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Posts Tagged ‘Conference Tournaments’

Bubbles Burst (March Madness)

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Burst Bubbles

Time for you afternoon conference tournament update. Lots of stuff going on this Friday the 13, which was quite unlucky for teams like Kentucky, Minnesota (Possible NIT match-up?), and Virginia Tech, all of whom saw their tournament bubble with conference tournament losses. All three teams needed to at least get to their respective conference tournament final to stand a chance on Selection Sunday. Collectively, the did not. In fact, all three teams, in all likelihood, punched their tickets for the also-ran tournament, the NIT. Will one of these three end up being the 65th best team in the country?

NIT Selection is underway after the jump >>

Mike Singletary Is The Man (March Madness)

One of the better ways to comeback from a 22-point deficit in basketball is to have one of your players go on an absolutely bonkers scoring tear. Simply overwhelm the team that’s ahead with so much offense, by the time they react, it’s too late. It also helps your comeback efforts once a team establishes such leads because the leading team has a tendency to let up, losing much of the intensity they used to build the lead in the first place. Just ask Texas A&M and Texas Tech. The Aggies were up big on the Red Raiders, dominating the game with a “hey, we belong on the bubble, too” type of intensity.

And then Mike Singletary woke up.

When the second half started, the Red Raiders were down by 19 points. What followed will go down in Big 12 basketball history: the now-awake Singletary scored 29 straight points as he single-handedly brought his team back from what was going to be an ugly loss. His 29-straight were apart of his 43-point total. Fittingly, Singletary hit two free throws with about two seconds left to help seal the Texas Tech victory.

When asked about his performance, Singletary offered this deadpan response, “I was just in the zone, I think.” You think? 29 straight and you think you were in a zone? Don’t be so damn humble, Mike. Not only were you in the zone, you ran around and played in it, making it your very own. Just in case you were wondering, Singletary didn’t have to jack up a ton of Iverson-like shots to get his either:

* 14-20 from the field
* 3-4 from behind the arc
* 12-14 from the free throw line

That, my friends, is the definition of efficiency.

It’s a March Madness Kind of Day

We’re all about college basketball today. There’s a ton of stuff to go over, and I thought the Mario Chalmers shot would be a great way to kick to our meme off. I’m still surprised Calipari didn’t have someone, anyone, foul after Derrick Rose made his second free throw. That’s the difference between winning and losing, boy and girls.

Anyway, there’s lots of conference tournament action, news and other stuff to get to as the college basketball world moves closer and closer the real NCAA Tournament. Good times.

KU or OU? (Number 1 Seeds)

KU or OU

Ah. The month that puts the “March” in “March Madness” is upon us. Talks of bubbles being burst, pods, regional finals and number 1 seeds increase exponentially. Conference tournaments. Joe Lunardi is fired up. Brackets are being postulated. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if its college basketball you seek.

Because “March” means “NCAA Basketball Tournament,” all the talking heads are theorizing on how the field of 64 will look, usually starting with the four number 1 seeds. This year, the consensus of number 1s is focusing on this group:

North Carolina

More number 1 seed speculation after the jump >>

Patrick Ewing, Jr Hammers Villanova

Oh, how I love a vicious fast break dunk, especially one that involves hanging on the rim. So imagine my joy when Patrick Ewing, Jr threw down that monster breakaway jam against Villanova yesterday.

Aside: for some reason, the video still hasn’t been updated but believe me, the video is there:

I’d say Patrick Ewing I is awfully proud of his son but should that have been a technical foul?

Intentional Upset: The Big East Was Full of It Last Night

I’ll say this for the Big East: They certainly now how to entertain during their conference tournament… and they provide good upset fodder. Just ask Louisville and Notre Dame. Both teams were higher seeds than their opponents and both teams were unceremoniously bounced from the Big East tournament. Louisville was given their walking papers after an entertaining game that needed an overtime period to determine the outcome.

Pitt Wins

In the end, Pitt advanced, 76-69. Sam Young led the Panthers with 21 points and 12 rebounds. The win does wonders for Pitt’s NCAA Tournament chances, something that looked a little slim before the Big East tourney started. Next up for the Panthers: Marquette, the other big upset winner from last night.

Marquette was powered by an hot second half that saw the Golden Eagles score 57 points while shooting 52% for the game. Cracked Sidewalks has more:

Jerel McNeal went off for 28 points to defeat #14 Notre Dame in the 2nd round of the BET, in what is the biggest post-season victory for Marquette in the Post-Wade era. Marquette beat the hated Domers 89-79…

McNeal was beyond superlative, hitting 9 for 16, including 4 for 7 from long range. Lazar chipped in 16 and James 10. DJ had 10 points and you take a line score of 10/6/6 any day of the week.

In other conference upset news, Nebraska beat Missouri in the Big 12 tourney and Boston College smacked Maryland, pretty much securing the Terps an NIT bid.

Conference Tournaments Update

In case you may have missed it, there’s a ton of basketball on the air this weekend, leading up to that thing they call “The Big Dance,” which starts next Thursday — can you feel the synergy? A number of conference tournament games have already concluded this afternoon and the winners probably won’t surprise you:

Georgetown defeats Villanova, 82-63 (Big East)

Xavier dispatches Dayton, 74-65 (Atlantic 10)

Florida State beat Wake Forest, 70-60 (ACC)

Oklahoma upends Texas Tech, 76-72 (Big 12… I guess having Bob Knight in the studio didn’t work to well for son Pat)

South Carolina mercifully ends LSU’s season, 77-73 (SEC)

Cal squeaks by Washington, 84-81 (Pac-10)

Arizona rolls Oregon State, 87-56 (Pac-10)

More updates after the jump ››