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Posts Tagged ‘Cleveland Browns’

Mangini Is Out: Who Will Be the Next Coach of the Browns?

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Eric Mangini of the Cleveland BrownsWell, this wasn’t a surprise, was it? Eric Mangini was let go today from the Cleveland Browns. Browns president Mike Holmgren made the announcement today, saying Mangini was a great guy, but he had “high expectations and I’m not going to settle. I’m just not going to settle.”  Mangini was 10-22 in two seasons with the Browns.

No, he won’t settle. After seeing how he and General Manager Ron Wolf turned the Packers around starting in 1991, I have no doubt he is looking for the right fit personality-wise as well as someone that can win. While Mangini shared Holmgren’s toughness with discipline, he couldn’t translate that to wins on the field.

Read more on Mangini and the Cleveland Browns future >>

Ndamukong Suh: Headhunter

I’m not sure what sparked such a reaction from the prized rookie of the Detroit Lions, but apparently, preseason double teams are not something Ndamukong Suh enjoys; and God help your quarterback if Suh gets through because he might just tear his head off. Just ask Jake Delhomme.

While Suh’s reaction to Delhomme’s head and helmet was a bit surprising, and kind of awesome, the best part of the video was watching Delhomme react like this:

Jake Delhomme

Although, that could be from the fact that he’s now playing in Cleveland.

It Has Just Been Broughten

LeCharles Bentley Tweet

Normally, a war of words is a fun thing, especially when people respond with what would be considered low blows. Such is the case with ex-Cleveland Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, now with the New York Jets, and retired Browns lineman, LeCharles Bentley. Edwards offered some disparaging words about his former city in what honestly came across as a “piling on” session, and amazingly enough, Edwards’ words weren’t well received by Bentley.

In fact, Bentley was so upset at Edwards’ trash-talk, he evoked an infamous rumor to give his comeback a little extra “umph.” Mission accomplished.

This waiting-for-football-season-so-it’s-interesting tête–à–tête gives the upcoming New York Jets and their November 14th visit to Cleveland Browns Stadium and extra bit of spice, and if these two keep at it, Roger Goodell might want to consider moving the game to the Sunday Night prime-time slot.

H/t to The Big Lead for the find.

Josh Cribbs Has A Message For LeBron

Bigger Image

While the city of Cleveland continues to burn as the reality of LeBron James leaving for Miami sets in, one particular Cleveland resident isn’t pleased with James’ abandonment, and is letting the world know his feelings. And no, I’m not talking about some random, jersey-burning Cavaliers fan, either. Try Josh Cribbs, the best player on the Cleveland Browns, and now, it looks like he’ll be the city’s new favorite son — especially if his anti-LeBron invectives continue.

First, there was the awesome “True To My Word” banner idea as a replacement for all the “Witness” billboards in Cleveland, and while that, alone, is awesome enough, Cribbs’ next move trumped.

Before the decision, the address for Cribbs’ personal site was Now, if someone goes to that URL, they are redirected to a site with the following URL: Evidently, Cribbs feels just as betrayed as other Cavaliers fans, and he has the resources to effectively relay his disappointment; although, I’m not sure “disappointment” is the right word.

Hatred, perhaps.

A quick glance at the new site reveals a deep sense of disappointment, if not downright disgust. For instance, there’s a YouTube of fans burning James’ jersey, which fits nicely with the site’s look and feel. It’s rare to see another professional athlete react in such a manner towards another pro, especially one that doesn’t play the same sport. Of course, Cleveland fans — and yes, I’m referring to Cribbs as a fan at the moment — are a different breed than you and me.

A fanbase can only take scalding rejection and failure for so long before they lash out.

Obviously, Josh Cribbs, now the best professional athlete in Cleveland, is not immune from those kinds of reactions. A word of advice, however:

Don’t leave town for a bigger contract or a better chance to win, Josh; unless, of course, you want to look like a hypocrite.

Can Brady Quinn Do That?

