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Posts Tagged ‘Cheerleaders’

Merry Christmas From The Sea Gals

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Tis the season for Christmas greetings, something the sports world loves to take part in.  Take this offering from the Sea Gals, the cheerleading outfit of the Seattle Seahawks — amazingly enough — and their recitation of the The Night Before Christmas. If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit, this should help, especially if you’re a guy. In fact, if you’re one of those last-second shopping dudes, perhaps you should use the Sea Gals as proper motivation.

It worked for me.  Especially when Rachel shows up.

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USC Cheerleaders Fraternize With Ducks?

Does this warrant a removal from the USC Song Girls squad? Or is this like when your girl dirty-dances with another dude and says “it’s only dancing,” only to get majorly pissed if you do the same with a random lady? Oh, and can anyone actually stop the Oregon Ducks offense?

It sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

Hot Oregon Cheerleaders are Hot

Oregon Cheerleader

A hearty good morning and happy Monday to all of you from all of us, including the cutie in the lead pic. I’m not certain which Oregon cheerleader she is, I’m thinking Kristen (although, Amanda is a possibility too), but really, are names that important? If so, feel free to further your investigation. Whatever the case, I’m sure her pleasant demeanor helped Oregon when they shellacked Portland State, 69-0.

I’m sure it gave her plenty to cheer about, just like her picture does for us.

Speaking of images, hers is courtesy of 30fps, a site of screenshots that’s clearly becoming a favorite resource of sports bloggers everywhere, me included.

Seeing Steve Spurrier’s Visor Mean’s Only One Thing

Steve Spurrier

College football’s back!!! Let the heavens sing and the people party. While tonight’s reintroduction to the sport designed to spark months of conversations of postseason controversy doesn’t feature a marquee game — Southern Mississippi at South Carolina — what it symbolizes is good enough. And hey, anytime you get to watch Steve Spurrier juggle quarterbacks, especially when a true freshman is in the mix, times are good.

So let’s raise our glasses to the return of fall weekends devoted to crazy signs behind Lee Corso’s head; Kirk Herbstreit’s perfectly-coiffed hair; a chance to hear Keith Jackson’s voice, even if it is in commercial format; hot college fans and cheerleaders; Layla Kiffin; the SEC on CBS; the madness that is Boise State crashing BCS parties; red sweater vests; new Nike Pro Combat uniforms; Heisman hopefuls; and for me, the return of Randall Cobb — just to name a few.

UCLA Cheerleaders

Life, as we know it, is now good again. To help celebrate, here’s what might be the best rap song about football. Ever.

Yeah, it’s concentrating on the Wildcats, but the chorus reigns supreme:

“It’s the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. Football.”

Super Bowl Odds and Ends

Peter King Tweet

Yeah, the Super Bowl‘s this weekend — as is my birthday — and what better way to start the weekend than revisiting the only story the media circus even bothered with this past week: Dwight Freeney’s ankle. According to Peter King’s Twitter, Freeney didn’t practice today, after much speculation otherwise. What does this mean? Who knows, however, if there’s not a Vegas betting line for whether or not Freeney plays, I’ll be impressed. As it is, I’m still expecting to see him for at least one down.

While a lot of people have been bitching about the focus on perhaps the most famous NFL ankle ever, it’s nice to see the media fixate on something that actually impacts the game instead of boring-ass special interest tripe.

Of course, considering just how much Freeney’s injury impacts the betting lines, among other things monetarily related, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising.

Other things of note:

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Sixers Cheerleaders + Denim = Win

This great find from the guys at The700Level of some of the lovely Philadelphia 76ers cheerleaders getting you in the mood … For Christmas, dirty mind. Said video description is unnecessary, of course. The important details are “cheerleaders” and “denim.” The other details are just superfluous.

If there is one complaint to be had, mine would be “too much Cynthia Gouw.”

While the host is bubbly and cute, she’s not one of the Sixers cheerleaders, otherwise known as the reason we are watching this video. Oh and for the one or two female readers out there, there are some tips on jeans-buying.

You see? There’s something for everyone.

The Texas End Zone Looks Mighty Fine

Texas Cheerleaders

This post is just a friendly reminder that in about 54 days or so, the Texas Longhorns will be playing on a new football field, something the awesome Texas cheerleaders were happy to “showcase” for us — with the help of the forum. And EDSBS. Speaking of, isn’t time for Orson to start his “Countdown” posts?

NBA Cheerleader Goings On

Knicks Cheerleaders

While the eye candy posts have largely disappeared, we’re not completely above gratuity. Take, for instance, the NBA offseason. It’s not just a time to sign the Hedo Turkoglus of the world, folks. The respective cheerleading teams need to be restocked as well. With that in mind, Mike Hayes has informed us of a quasi-Survivor theme going down at the Knicks cheerleader tryouts. The Knicks City Dancers are down to their 30 finalists, but the next round is going to involve some fan voting for the prize of immunity.

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