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Posts Tagged ‘College Basketball’

Girl Fight!

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be filled with love and happiness, but for two women’s basketball teams, it prompted a good old-fashioned hair pulling, kicking, screaming, girl fight.

Actually, it was just a coincidence that the fight occurred on Valentine’s Day. Nine players total were suspended from Maryland-Eastern Shore and Bethune-Cookman schools. What happened was this: Bethune-Cookman (B-CU) left by 11 points with 16:22 left. B-CU’s Cleniece Roberts reportedly “committed a clean foul on Maryland’s LaKendra Wilkerson. Then the players got tangled.”

Once that happened all bets were off. The benches cleared, and frustrations were let loose with slapping, hitting, kicking and whatever else. Some blood was even shed before security, police, and even the athletic staff tried to pull everyone apart and stop the madness. Despite this, no major injuries occurred.

Both schools issued statements talking “how unfortunate” the whole thing was, and the conference is now working to try and reschedule this game. (Which really should be a sellout after all this).

A multitude of suspensions have come down, so all the girls’ wrists have been sufficiently slapped. I think this just goes to show that girls are just as passionate about sports and winning as the guys are. And good for them! (Well, not the fighting but the passion. Keep the play clean, ladies!)

Bruiser Flint Zings The Louisville Cardinals

Bruiser Flint

Apparently, Drexel is working hard in an effort to make themselves my second favorite college basketball team. First they upset Louisville in their house, something that pleased Rick Pitino to no end, and then, head coach Bruiser Flint offered this little gem:

Maybe the lowpoint for Louisville on Tuesday night came via Drexel coach Bruiser Flint, who told’s Jeff Goodman after the game how he motivated his team.

“I told them, ‘We’re not playing against Kentucky,’” Flint said. “‘We can win this game.’”


Granted, as my buddy Jim pointed out (@BigBakedBean), Flint’s comments were probably referencing last season’s Drexel game against Kentucky, the one that resulted in UK’s 2000th win, but nevertheless, and intended or not, it’s still a blast most Louisville fans would rather do without.

Surprise: UCLA Undie Run a Success

Undie Run

As expected,UCLA’s finals week annual underwear run was a fantastic success. Co-eds in panties running around Southern California? Sign me up. Anyway, as I indicated earlier, the undie run signifies an exponential increase in the college basketball slate, something I fully support as well. I mean, is there a better way than to kick off the end of the semester (and the increase of college basketball) than running through campus in your underwear?

If there is, I don’t want to know about it. After the jump, video from the outstanding event >>

Obama and Basketball


Sports have always been a central part of my life. Growing up, I learned about competition and teamwork on the basketball court, and these days I try to get in a pickup game whenever I can. If I’m fortunate enough to move into the White House, I’d consider putting in a basketball court.

- President-elect Barack Obama to

I saw Dan Shanoff use the word “Obamaball” today and after reading his post and SI’s interviews with the then-nominees containing the above quote, it’s pretty obvious where the sport of basketball ranks with our new President-elect.

More Obamaball after the jump >>

Weekly Pwnage: Joe Alexander Rejects Kyle Singler

And tells him about it afterward. Alexander’s block was one of three he had during West Virginia’s win over Duke. I think he talked head on all of them as well.

If you can’t tell, I’m having fun playing with RedLasso. It’s pretty damn keen.

Weekly Pwnage: Senario Hillman Abuses Lucas Hargrove

One of the most satisfying plays in sports has to be a rousing dunk in a rivalry match-up. Just ask Senario Hillman of the Alabama Crimson Tide. During Saturday’s game with Auburn (said rivalry), Hillman provided some fireworks with a breakaway dunk over Auburn’s Lucas Hargrove. If you have any questions about how the dunk was received, just watch the crowd’s reaction.

Bama went on to win the game 97-77, which is worth of a Pwnage award in and of itself. However, it was Hillman’s abuse of Hargrove that wound up being the highlight of the game.

Bonus: the dunk was also in ESPN’s Top Plays of the Week.

Additional bonus: Lucas Hargrove is listed at 6-6. Hillman is 6-1, making his destruction of Hargrove all the more impressive.