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Posts Tagged ‘Clint Dempsey’

Reliving Robert Green’s Misery

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Dempsey's Goal

Besides a much-needed non-loss, and all the hand-wringing from the British press, this upcoming gem might be the best thing to come from Clint Dempsey’s goal/Robert Green’s gaffe. Even more awesome? It comes from an England fan, and all things considered, it’s pretty damn accurate:

Recreating Robert Green’s misery after the jump >>

Luck or Bad Goalie Play?

Robert Green

Webster’s defines luck as: “A: a force that brings good fortune or adversity…” And “B: the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual…” Considering the second definition, perhaps a case could be made, but the idea of Clint Dempsey’s game-tying (winning?) goal was simply a lucky occurrence doesn’t jibe.

Some of us (me) will, instead, call it bad goalie play.

Was Dempsey “lucky” Green misplayed the ball so horribly? Sure, it was good fortune for the US team, but lucky? Dempsey put the shot on goal with a low, knuckling shot that had a little bit of pace — courtesy of some awesome ball-handling to even get in a position to take a shot at goal. Was Dempsey’s shot a cracker like Lukas Podolski’s against Australia? Not quite, but every goal doesn’t have to be the result of a spectacular blast, either.

Conversely, do lucky events result in a back-to-basics approach with fundamental skills a World Cup goalie should already have? Thanks to The Sun, we now know the answer.

After the jump, relive England’s pain >>

Ricardo Clark’s Brilliant Strike

While the first half was a little lackluster, the Team USA soccer team did what it had to do in securing a much-needed away game win against Trinidad and Tobago, thanks to a cracker of a finish from Ricardo Clark. Aside: I’ve noticed that when I write about soccer/football/futbol, the voice in my head doing the narration has a British accent. It leads to descriptions that have the word “cracker” as an adjective. Hell, I think I’ve even used the word “cheeky” before. Is that normal?

More on Team USA’s big win after the jump >>

The US Rips Spain

Apparently, Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore got my message about nuking the Spanish team from orbit, because in what could be one of the more improbable victories in Team USA’s soccer history, the boys from the United States absolutely shocked the on-a-35-game-non-losing-streak Spanish by the score of 2-0. The lead video features Dempsey’s second goal which put the game out of reach.

Altidore’s is after the jump.

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Beating Spain (US Soccer)

Clint Dempsey

After scoring what was probably the most important goal of his international career, what can Clint Dempsey do for an encore against the Spanish national team, their unlikely opponent in about 20 minutes? Does the US stand a chance against the top-ranked team in FIFA? Quickly, if they can play with the same effort they showed against Egypt, the US will have a chance. However, if they provide the same showing they gave against the Brazilians — man down or not — Spain’s conquering will be reminiscent of the Incas.

Some tips for Team USA after the jump >>

Clint Dempsey’s Go-Ahead Goal

Well, that was… improbable. Nevertheless, after what might have been two of their worst international showings since the 1998 World Cup, the United State miraculously advanced to the knock-out round of the Confederations Cup after a stirring 3-0 victory over Egypt. As improved as the United States looked against Egypt, they would not have advanced without a little help from their soccer-playing friends from Brazil.

More on the US’ unlikely advance after the jump >>

US Soccer Plays With TNT

Tim Howard

Thanks to goals from Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey and Brian Ching, the US Men’s team handled an outmatched Trinidad and Tobago with their best offensive showing of 2008. The victory also gave the US a stranglehold on their CONCACAF qualifying group as their record in round three play improved to 3-0.

The scoring explosion was started by Bradley after he redirected a Landon Donovan free kick into the back of the net. From that point, the US confidently attacked their opponents, facilitated by Trinidad and Tobago’s surprisingly soft defense — not that they are known as defensive team. However, that doesn’t mean the best strategy was to play off of the Americans, allowing them to see the field and move the ball accordingly.

Perhaps some increased defensive pressure would serve Trinidad and Tobago better.

Video highlights after the jump >>