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Posts Tagged ‘Christmas’

Did Christmas Come Early For the Arizona Wildcats?

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The Arizona Wildcats came away with a gift of an overtime win last night against Lipscomb. The final score was 83-82, thanks in large part to a questionable game-winner, courtesy of Nic Wise. After Lipscomb missed the second of two free throws, the Wildcats to the other end, where Wise got his attempt off just as the buzzer sounded.

Or did he? Did Santa Claus come a few days earlier for the Wildcats?

Looking the at the video, it’s hard to argue against the idea. At the seven-second mark, the ball clearly looks like it’s in Wise’s hands as the backboard light goes on. However, from the second angle, it’s a little more dubious. Considering the initial look, was the second angle — and the potential view that gave Arizona the win — necessary?

Of course, there’s something to be said for reviewing all the evidence, and if the second angle creates doubt, perhaps the ruling on the field court should stand. Over at the Tuscon Citizen, the early Christmas gift wasn’t enough to raise spirits. Apparently, the idea of, out of the two teams, Lipscomb being the one most likely to make the NCAA Tournament is a little disappointing.

Still, the truth is, Lipscomb, a preseason co-favorite in the Atlantic Sun Conference, has a better chance of being in the NCAA Tournament than Arizona.

And that’s just kind of sad.

Through 10 games of the nonconference season, it is obvious that 5-5 Arizona does not have, will not have, an NCAA Tournament resume. The postseason door is open just a crack because the young Wildcats, if they can get everyone healthy (Jamelle Horne, Kevin Parrom), figure to have a reasonable chance of playing their best ball in March for the Pac-10 Tournament.

The league is so bad that maybe the Cats could get hot at the right time, run the table in Los Angeles and earn the league’s automatic berth to the NCAAs. If you’re clinging to hope, that’s it.

H/t to the Sporting News Blog for the video.

The Force Is Strong In These Jerseys

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There are times in a man’s life where mere words cannot describe what it is his eyes are seeing. The level of awesome (or evil for that matter) is so high and leaves such an indelible impression, the ability to articulate exits your body.

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Intentional Eye Candy: Sexy Santas

Well folks, this will probably be my last post until after Christmas and so I thought I’d leave with another festive edition to help you enjoy the Holiday weekend. I’m not even sure of these two models names but I do know they show up on a GIS for “Sexy Santa.” Anyway, like I said before, have a Merry Christmas and stay tuned, because we’ll be back on Thursday.

Take care and have a great Christmas and if you are traveling, be safe. See you next Thursday where we will take a closer look at some of the upcoming bowl games.

Sexy Santa

Sexy Santa