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More On Chris Douglas-Roberts

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On Friday, I wrote a post intimating a lot of NBA teams missed out on drafting Chris Douglas-Roberts, a would-be senior guard for the University of Memphis (he left as a junior). Well, apparently, there was a reason these teams passed on CDR — he didn’t appear at many of the individually workout sessions for any of the interested teams drafting later in the first round, including the Detroit Pistons.

According to FanHouse, Roberts skipped his workout in Detroit and when he did perform for other teams, the results weren’t necessarily stellar:

but given how far CDR fell from his projected first round draft spot (most mocks had him in the 20-25-ish range), it’s likely that many other teams shared these feelings. Plus, the few teams that CDR did decide to work out for had less than glowing reviews. The biggest knock on him was that he wore down near the end of the workouts, and that he wouldn’t be ready to contribute big minutes in his first NBA season. You would think a player would go through as many workouts as he could to dispel those negative perceptions, but obviously CDR (or his people) didn’t feel it was necessary.

Which brings up a great point — if you are worried about your draft position slipping and there are already negative perceptions concerning the workouts you did do, I don’t think skipping out on the other ones is the best way to improve your NBA Draft stock. Because of CDR’s (lack of) effort, he now finds himself with no guaranteed money while fighting for a spot to make the New Jersey Nets roster.

Maybe CDR’s slip can serve as a lesson to other players who may be falling out of the guaranteed money first round.

The Mystery of the Chris Douglas-Roberts Draft Slide

Chris Douglas-Roberts

Last night, the most valuable player for the Memphis Tigers — no, it wasn’t Derrick Rose — didn’t get drafted until later in the second round and I have to wonder why. Here is a list of some of the guards taken before CDR:

Derrick Rose
O.J. Mayo
Russell Westbrook
Eric Gordon
Joe Alexander
D.J. Augustin
Jerryd Bayless
Brandon Rush
Courtney Lee
George Hill
J. R. Giddens

And that’s just the first round. In the second round, Chicago decided Sonny Weems was a better player than their new point guard’s running mate from college. I guess winning a Final Four dunk contest goes a long way.

The question is why. Why did CDR get overlooked so badly? During his senior junior season, Roberts averaged 18 points, shot 40 percent from behind the arc and helped lead his team to a couple of minutes away from a National Championship. During this same game, he also showed Brandon Rush — the 13th overall pick — couldn’t guard him.

So again, what is the reason for Roberts dropping so far? If there are/were questions about his athleticism, perhaps the scouts should have asked Kevin Love.

CDR can shoot, dribble and is as long and athletic as any other guard in the draft. That does not sound the ingredients of a player who should slip in the draft so badly, the team that got him looks like they pulled off a Grand Theft Auto type of steal. Whatever the reason he was passed on, I have a feeling teams like Boston and Chicago — two teams with later picks who were in a position to take this potential steal — will be regretting passing on the Memphis guard for some time.

Meanwhile, New Jersey fans should be ecstatic with their good fortune.

KU’s Sports Illustrated Cover

To the NCAA Tournament victors go the spoils — and the Sports Illustrated magazine covers.

KU Wins
Click for bigger image

As you can see, they are celebrating Mario Chalmer’s brilliant shot; although, a shot of Chris Douglas-Roberts slamming the ball after he missed his free throws would have been appropriate as well. ;)

I hope this cover doesn’t SI-jinx the Jayhawks next year.

Weekly Pwnage: CDR Wrecks Josh Shipp and Kevin Love

Welcome to the Final Four guys. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I’m guessing the Kevin Love factor, you know, the thing everyone kept saying would make all the difference in the Memphis/UCLA game, didn’t really manifest.

Unless you consider a player who is almost 7 feet tall standing there with his hands up while he’s getting absolutely hammered by an opposing player’s dunk a factor.

Hey Kevin, maybe should — you know — foul him next time.

Dancin’ At The Sweet 16: Memphis – Michigan State

Memphis/Michigan State

These are going to be a little shorter than yesterday but it’s the thought that counts.

Our Call
For some reason, everybody seems to be on the Michigan State bandwagon, especially for this game. There’s no denying the effectiveness of Tom Izzo in the tournament, but sometimes, your opponent is just better than you. That’s pretty much the way I’m feeling about tonight’s game. Michigan State can turn this into a grinder and slow Memphis down, but the Tigers can dictate tempo as well. The key for MSU — besides great defense — is hoping Drew Neitzel can keep his shooting stroke… you know, the one he finally found against Pitt.

In the end however, it looks like Memphis will be too much for the Spartans.

Memphis – 75, Michigan State – 67