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Posts Tagged ‘Confederations Cup’

We Need More of This (US Soccer)

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Well, it was a beautiful half of soccer for Team USA. Unfortunately, they couldn’t defend against the Brazilian onslaught for two 45-minute intervals — relying on Tim Howard’s brilliance a little too much, perhaps? Nevertheless, the second goal scored by Landon Donovan was a thing of beauty. Off the top of my head, it might be one of the best goals I’ve seen scored by Team USA; although, my love for counter-attack soccer undoubtedly contributes here. Still, the goal had it all:

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Beating Spain (US Soccer)

Clint Dempsey

After scoring what was probably the most important goal of his international career, what can Clint Dempsey do for an encore against the Spanish national team, their unlikely opponent in about 20 minutes? Does the US stand a chance against the top-ranked team in FIFA? Quickly, if they can play with the same effort they showed against Egypt, the US will have a chance. However, if they provide the same showing they gave against the Brazilians — man down or not — Spain’s conquering will be reminiscent of the Incas.

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Clint Dempsey’s Go-Ahead Goal

Well, that was… improbable. Nevertheless, after what might have been two of their worst international showings since the 1998 World Cup, the United State miraculously advanced to the knock-out round of the Confederations Cup after a stirring 3-0 victory over Egypt. As improved as the United States looked against Egypt, they would not have advanced without a little help from their soccer-playing friends from Brazil.

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