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Posts Tagged ‘Cleveland Cavaliers’

Cleveland Cavaliers = Soft

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LeBron Returns'

What good does it do if a crowd is amped to a frothy frenzy and the team their supporting plays softer than tissue in what was their biggest game of the year? Not a damn bit of good, which is also an accurate way to describe the play from the Cleveland Cavaliers, who watched helplessly as LeBron James proceeded their destroy the hearts, minds and will with a devastating performance, especially in the third quarter. And no, the witty signs didn’t help one damn bit.

The Miami Herald referred to the moment as “Homecoming King,” but the way LeBron first toyed his former teammates, and then destroyed them on the court with a cold-as-ice, methodical performance, including a third quarter that broke a number of Miami Heat and Cavaliers single-game records, “The Assassination Agenda” is more appropriate.

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Welcome Back, LeBron

LeBron James Banner

There’s a basketball game of some note tonight, in case you didn’t know, and it features a player you may or may not have heard about making his to the city he loves so much. That’s right, LeBron’s appearing in Akron tonight. Bad jokes aside, it’s pretty safe to say there hasn’t been a regular season NBA game to get this much hype since, well, maybe ever. While it’s true other franchises have played meaningful regular season games before — like the Celtics versus Lakers in the days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird — I don’t remember they hype level being quite this high.

Of course, there wasn’t any nifty Internet technologies like Twitter, YouTube or Facebook around back then, and these entities directly fuel immediate reaction fire, making the hype meter rise to “off the charts” like levels.

With that in mind, I’ve spent a little bit of time checking out YouTube, looking for videos that help propel the first Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers game since “The Decision” into something much bigger than it probably should be; and buddy, I was not disappointed:

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LeBron And Mo Have Different Outlooks

Bron and Mo

One guy thinks tomorrow night’s Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers/The-Night-He-Came-Home game is only “one game,” while his former teammate thinks the most NBA’s most anticipated contest of its early season will be “more than a game.” So who’s right? Considering the absolute orgy of “LeBron goes back to Cleveland” hubbub littering the sports world today — the game’s not until Thursday night, giving us 48 hours of hype — the second player, Mo Williams, clearly has a more accurate pulse reading than LeBron and his desire to downplay his return to the city he so famously spurned on that fateful July evening.

Granted, I’m not expecting to see a repeat of the Malice in the Palace debacle — although, if LeBron does indeed do that silly talcum powder thing for the Cleveland crowd, we just might — but to act like the first Miami/Cleveland game of the season is just another in the long line of 82 is a mistake. That being said, it’s easy to understand James’ desire to downplay the situation, but it seems like he’s just making it worse.

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The Video Name Says it All (LeBron)

This is what happens when you mix an acoustic guitar playing comedian, Mike Polk, and disenfranchised city, mourning the loss of their best athlete since Jim Brown: You get songs like “LeBron James Is A Bitch,” something I’m sure will result in Polk’s name being added to LeBron’s list.

Are we at the point where we can tell Cavaliers LeBron fans in Cleveland to just let it go, or do they have to suffer from what looks like one of the worst seasons by an NBA team ever — Seriously, does this roster look like one that can win 10 games next season? — before the true healing can begin? Considering the Cavaliers’ luck keeping players, I’m not entirely sure winning the next NBA Draft lottery would salve their wounds.

Maybe Dan Gilbert can interject his team into the Carmelo Anthony stakes. Oh, wait.

I can only hope the hate Cleveland residents feel for James keeps them warm during what is looking like a long, hard, cold winter.

H/t to 64 And Counting for the video.

Dan Gilbert’s Rage Needs a Remix

Dan Gilbert's Rage

Because of the LeBron James fallout, specifically, Dan Gilbert’s now-legendary response, I now have a new goal/desire in my life: to hear the guys who did the “Dramatic Reading Of A Break-Up Letter” YouTube classic read Gilbert’s letter in the same manner.

