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2011 Philadelphia Phillies Season Preview

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The phrase, “Expectations Have Never Been Higher” is starting to become cliché around these parts.

The season that culminated in the Philadelphia Phillies World Series Championship in 2008 was magical. Cole Hamels was rock steady. Brad Lidge pitched the closer role with the precision of a diamond cutter. The offensive explosion was thunderous. Millions of fans showed up at the parade in Philadelphia to celebrate a brutally long championship drought.

2009 saw the Philadelphia Phillies first flirtation with Roy Halladay, only to scoop up Cliff Lee at the deadline instead. From there, the Phillies sailed into their second World Series in as many years. Though Brad Lidge plummeted back to earth with a resounding thud that year, along with most of the rest of the bullpen, those expectations were a second-in-a-row World Series Championship. It was not to be as the New York Yankees played strong, the Phillies suffered a power-outage (except for Chase Utley), and it didn’t happen the way the Phillies’ fans nor the organization expected. Adding insult to injury, Cliff Lee was allowed to depart Philadelphia after that season over the agonizing screams of fans everywhere.

2011 Philadelphia Phillies Predictions after the jump >>

World Series Goings-On

Drink Free

There’s a serious undercurrent of drug and alcohol-related comments, stories, etc surrounding the 2010 World Series, something the lead image indicates very, very well. Whether it’s Josh Hamilton or San Francisco medicinal marijuana shops offering free weed when the Giants his a home run, or jokes about crack in relation to Ron Washington, it’s clearly a series Hunter S. Thompson would love.

And then, you add Cliff Lee (and to a lesser extent, Lincecum) getting shelled in what everyone thought would be a pitching duel, and it’s also clear this particular Series isn’t sticking to the traditional routes of past championships.

Oh, and there’s this gem, courtesy of Boston’s Bar Stool Sports:

Ron Washington Costume

Yes, that is indeed a Ron Washington costume on the youngster, and it is incredible. Hell, it might just challenge Baby Mangino for best Halloween costume ever.

So yeah, come for the championship baseball and stay for the drug-related shenanigans and bad-ass Ron Washington costumes.