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The NFC East Kicks Things Off

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The NFL Returns

Think of this post as a PSA for those that have been living like a hermit over the summer: The NFL returns tonight on NBC as the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants take on the Washington Redskins. Besides signifying the beginning of the 2008 season, the Giants/Redskins match up has obvious division implications as well.

The NFC East is probably the toughest conference in the NFL and getting a leg-up on a division foe first thing sends a message to both Dallas and Philadelphia.

A Giants win lets the world know where they stand in relation to a Super Bowl hangover and the losses of Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan. A Redskins win, one that would be on the road, shows they are capable of competing with the rest of the league; a confidence boost if there ever was one. It would also say good things about Jason Campbell’s progression, provided it’s his arm that wins the game.

Considering the fact the Redskins beat the Giants in New York last December, you have to like Washington’s chances — especially if New York’s defense has a hard time getting to the quarterback. I am curious to see if the Giants open up their offense, because they certainly have the weapons to do so. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tom Coughlin go the other way — that is, play conservative with a lot of running plays in order to protect a defense that’s all of a sudden looking for an identity.

Because of the GOP Convention, kick off is at 7pm Eastern/6 Central.

NFL Preview – A Quick Look at the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys


Which Dallas team will show up this season? The one that looked like the second best team in the NFL before the Thanksgiving game against Detroit or the one that played after and lost to the Eagles, Redskins and then the Giants in the playoffs?

Now, there’s no denying the talent on the Cowboys as names like Terrell Owens, Marcus Spears, Marion Barber, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten and Tony Romo jump out at you. But that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at most convenient stores. It’s not enough having a team with lots of attributes. You have to actually win to be successful in the NFL and not just in the regular season.

When you look for weaknesses, it’s hard to find many. As long as Roy Williams can’t cover, Dallas will remain susceptible to the long ball, unless Adam Jones becomes Terence Newman on the other side of the field. The Dallas receiving corps looks a little depleted but with the Owens on one side, the other receiver should have an easier time getting open. As for the running game, any team that features Marion Barber and rookie Felix Jones is potent, provided Jones progresses as expected.

One area of concern is whether or not Tony Romo can withstand the scrutiny he’ll face not only as the Cowboys quarterback but as the boyfriend of one of the most popular faces in the “entertainment” industry. However, he’s done a good job of it so far and with his teammates giving their approval to her presence, there’s just not much there. As long as Romessica doesn’t become a distraction — again — this shouldn’t be an issue.

Put me down for 12-4 (and the NFC East) only because they did 13-3 last season and winning that many games in the NFL isn’t easy.

Hottest Cowboys Cheerleader
Lots of choices here as we focus on the most popular cheerleading group in America. Of course, it helps when their site is set up like a MySpace page, allowing the ladies to post blog entries and pictures. Visitors can even leave comments, a service that probably has more moderators than a Chris Hansen Internet chat room sting.


Say hello to Sydney. She’s full of energy and a good friend — according to her profile, at least.

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NFL Doesn’t Want Falcons To Free Mike Vick

I think I can say with some certainty that we are coming the end of the Mike Vick fallout, well, at least until the Falcons are on the clock next summer.  But the situation refuses to just up and leave with saying goodbye.  Last Monday while playing the Saints, a number of Falcons players decided to support their fallen comrade in various outgoing manners during the game and guess what?

The NFL is not too happy about the means they used to convey their support and has decided to fine the offending players a total of $47,500.

The “guilty parties” were DeAngelo Hall, who used a poster of Vick to express his feelings; Roddy White, for wearing a “Free Mike Vick” t-shirt under his jersey, a shirt he displayed when he got into the end zone; Alge Crumpler, for wearing “MV-7″ on his eye-black patch (Hall wore one too); Joe Horn, who assisted White in displaying the Free Vick shirt; and Chris Houston.

Free Mike Vick

Hall, Crumpler, Houston and White each received $10,000 fines while Horn was hit with a $7,500 penalty.  Houston’s violation is unclear at this time.

One of the questions stemming from these punishments is–besides what did Chris Houston do–was the NFL being hypocritical in their handling of the Falcons players?   As pointed out by Sportaphile, Clinton Portis wore something similar to Roddy White’s under-shirt a couple of weeks ago to memorialize teammate Sean Taylor and he wasn’t fined (rightfully so).

Is there a double-standard for the NFL when it comes to uniform fines or should Roger Goodell and company be able to pick and choose which players the are going to fine?  Should either scenario even warrant a fine or does the NFL want to distance themselves from Vick so badly they’ll hit players who visibly support him where it hurts the most:  the wallet?