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Posts Tagged ‘Christian Laettner’

Why I Hate Duke

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Christian Laettner

With the Duke Blue Devils making perhaps an unexpected return to the Final Four, some members of the mainstream media have begun championing their cause, at least, in a way. More to the point, they are trying to get to the bottom of what they perceive as an unnatural hate for the Blue Devils, while saying those feelings probably aren’t necessary.

Fortunately for me, my reason is covered and excused by Gregg Doyel, but allow me to reiterate to those who might not be aware — I can sum up my dislike for Duke with three words:

Christian Donald Laettner

More insight after the jump >>

Pitino and Laettner Revisit History

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Rick Pitino/Christian Laettner commercial Vitamin Water was making. It recreates the famous shot from 1992 when Duke beat Kentucky in what is considered one of the best college basketball games ever. Of course, Laettner provided the dagger, courtesy of Rick Pitino’s unwillingness to guard the in-bounds pass, but I digress. The commercial has perfect timing, but not just because it’s March and the tournament starts in two weeks. No, this commercial hits the air just as the Big Blue Nation is grieving after last night’s pathetic loss to the Georgia. At home. On Senior Night. What better way to salve those kinds of wounds than offering a reminder of another low point in Kentucky basketball history.

With the ex-coach who now coaches for Kentucky’s rival, the University of Louisville.

Isn’t synergy incredible? Following the jump, we have video of the famous shot heard around the Bluegrass — at least, my favorite version of it.

More video after the jump >>

Gerald Henderson Has Mad Hops

Yes, I know most of the college basketball rooting world doesn’t like Duke much, well, besides the Cameron Crazies, but as an unbiased bastion of sports reporting, we like to give props when they are deserved — even if, in our informative years, we began to despise the Duke Blue Devils.

You can blame Christian Laettner for that one.

Nevertheless, it would be completely foolish of me to deny Henderson’s nasty alley-oop finish in Duke fairly meaningless game against UNC-Asheville. Henderson is making a habit of providing some vicious dunks this season. Needless to say, the Blue Devils crushed the Bulldogs, 99-56, but it was Henderson’s flush that was the star of the highlight reel — and in the end, isn’t that what’s important?

For Blake Hoffarber, Christian Laettner is Old Hat

After watching Minnesota beat Indiana on their version of the Christian Laettner play, You’d think Blake Hoffarber has done something like that before. You’d be right. First off, congrats are in order to Tubby Smith for his turnaround job he did with the Gophers. Tubby’s Gophers went 20-12 this year, a vast improvement over the 9-22 from 2007.

Alas, the Gophers didn’t make the Big Dance but they should be one of the favorites to win the NIT. And after 9-22, I think the Gophers faithful will take that.

OK, enough about Tubby.

Let’s enjoy the brilliance of his guard, Blake Hoffarber and his last second miracle(s). Bonus: this clip also features Hoffarber’s ESPY-winning shot from he made after falling to the floor, catching it and shooting (while he’s still sitting).

Ah, isn’t March grand?