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Posts Tagged ‘Chicago Bulls’

Leave Kyle Korver Alone!!!!

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Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver, the sharp-shooting reserve for the Chicago Bulls, is taking an awful lot of, well, heat for getting spun around, and I’m quoting Quint from Jaws here, “just like a kinda top” by LeBron James in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. More accurately, he’s getting absolutely clowned for his special brand of defensive prowess.

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Taj Gibson Gets the Conference Finals Started With a Bang

Specifically, Gibson banged all over the face, head and body of Dwyane Wade as Chicago stomped the Miami Heat in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals. While the Bulls’ defense told the story of the whipping, it was Gibson’s fantastic smash over Wade that set the tone. Twitter loved it, as did the rest of the Internet — save Heat fans, I’m sure.

Although, considering the bandwagon nature of at least some members of that stable, do their feelings count?

Joking aside, while Game One was indeed a dominate performance from the Bulls, it would be foolhardy to consider the Heat done. Surely the names “LeBron James” and the aforementioned Wade still resonate in the NBA, right? Expect Wade to be looking for some payback come Game Two. If he happens to smash on Gibson, all the better, no doubt.

As for the almighty Taj, his vicious destruction of Wade was not his only notable dunk of the night.

After the jump, Gibson’s second dunk and a nice freeze-frame >>

Dwyane Wade and the NBA Goggle Club

The Exclusive NBA Goggle Club

The Goggle Club in the NBA is a very exclusive collection. Only a few choice individuals have the opportunity for election into this group, but they recently enshrined a new member, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. (Granted it was just a temporary selection because of his migraines, but he’s a member nonetheless) In honor of his selection, here is a quick rundown of my favorite goggles in the NBA.

Kurt Rambis
Rambis, the Godfather of Goggles, was a key member of 4 Los Angeles Lakers championship teams during the 80s. He even earned the nickname “Superman” from the Lakers’ announcers because of his Clark Kent like appearance. His all-out effort won over fans and players alike, and his work ethic and basketball knowledge led to his being named head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, official team of NUMB#RS cologne, and potential All-Star Kevin Love.

Rambis makes this list over fellow Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar because Rambis wins the acting tie-breaker, though Kareem in Airplane was pretty good.

NBA Goggle Club members after the jump >>

Michael Jordan > NBA Jam

Op/ed time:

Yes, I was one of the millions that loved NBA Jam back in the day. I was pretty deadly with Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin, and with that in mind, I understand the hype around the new edition of the game, and with the release of the unlockables list, but there was always one NBA figure the NBA Jams crew could never secure:

Michael Jordan.

And that’s why I’m stoked about NBA 2k11. Hell, some would say it’s the reason I bought a PS3; although, I maintain my Blu-Ray defense as well. Nevertheless, the idea of being able to play as Michael Jordan in many, many different modes, is what pushed me towards Sony’s box, as opposed to a Wii. Granted, NBA Jams comes out on the PS3 soon, but you still won’t have playable Michael Jordan as an option.

I, for one, can’t wait to put Air up against the LeBrons and Kobes of the world so we can finally put a rest to this “who’s better” stuff — even if it’s only in a virtual format. All I know is the first time I hear, “From North Carolina, number 23…” and see the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the opposing team’s bench, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel exactly like a kid again.

Derrick Rose Gets Us Ready For the NBA Playoffs

Derrick Rose

Whether the Chicago Bulls make it to the NBA Playoffs or not — it depends on the outcome of their game against Playoff-bound Charlotte, as well as Toronto’s game against the New York Knicks — one thing’s for sure: You won’t be able to place the blame on Derrick Rose, who, against the Boston Celtics, had a career-high in points, leading his team to their much-needed 40th win. As mentioned, if the Bulls win tonight against the Bobcats, it won’t matter what the Raptors do, because Chicago will be one game ahead with a 41-41 record.

If the two teams tie, W/L record-wise, Toronto will be playing the Cleveland LeBrons in the first round due to the Raptors owning the tie-breaker.

