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Posts Tagged ‘Contract Negotiations’

Michael Crabtree’s Payday Details

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Mike and Mike

We already know how he got his money, now here are some of the details on Michael Crabtree’s long-awaited contract signing: Six years, $32 million, $17 million guaranteed. That’s pretty much what he would’ve received had he signed over the summer, making his holdout one of the more perplexing decisions by an athlete in sometime. Maybe he’s only used to playing, at most, a 12-game season, and because of that, he adjusted his time-table accordingly.

More than likely, however, it had something to do with the rumor concerning his agent’s insistence on matching Darrius Heyward-Bey’s contract. Here’s a list of the number 7-11 draft picks and the amount of money they signed for:

7. Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR) – Oakland, 5 years for $38.25 million ($23.5M guaranteed)
8. Eugene Monroe (OT) – Jacksonville, 5 years for $35.4 million ($19.2M guaranteed)
9. B.J. Raji (DT) – Green Bay, 5 years for $28.5 million ($18M guaranteed)
10. Michael Crabtree (WR) – San Francisco, 6 years for $32 million ($17M guaranteed)
11. Aaron Maybin (DE) – Buffalo, 5 years for $25 million ($15M guaranteed)

Judging by that, Crabtree gained absolutely nothing by holding out. There are various clauses and performances escalators in his newly-signed deal, but the gist remains the same: Michael Crabtree’s 67-day contract holdout didn’t improve his grand total by one dollar. Not only that, but because of his shortened rookie season, it’s doubtful he’ll be of much help to his new team. Not at first, anyway. Maybe next time, he’ll seek a second opinion when his agent offers financial advice.

As for 49er fans, at least one has been overcome by the Crabtree vapors.

Apparently, Temper Tantrums Do Work (Brandon Marshall)

The NFL kicks off tonight, and the Denver Broncos could be on the verge of proving the old adage in the NFL: Talent wins out over everything. Just ask folks like Michael Vick and Leonard Little. Now, to a lesser extent, Brandon Marshall could be the next example of the unwritten Steve Howe rule. In case you missed it, it’s been a summer of discontent for Marshall. He’s seen a regime change for the Broncos, the quarterback that helped make him famous get traded out of town, he’s dealt with the judicial system because of a past relationship, and he’s asked for a new contract or to be traded.

Don’t like you deal? Throw a fit. After the jump >>