Yeah, that’s video of LeBron James swishing a full court shot… With a football. I have no doubt what once was an abstract fantasy about seeing James in a Cleveland Browns uniform has now changed to something a little more tangible. Now that Browns fans have actual footage of James and his apparent accuracy with a football, I can imagine their want for James has increased. A lot. Especially considering just how precise Brady Quinn was against the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday (15-34 for 100 whopping yards).

H/t to Ball Don’t Lie for the video.

LeBron Dunks His Wrist Off

LeBron's Wrist

Adding potential injury to a Washington Wizards whipping, LeBron James hurt his wrist during a late fourth quarter dunk last night. When he left the court after the game, James’ wrist was wrapped in what looked like 20 bags of ice and about 15 ace bandages. Obviously, the motto here is no precaution is too big (or small) when it comes to protecting the franchise — even if he only has one more season left on his contract. Oddly enough, the dunk wound up being a garbage bucket, because the Cavaliers could never mount a late fourth quarter comeback against the Wizards. While the injury isn’t too serious — X-rays were not necessary — it certainly couldn’t have felt very good:
“I hit it pretty bad on the rim,” said James, who iced his wrist in the locker room after the game. “It’s like you hit your funny bone, but it’s not funny at all.”

So much for helping the Browns now. It’s hard enough catching Brady Quinn’s passes as it is. I imagine it would be next to impossible with an injured extremity.

Image courtesy of the DC Sports Bog.

Brady Quinn’s Fine Is Inconsistent

During the Cleveland Browns’ futile appearance against the Baltimore Ravens, Brady Quinn threw an interception and while he was trying to tackle cornerback Chris Carr, he went low and “cut” linebacker Terrell Suggs, who suffered a badly sprained MCL due to Quinn’s contact. Needless to say, Quinn’s tackle attempt was not well received in the Ravens locker room, nor by Roger Goodell and his band of merry men. In response to Quinn going low on Suggs, the quarterback was fined by the NFL to the tune of $10,000.

Meanwhile, Jay Cutler was recently fined $20,000 for “abusive conduct” towards a referee, while Chad Ochocinco was also docked $20K for his “bribe attempt” of an official when the Bengals played the Ravens a couple of weeks ago.

Is it just me, or are the Ravens always involved in controversial penalties and fines?

Digressions about Baltimore aside, does anyone else find it odd that if you go at a players knees, the resulting fine is actually less than if a player “interferes” with an official? The message handed down by the NFL’s gatekeepers is clear: go after a player’s knees — and indirectly, his livelihood — that’ll cost you, but if you even joke around with the referees, that’ll cost you even more.

This brings up a follow-up question: What’s more important to Goodell and company? Protecting the health of their players — you know, the people that actually make the NFL worth watching — or making sure the officials don’t get harassed?

What’s more detrimental to the game? Losing a very good player to an unnecessary knee injury or protecting the sanctity of the officials? Here’s an even more simple way to approach this, who do fans pay to see when they go to an NFL game? Ed Hochuli and his crew or Terrell Suggs and his teammates put a defensive beatdown on opposing teams? Don’t get me wrong, Hochuli’s arms are impressive, but I don’t see anyone rushing out to buy one of his jerseys.

Maybe the NFL needs to concentrate on making sure their punishments fit the crimes.

LeBron Gets The Last Laugh (Braylon Edwards)

The Cleveland Browns have found a replacement for the smoldering roster hole left behind by Braylon Edwards’ departure by signing LeBron James has a midseason replacement. Unfortunately, Chansi Stuckey doesn’t quite bring the same skill-set as King James, and he’ll be pushed to the side to make way for James’ immense talent. We have some early footage of LeBron’s workouts for the Browns leading this post.

Meme resurrection aside, LeBron did have a parting shot for Edwards, essentially telling him not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out, but with a little more tact. Quoth James when asked about the trade:

“Nothing to comment on,” James said Wednesday when asked about Edwards being dealt to the Jets. “You guys never asked me before about any other trades in the NFL. It’s not my sport to worry about… I don’t have any feuds with nobody,” James said. “Everybody has feuds with me. I don’t know what I’ve done. I’m just me.”

“Everybody has feuds with me…” and loses, is what he meant to say, I’m sure.