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Posts Tagged ‘Chicken Wings’

The Super Bowl Means Super Eating

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Super Bowl Food

The most popular Sunday of the year is approaching. Naturally, I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday. But what does this upcoming day of “rest” offer sports fans like us? Football? Well, yeah, but it’s more than just men in plastic armor pounding on each other for three-plus hours. Commercials? Yes, but we’ve already covered those. Plus, if the only thing you are looking forward to is televised ad pitches, you’ve probably missed the point of Super Bowl Sunday.

No, the other thing I’m talking about is good eating. The Super Bowl means Super Bowl parties, which means lots and lots of good food. With that in mind, we’ve collected some nifty Super Bowl food ideas to help with Sunday’s mastication.

Get your napkins ready.

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Hooters Wings May Not Fly (Super Bowl XLIII)

Hooters Poster

A crisis of epic proportions might just interfere with Hooters’ plan to sell over 2 million wings on Super Bowl Sunday: a chicken wing shortage. Apparently, the business troubles of a primary chicken wing distributor–Pilgrim’s Pride–is affecting the production of those little wings of deliciousness so much, worries about the amount of chicken wings that will be available on Sunday are increasing.

Sounds like Super Bowl-canceling news to me.