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Posts Tagged ‘Cowboys Stadium’

NFL and Jerry Jones Dropped the Ball When They Turned Away Ticket Holders

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With all the hype about the new Texas stadium, and how big and grand and fabulous it was, the fact that 400 ticket holders were turned away at the last minute somehow got lost in the story. In case you haven’t heard, 400 people who purchased genuine Super Bowl tickets, were not able to sit in them because “a temporary seating structure wasn’t approved by a fire marshal” in time before the game.

You mean to tell me that Jerry Jones, who knew for how long that he was going to host the Super Bowl in his big shiny new stadium, couldn’t take time out of showing it off beforehand to every media outlet and its mother to let in an inspector? Give me a break. This was a major screw up.

The NFL, in an even more gauche move, tweeted out that they will be giving these fans $2,400, or triple what their $800 tickets cost as well as free tickets to next year’s Super Bowl.

Incredibly tacky to tweet this out to the world as if the NFL were the good guys. Think about this for a minute. You’re a Green Bay Packers fan. You fork out the big bucks to see your team in the Super Bowl, which it hasn’t been in for 12 years. You fight the blizzards that ripped through the area for the memory of being there to cheer on your team, and the NFL tells you, “Sorry. But a Super Bowl is a Super Bowl, right? Go to next years.”

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Jerry Jones Doesn’t Care About Your Scoreboard Complaints

Jerry Jones

For those of you who think Jerry Jones is an insufferable ass who should be made to raise his already NFL-legal scoreboard, the Dallas Cowboys God owner has two words for you: DeGeneration X.

For those of you unaware of D-X and the infamous saying associated with their name, see more here. Moving on, JJ doesn’t want anything to do with raising Dallas’ $40 million piece of high definition heaven. Jones thinks the video board/monitor/jumbotron (What, exactly, do you call such a monstrosity?) fine exactly where it is, regardless of whatever accommodations the stadium is making for the U2 concert.

Seeing how the monitor is five feet higher than the league’s minimum requirement, can you really blame him?

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New Cowboy$ $tadium Ain’t Cheap

Cowboys Stadium

Yesterday, Martellus Bennett tweeted something about touring the new $1.5 billion stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. The video in question is now live, and while the stadium does indeed look like modern marvel of sports venues, there a few things that stand out, as you can see in the lead image. When asked about his thoughts on building such a facility, Jones indicates the new stadium will help capture the mystique of the Dallas Cowboys.

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