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Posts Tagged ‘Charlotte Bobcats’

Will Freaking Bynum, That’s Who

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Who was that masked man? The one who looks like he can fly and finishes at the rim with great authority? I know who the usual suspects are. Guys like Kobe, LeBron and Vince, but who was that dude? What’s that? You say his name is Will Bynum, also known as BYNUMITE? Whatever his name is, last night, he threw down two vicious, vicious dunks over any Charlotte Bobcat who got in his way. These nuclear strikes were so devastating, local leaders declared Auburn Hills was in a temporary state of emergency while crews worked valiantly to dispose of the remains left behind by the deadly blasts of the Bynumite missile.

Some are going far enough to call Bynum’s attacks the dunk(s) of the year. While that’s a tad too early for my blood, it’s doubtful these attacks will be forgotten when it’s time to hand out season-ending awards.

H/t to Need4Sheed for compiling footage of the preemptive strike.

Andrew Bynum Will Collapse Your Chest

Who says basketball isn’t a contact sport? Don’t tell that to Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats. While driving to the bucket against the Lakers, Wallace’s chest ran into Andrew Bynum’s elbow. The resulting collision put Wallace in the hospital with a potentially collapsed lung and a cracked rib. Surprisingly, the Bobcats still won the game. In Los Angeles. This morning, the discussion is focusing on whether or not Bynum’s elbow was a dirty play or just a tough foul.

I’m not sure if the play was dirty in the sense I don’t think Bynum was trying to injure Wallace. It looks like Bynum was late on defense and decided he’d throw a “no layups allowed” foul on Charlotte’s swing man. I kinda doubt Bynum went in the air with the intentions of cracking Wallace’s rib.

The Resurgence of Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade

Since he exploded on the world stage at the Olympics this past summer, expectations for the return of Dwyane Wade’s top-five-in-the-NBA game ratcheted up. 21 games into the season later, Wade is not only meeting these high expectations, he’s exceeding them.

After scoring 41 points to help beat the Charlotte Bobcats last night, Wade pushed his league-leading scoring average up to 29.5 points a game. Not only that, but he’s shooting almost 50 percent in the process (.499). Most importantly, Wade’s return to greatness is helping lift the Miami Heat off the cellar floor of the Eastern Conference. The Heat are currently 12-9, 3 wins away from equaling last season’s win total.

More on the Return of the Wade after the jump >>

Kobe Hurt His Knee

Kobe Bryant

While we are busy waiting for things like the start of the World Series and the NBA regular season to begin, preseason basketball serves as decent filler — especially when one of the NBA’s brightest stars tweaks an ankle or a knee. Enter Kobe Bryant.

In a game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Mamba hyperextended his right knee going up for a rebound and we have the video to prove it:

Kobe’s injury after the jump >>

Kobe Better Watch It

Kobe Bryant received his second-ever technical foul-based ejection during the Charlotte Bobcats surprising win in Los Angeles last night. His first came in February as the Lakers were dismantling the Seattle Sonics.

Not only was it his second time being tossed out of game for techs, it was his 15th technical foul of the season. One more and he has to sit out a game while serving a mandatory suspension. As you can see in the video, Kobe’s frustration kept building and building until he snapped… sometime around Emeka’s blocked shot.

I guess losing to the Bobcats — at home — can really ruin your day. I mean, they do have one of the worst road records in the NBA, with seven total road victories. I imagine Kobe Bean is marking the days off of his calendar, waiting for the return of Bynum and Gasol.

While my video comes from the SportsCenter recap (huzzah, RedLasso), Odenized has the in-game footage.

Intentional Upset: Bobcats Shock The Celtics

GarnettThe trio of Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Kendall Gill continue to take the league by… what’s that? The Charlotte Bobcats? Well, lets try this again ;) :

Led by Jason Richardson’s 34 point, 9 rebound effort, the Bobcats stunned the Celtics at the new Garden by the score of 95-83. The new look Celtics were short a couple of players as Ray Allen and rookie Glen Davis sat out because of some minor scrapes and bumps. The Bobcats’ surprising victory leaves the red-hot Celtics (well, before this game, anyway) with a 29-4 record, easily the league’s best.

Probably the most surprising aspect of last night’s game was the Bobcats’ road record. Before tip-off, Charlotte boasted a sterling 1-11 record in away games. Last night doubled their road win total.

The Celtics were paced by KG’s 24 point, 8 rebound effort but they didn’t get much out of mainstay Paul Pierce, who shot 4-14 from the field (1-9 from the 3) and finished with only 13 points. Apparently, Pierce went against his rule of not talking to the press before game time, giving full credence to the belief in sports superstitions.

For the Bobcats, the game marks a nice win for a franchise working to build a competitive ball club. I’m sure Jennifer fells the same.