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Posts Tagged ‘Clemson Tigers’

Trevor Booker Gets Us Ready for March Madness

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Trevor Booker

Now that it’s March, all of these nasty dunks and back-breaking 3-pointers have an increased level of “Ommph” added to them. Granted, a dunk is still worth two points and the 3-pointers are worth, well, I’ll let you figure that out. But, as the Big Dance gets closer and closer, which goes hand-in-hand with teams fighting for a spot in tournament, the intensity level goes up a few notches. Because of that, what would be simply a nasty dunk in February or January appears to have some added emphasis as conference tournaments and Big Dances move in for their temporary takeover of our lives.

And all of that is a very good thing.

Take, for instance, Trevor Booker. With Clemson working hard to ensure their bubble doesn’t pop, a game against Georgia Tech, a team in a similar position, means a little more. And dunks like the one Booker provided resonate a little louder:

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Trevor Booker Helps Clemson Mash Duke

A quote from Mike Krzyzewski sums up Clemson’s absolute beatdown of Duke last night (punctuated by the above dunk), “Our players shouldn’t forget this loss. This is as bad as you can play. You can’t say ‘oh that’s okay’. Not if you’re wearing a Duke uniform.” It should be noted Duke hasn’t lost this badly since they were routed by UNLV in the 89-90 Championship game. The next thought is, has the ACC exposed itself as being not as good as once thought or, is it better than initially anticipated? Take a look at teams like Wake Forest, who has lost three out of four games, as well as the suddenly vulnerable Blue Devils, who have lost two of three.

Is this attrition from a very competitive league or are all the highly ranked ACC teams overrated?

Weekend Basketball Brought Out the Crazies

Lots of great basketball this weekend. Wake looked great, as did Duke and Louisville. Carolina looks like they’ve righted their ACC ship as well. However, aside from all the basketball smorgasbord, there were some weird fan stuff going on. In the Wake/Clemson game, a Clemson fan decided to try out his wrestling moves on Wake Forest’s Chas McFarland who wound up in the crowd after chasing a loose ball.

More college basketball fan fun after the jump >>

Clemson Relieves Tommy Bowden of Coaching Burden

Tommy Bowden

The Bowden reign over the ACC seems to be winding down now that Tommy Bowden has been fired from Clemson after a 3-3 start. Wide receivers coach Dabo Swinney is taking over for Bowden in the interim.

On a national scale, Clemson is seen as a perennial underachiever and these sounds only got louder when Alabama waxed the Tigers the first weekend of the season. Those sounds became roars after the Wake Forest debacle, leaving the Clemson athletic staff with few options. The fact that Cullen Harper’s father was a vocal dissenter didn’t help much either:

Jeff Harper, an offensive lineman on Georgia’s 1980 national championship team, said Bowden’s dismissal was justified.

“I’d call it karma,” he said. “I thought it needed to be done. I think anytime a head coach or someone in a leadership position starts to place blame on his coaches and players, it weakens their respect on the team. His past experiences have shown he’s done that.”

Ouch. Talk about a ringing endorsement.

Arkansas Still Needs A Football Coach

Houston NuttSo Razorback fans, how’s that new coach search going? I would like to issue some congratulatory praise after striking out on your first two choices: Tommy Tuberville and Tommy Bowden. Ever since the Razorback governing bodies decided to tell Houston Nutt where to go (you don’t think the resignation was his idea, do you?), the alumni have, much like Marsellus Wallace, been scouring the earth looking for a warm-bodied replacement for the coach that brought Darren McFadden and Felix Jones to Fayetteville.

And much like Wallace’s speech to Butch warned us, it seems like those holding the strings at Arkansas fell victim to pride. What other reason did they have for wanting Nutt to leave? Back-to-back bowl eligible seasons? Recruiting a Heisman-worthy running back who’ll probably be one of the top picks in the NFL draft once he decides to leave? Or how about recruiting his back-up, Felix Jones, a player who would also be getting Heisman consideration if he didn’t play behind McFadden? Are these the removable issues that worried Razorbacks alums and fan alike?

Actually, the were a lot of reasons why the fanbase and the administration were at odds with Coach Nutt, although, I’m not quite sure I can put them in my own words… Let’s see what one of the prominent Razorback bloggers thinks:

We’ve been criticized by some for being too hard on Nutt, but why then, does it seem like everytime we try and write something positive, he makes us regret it? We believed what we wrote after that press conference, but when the dust settled and the money was all counted up, Nutt duped us and countless others.

Don’t spit in our face and tell us it’s frosting.

Woo, Pig! Sooie indeed.

Obviously, Arkansas fans were ready for a change. However, I’m not quite sure what it is they are reaching for. Are they trying to recapture the glory of 1965, something they haven’t done since? Or are they tired of seeing NFL-quality running backs in the Razorbacks’ backfield?

Good luck on your search guys, it sounds like you are going to need it.