To gain their one-game advantage over the Raptors, the Bulls had to beat the Celtics, and thanks to Rose’s fantastic outburst, they did just that. The highlight of the game had to be Rose’s breakaway reverse windmill dunk, a perfect highlight to decorate such an important win with: See Rose’s dunk after the jump >>

LeBron’s Dancing Schtik Getting Old

It’s becoming quite clear The Chosen One’s dancing antics are starting to get on people’s nerves, not just Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls, either. The Noah/James “dust-up” hit the sports blogs this weekend, but after James repeated his “Dancin’ Machine” performance against the Milwaukee Bucks, the fact is, people are getting tired of LeBron’s “notice me” act — as one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet, that’s something he certainly does not need to do — and it looks like a mini-revolt is coming.

Also, LeBron James was dancing the entire game. Just making an ass of himself… Damon Jones danced. Antoine Walker danced, and Mark Jackson danced. Nick Van Exel danced. These are the players you’re acting like, LeBron.

Magic Johnson didn’t dance. Michael Jordan didn’t dance. Kobe Bryant didn’t dance, Larry Bird didn’t dance, and Dr. J didn’t dance. These are the players whose games yours most resembles, LeBron.

It’s been a tough little stretch for the LeBron public relations team, starting with James’ refusal to shake the hands of the Orlando Magic players that gave him his fishing license for the summer last season. This petulant response segued nicely to the Jordan Crawford dunk hubbub, which showed just how thin-skinned LeBron can be.

I mean, who gives one damn if LeBron got dunked on by a college player? Does that fact make LeBron somehow less, well, good? Even James knows the correct answer here. Had he kept his mouth shut, and/or played the dunk off with a sense of humor, he could’ve endeared himself to a lot of detractors. Instead, LeBron allowed Nike to strong-arm the video taker, which blew the entire thing so far out of proportion, TMZ got in on the fun.

TMZ a reputable basketball news source? Who knew?

And then there’s the LBJ MVP t-shirt nonsense, which, to some, was more embarrassing as any Jordan Crawford edicts acted out on LeBron’s behalf. What we have here, folks, is a pattern. One that smells like the actions of an insecure being, an idea that’s awfully puzzling when it comes to LeBron James.

Perhaps the overdose of “The Chosen One” hype resonated all the way to James’ core, because it’s becoming obvious that kind of attention is something he doesn’t want to do without.

Greg Oden Gets Trampled by Bulls

As The Baseline pointed out, Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden had a great night against the Chicago Bulls, scoring 24 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. His team even got a sizable 122-98 win over the Baby Bulls. However, Oden’s night is being canonized because of two failed dunk prevention attempts. In the lead video, Derrick Rose absolutely blasts Oden with a nifty little baseline jam that the Portland big man just missed blocking. And then there’s the play where Oden tried to get in the way of Joakim Noah, and failed.

Nevertheless, it was Oden who had the last laugh as the Blazers dominated the Bulls for a 24-point win. It’s pretty safe to say both Rose and Noah would trade their highlight-worthy dunks for an impressive road win. Alas, it was not to be. Good thing they’ll always have their Dunking over Oden posters to look back on.

And if Noah really wanted a last word, he could always grab his second National Championship ring. You know, the one he won at Florida when his Gators beat Greg Oden and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Bryon Russell Wants Another Shot at Jordan

Michael Jordan gave perhaps one of the more polarizing Hall of Fame acceptance speeches, maybe ever, on Friday, and there has been plenty of reaction to Jordan’s parting words. Peter King loved it; Adrian Wojnarowski did not. Regardless of your feelings about Jordan’s “this is why I succeeded” speech, one person in particular — Bryon Russell — didn’t seem to fond about the way he inspired the second coming of Jordan’s career — or least, he wasn’t fond of the way he was characterized in Jordan’s speech.

More on Bryon Russell’s response after the jump >>