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Posts Tagged ‘Chicago Bears’

Another NFL Suicide: Dave Duerson Begs for Brain Testing

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With the recent efforts by the National Football League to crack down on head-hunting and brutal hits on defenseless players – sad is the news of Dave Duerson’s suicide.  Duerson was found dead in his home located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.  Dave Duerson apparently shot himself in the chest.

In a strange and sobering twist, he chose to send a text message to his family prior to taking his own life.  In it, he informed his family that he wanted his brain used for research at the Boston University School of Medicine. I presume that he was all-too-aware of the impact his professional playing career may have had on the depth of his feelings of despair before leaving this world.  Left behind are his three sons and daughter born of his marriage to ex-wife, Alicia Duerson.

More on Dave Duerson after the jump >>

Jay Cutler NFC Championship Game: Another Viewpoint

My esteemed writing colleague, Cherie Burbach, wrote about the Jay Cutler debacle as created by the media, judgmental football viewers, and others in her article, Who Gets to Judge Jay Cutler? In keeping with the “Jay Quitler” theme, the story lays out all of the NFL twitterheads’ comments and the prevailing opinions of others regarding what people believe Jay Cutler should have done.  I come at this entire situation from the other side.  My contention is that what people who would comment about what Jay Cutler should have done – is:  “can it”.

The reality is simple, none of us, NFL players included, could possibly have known the extent of Jay Cutler’s injury and its impact on his ability to effectively play out the rest of the NFC Championship game.  In this day-and-age of instant feedback – we can’t stop people from shooting their collective mouths off about such experiences.  It’s especially humorous coming from those of us who have never played a meaningful down of high performance football in our lives.  Frankly, it’s alarming that it would come from fellow union members in the NFLPA.

Another reality is this:  Short of a Chicago Bears comeback win with Jay Cutler at the helm, there was no good ending for this for him.

1 – He leaves the game or is pulled from the game by staff.  We all know how that turned out already.  It involves uninformed and unnecessary criticism of Jay Cutler before the facts are ever revealed.

2 – He stays in and plays poorly.  He gets criticized, as he sometimes deserves, for his erratic play and he has “choked” in a big post-season game.

3 – He stays in and plays poorly and it’s later revealed that he has a severe knee injury, now known to be a grade 2 sprain of his medial collateral ligament with a partial tear.  He and/or the training staff are vilified for allowing him to remain in the game and sink the team’s chances to win the NFC Championship Game.

Hurray for Jay Cutler.  He loses anyone you slice it if he doesn’t win this game, regardless of the circumstances.  Why?  Because we allegedly know better – what, with all of our knowledge and NFL experience.  In the words of Chicago Bears General Manager, Jerry Angelo, “I think it’s crap.”

Why we should leave Cutler alone after the jump >>

B.J. Raji Gets His Super Bowl Grove On

B.J. Raji and the rest of the Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl, thanks, in large, large part to Raji’s interception/touchdown return, which, after avoiding a Leon Lett moment, also featured one of the best touchdown dances you’ll ever see. In fact, Raji’s play was the most crucial of the game, a contest that became a defensive struggle with neither offenses doing, well, much of anything.

On Chicago’s side, you had the Jay Cutler debacle — Memo to Maurice Jones-Drew: Don’t EVER miss another game in your career, ace. — which introduced Caleb Hanie to the rest of the world. On Green Bay’s side, after they moved the ball on their opening drive, it didn’t become a trend; and if they were moving the ball, the Packers couldn’t convert those yards into points.

Enter dancing machine B.J. Raji. After dropping back into zone coverage, Raji found the ball coming his way, and, well, the rest is dancing history.

After the jump, Raji’s hypnotic dance is preserved forever in lovely gif form >>

Nine Sacks Will Take Such a Toll

Jay Cutler

Kudos to those of you who made it through the mess that was the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. While the game stats would lead one to believe a defense struggle took place — as do the nine first half sacks of Jay Cutler — a text message from a friend of mine (@bigbakedbean) sums up my feelings:

Is this a football game? Doesn’t really look like it…

So again, a mad amount of respect goes out to those of you who made it through that slop, although, if you had the New York Giants defense in a fantasy league, you’re probably pretty happy. Apparently, this is the offending play that knocked Cutler out of the second half:

Granted, considering he got blasted nine times in one half, it could’ve been an accumulation reaction. Or a “get me the **** out from behind this offensive line” response from Cutler after picking himself up off the field, yet again. While the Giants deserve credit for their pass-rushing prowess, they didn’t set the world on fire with the rest of their play, either. Just ask Ahmad Bradshaw and his vanity:

After the jump >>

Devin Hester Electrifies Solider Field

While it was an unusual amount of penalties that ultimately did the Green Bay Packers in, Devin Hester provided the electricity for Soldier Field with a slick 62-yard punt return touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter. It was Hester’s first punt return touchdown in three years, but it clearly came at an opportune time.

Apparently, the “don’t punt it to Hester rule” has gone out the window. After last night’s return, along with another he almost broke, perhaps the edict needs to return.

Rashied Davis’ Hair Makes the Cut

Rashied Davis

Perhaps Rashied Davis was channeling Brian Bosworth, or maybe he was compensating for the lack of a logo on their throwback helmets; but whatever the case, I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears logo on the side of Davis’ head.

Whoever painted the logo did a nice job, featuring some great attention to detail and an excellent use of color.

Unfortunately for Davis, the logo didn’t help Jay Cutler throw any balls his way, and considering his complete lack of wide receiver stats, it’s doubtful his choice in hair decoration is going to get him off of special teams duty anytime soon.

Chicago Bears Break Out The Cutlercopter

Maybe Jay’s comparisons of himself to John Elway were more accurate than we were ready to believe. Oh, and you’ll notice from the graphic Cutler’s touchdown was the Bears’ first first quarter score of the season. Considering their 3-1 record, this is one of those meaningless stats, but their lack of early scoring prowess could easily come back to haunt them. Perhaps Lovie Smith should use the Cutlercopter more often.

It certainly helps Bears fans rally behind their quarterback.

Is It Safe To Believe in Cedric Benson?

Cedric Benson

Once considered an embarrassing bust by the Chicago Bears, it’s certainly seems as if Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson has completely and thoroughly rejuvenated his career in the Queen City. The question is, is it safe for Bengals fans to believe in Benson or will he relapse to the form and poor choices that doomed his stay with the Bears? While the jury is still out, here are some reasons to to believe:

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