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Posts Tagged ‘Converse’

Did Starbury Copy Its Design?

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Starbury Tat

In the wake of all the madness surrounding Stephon Marbury’s deal with Amazon and the incredibly interesting decision to tattoo his head, something occurred to me. Did the Starbury designers copy designs from other, more popular shoes?

It kinda looks like it:

Air Force

Add in the star from the Converse shoes that went with the University of Kentucky’s 1996 denim uniforms, seen here:

Converse Star

And you have the makings of some similar looking athletic gear — but maybe that’s just me responding to the summer doldrums kicking in.

The Coolest Chuck Taylors You’ll See Today

The Black Fives Blog unveiled these awesome Chuck Taylors today, but instead of being the normal canvas, they’re made from shoe laces. Observe:

Shoe String Chucks

Sweet, aye? Anyway, they have some more pictures over there and they also have the appropriate purchasing information, if you are so inclined.