public is most definitely ready.

Miles Austin Is A Freak

Miles Austin Eyes
H/t to KSK for the pic

See what I’m saying about Miles Austin? He such a freakazoid, he has mouths for eyes. If that’s not freaky enough, take a look at his output in the last two games for the Cowboys: 16 catches, 421 yards, 4 touchdowns. Again, in two games. That, friends, comprises a season for some receivers, if not a career. With Austin, however, you get the feeling that he’s just getting started on what could be a very lucrative, explosive stay in the NFL — especially if defensive secondaries don’t start doing a better job of at least trying to cover him. While his game against the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t quite as eye-popping as his game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Austin was still the best receiver on the field.

No offense to Roddy White, either.

Here’s one of Austin’s two touchdown catches against the Falcons:

After the jump >>

Miles Austin and the Awesome, Incredible, Stupendous, Very Good Day

Here’s a checklist of the things Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin accomplished yesterday against the Kansas City Chiefs:

* Caught 10 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns

* Set Cowboys records for receiving yards, beating names like Michael Irvin, Terrell Owens, and Bob Hayes

* Caught the game-winning touchdown on a 60-yard catch and run

* Increased his YPC on touchdown catches to 40.8 yards a reception

* Perhaps gave Tony Romo a legitimate lead receiver, something Dallas has been looking for since Owens was released

Considering just how storied the Cowboys franchise is, when a relative unknown starts setting and breaking records, it’s newsworthy. How impressive was Austin’s game, considering it came from a receiver trying to find his way in this league? The folks at the Kansas City Star were particularly dumbfounded:

Austin may have talent, but it was still troubling to the Chiefs that they allowed a career day to a player still trying to establish himself. Austin joined the Cowboys as an undrafted rookie in 2006 when Todd Haley was their receivers coach.

Austin had just 23 career catches heading into Sunday’s game. He had only five this season in the Cowboys’ first four games. He was such a nonfactor in the Dallas passing game that Romo didn’t even try to find Austin on the deciding plays in the end zone of last week’s loss to the Denver Broncos.

Sounds a lot like sour grapes to me… Or at least a truckload of frustration for their Chiefs, who essentially got beat by a number 3 receiver.

Did Roy Williams Turn Into Terrell Owens?

Roy Williams

Apparently, it’s hard for Tony Romo to keep anybody happy nowadays. If it’s not letting down Dallas Cowboy supporters everywhere with his three interception performance against the Giants, therefore spoiling the opening of Jerry Jones’ palatial ode to Cowboys football, he’s apparently not very good at making his big-name wide receivers happy. Just ask Terrell Owens, who, lest we forget, once cried because of the amount of criticism Romo was receiving after another playoff loss; or, in this case, Roy Williams, the player brought in to replace the departed distraction.

Williams isn’t happy with the lack of footballs being thrown his way, so instead of learning from anything Owens did, Williams decides to take his case to the Dallas Morning News. Because, yeah, that’s certainly one way of handling these kinds of situations on a private basis.

“Yeah, it’s frustrating. Why is it not?” Williams said. “I feel like I’m a playmaker. I feel like I can change the game. It didn’t happen in the passing game, so I had to turn into [offensive lineman] Flozell [Adams] on the outside and try to dominate the run game. That’s what was working for us. There are going to be games like that.”

If that’s how you truly believe, Mr. Williams — “There are going to be games like that” — why on earth would you say anything at all that can be construed as you being combative towards your quarterback? Instead of saying, “Yeah, it’s frustrating,” why not try, oh, I don’t know, saying something like, “There will be other games and other opportunities for me to make plays.” or some other innocuous statement? Why do anything in the public eye that looks like a repeat of the TO madness? It doesn’t make much sense.

But then again, this is the same guy, a multimillionaire mind you, who knowingly stiffed a delivery driver on a tip. I’m guessing protecting your quarterback in the press is not a second nature characteristic for Williams.

Via PFT.

Terrell Owens Still Wants to Help Dallas

T.O.’s toe is feeling better, but because he’ll be missing the Buffalo Bills preseason game against Pittsburgh, he’s offering his services to his old team, via Twitter, of course. Now, while I’m sure the sentiment about filling for Roy Williams is appreciated, you have to believe if Tony Romo saw this, his first reaction would be involuntary regurgitation, followed by him blaming Jessica Simpson for everything.