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In honor of tonight’s revenge game for New England Patriots running back Danny Woodhead, arguably one of the best feel-good stories of this year’s NFL season, I present to you the 5 Greatest Woodies of All Time. Sorry Ron Jeremy, you or your pals aren’t eligible for this award.

5. Kerry Wood, pitcher

Wood burst on the scene for the Chicago Cubs in 1998. It took him no time at all to start his domination, throwing a 20-strikeout 1-hitter in just his 5th major league start. He went on to have 200+ strikeouts in 4 of his first 5 seasons. Wood might be a little higher on this list, but arm troubles have derailed his career, at least as a starter. He continues to draw interest though having reinvented himself as an effective, yet injury-prone reliever.

4. Clu Heywood, first baseman

Played by 1982 Cy Young winner Pete Vuckovich in the move Major League, Heywood was a big time Indians killer until Ricky Vaughn manned up and blew three straight fast balls by him and the Indians won the pennant. One of my favorite movies of all time (and another post entirely).

3. Charles Woodson, defensive back

In 1997 Woodson became the first defensive Heisman Trophy winner, though he did make some appearances at wide receiver as well. He led Michigan to the national championship which led to me declaring Michigan’s fight song as the greatest ever.

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