In case you haven’t heard the inspiration for this post, watch, learn and laugh:

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Josh Cribbs Has A Message For LeBron

Bigger Image

While the city of Cleveland continues to burn as the reality of LeBron James leaving for Miami sets in, one particular Cleveland resident isn’t pleased with James’ abandonment, and is letting the world know his feelings. And no, I’m not talking about some random, jersey-burning Cavaliers fan, either. Try Josh Cribbs, the best player on the Cleveland Browns, and now, it looks like he’ll be the city’s new favorite son — especially if his anti-LeBron invectives continue.

First, there was the awesome “True To My Word” banner idea as a replacement for all the “Witness” billboards in Cleveland, and while that, alone, is awesome enough, Cribbs’ next move trumped.

Before the decision, the address for Cribbs’ personal site was Now, if someone goes to that URL, they are redirected to a site with the following URL: Evidently, Cribbs feels just as betrayed as other Cavaliers fans, and he has the resources to effectively relay his disappointment; although, I’m not sure “disappointment” is the right word.

Hatred, perhaps.

A quick glance at the new site reveals a deep sense of disappointment, if not downright disgust. For instance, there’s a YouTube of fans burning James’ jersey, which fits nicely with the site’s look and feel. It’s rare to see another professional athlete react in such a manner towards another pro, especially one that doesn’t play the same sport. Of course, Cleveland fans — and yes, I’m referring to Cribbs as a fan at the moment — are a different breed than you and me.

A fanbase can only take scalding rejection and failure for so long before they lash out.

Obviously, Josh Cribbs, now the best professional athlete in Cleveland, is not immune from those kinds of reactions. A word of advice, however:

Don’t leave town for a bigger contract or a better chance to win, Josh; unless, of course, you want to look like a hypocrite.

LeBron: More Than A Player

LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are pulling out all the stops in their efforts to re-sign their King, and seeing how fan-made videos that plead with the desired player to stay with the team they root for are all the rage right now, the Cavaliers decided to follow suit and release a video of their own.

If that’s the straw that convinces James to stay in Cleveland, he wasn’t that serious about free agency to begin with; and no, that’s not attack on the video. If, after all the reasons why James wanted to keep his options open — better team, more opportunity to expand the “Team LeBron” brand — a highlight video is the straw that breaks camel’s back and keeps LeBron in Cleveland, then the entire “LeBron James Free Agency Tour” was nothing more than a farce.

Seriously, LeBron?

LeBron's Nikes

So yeah. Word comes out that LeBron’s planning a whirlwind tour when he becomes an official free agent, visiting interested teams, while sending the hopes of each city he visits skyrocketing. Considering he represents perhaps the most desirable free agent in the history of sports — not just basketball — all of this is understandable. It’s also understandable that LeBron wants to be wooed, considering he didn’t get to experience the recruiting whirlwind while he was in high school.

A point about that, however: Each high school student is allowed something like five expenses-paid recruiting visits to college campuses. Just because James knew he was going to the NBA didn’t mean he couldn’t take advantage of the recruiting process.

Be that as it may, it’s clear LeBron is using his unrestricted free agent designation to enjoy the wooing process now. My issue is with how LeBron plans to celebrate each visit: By releasing a special edition Nike shoe for each city he visits. According to sources quoted by Fanhouse, each pair of shoes will have a date on them, “celebrating” LeBron’s visit. And with that, folks, we now have a brand-new definition for the term “overkill.”

Maybe even for the word “arrogant,” too.

So what about the teams that don’t win the “LeBron Free Agency Extravaganza?” Will the shoes then represent a consolation prize? There’s a speculative article in Esquire saying LeBron is in a position to join Art Modell as one of the most hated people in Cleveland if he leaves. How would the unfortunate cities feel about LeBron’s shoes after he signs with another team, leaving a reminder of what could’ve been in the way of special edition shoes?

Perhaps James is trying to cultivate a “hated opponent” image, because issuing a shoe that will ultimately remind fans he picked a different team could generate bad vibes that linger for the rest of his playing career.