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Posts Tagged ‘Chad Ochocinco’

Ochocinco Changing Name Back to Johnson

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What’s in a name? A player by any other name would still smell as…. well, you get the picture. When you think “name” in terms of the NFL there is but one person that pops to mind: Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco used to be Chad Johnson, but he wanted everyone to call him Ochocinco because of his number: 85. Except that “eight, five” isn’t the same as “eighty-five,” but why split hairs when you’re a publicity magnet? Ochocinco he wanted to become, and in 2008 Ochocinco he became.

Now, (probably since we’ve all adapted to Ochocinco and the novelty has worn off) he is changing his name back to Chad Johnson.

The first thing I wondered at this was whether he might be leaving Cincinnati. He’s publicly said he wants to stay with the Bengals, but it still makes me wonder. While there is a good chance he could go somewhere else (Jets or Pats have been talked about in the most un-serious of ways) and if that’s the case he might not get number 85 on his jersey. That would be awkward. When your name is “eight, five” and you get say, “eight, zero” as your number? How gauche.

Chad Ochocinco Promotes Phone Sex?


Actually he’s not trying to, but because of a mistake with a 1-800 phone number listing, folks who buy Ochocinco’s cereal, which helps promote the Feed the Children program, are treated to something unexpected if they call the 1-800-HELP-FTC hotline. Instead of being connected to an operator for FTC, callers are greeted by a phone sex service, offering hot times with the “slutty” girl who recorded the message, and she’s including all of her ultra-hot friends.

Sounds like a hot time (for only 99 cents a minute!!!).

Unfortunately, however, folks who called expecting Feed the Children information were probably not looking for hot times with slutty girls — or, well, chicks with hot voices.

The story was pointed out to us by CincyJungle, and ESPN filling in any blanks of information — literally, not metaphorically.

Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. said Thursday it was pulling all Ochocinco cereal boxes from its grocery shelves because of the error. Some local stores had them on special display after the launch about a month ago.


Ochocinco told WCPO that the number was clearly a mistake and he’s sure that the maker will fix the problem.

So a funny mistake was had by all, and I must say, I’m glad the family who reported the issue didn’t freak the hell out like the “concerned” folks who acted like a fool over Janet Jackson’s metal-covered boob. Clearly, the mix-up was a mistake, unless, of course, Ochocinco is an investor in the phone sex industry.

Hey, you can’t knock such a hustle, especially when you consider just how profitable the adult business is.

Ochocinco’s Wild Reeboks

Chad's Reeboks

That there is one half of Chad Ochocinco’s new shoes, courtesy of Reebok’s new ZigTech design. Whatever your feelings on Reebok’s new style, the one thing you can most assuredly say about this particular version is they definitely match Ochocinco’s team colors. Hey, at least he’s not running naked through the woods, right? Of course, considering his reality show and the amount of women followers he has on Twitter, another commercial of a naked Ochocinco in his new ZigTechs probably isn’t a bad idea. If sex sells for men, it’s bound to work on women, too, right? Unfortunately, they won’t be the ones buying these shoes, even if they do get a naked commercial.

Maybe they’ll buy a pair for their men, expecting similar results.

Whatever the case, a hat-tip to Ochocinco’s Facebook page is in order.

Sigh, A Dancing With The Stars Post

Chad Ochocinco

What to do while waiting for the Sweet 16 to start: watch the NBA (normally I’m yes on this, but I’m not feeling it right now), follow Major League Baseball while they screw around in the nicer-weather states (no thanks), watch Raw (been there, done that), or perhaps watch something that has a slight connection to sports, not to mention, a death grip-like hold on the general public. I’m talking about Dancing With the Stars, of course, which came back into our lives last night. This year’s sports connection is due to Erin Andrews and Chad Ochocinco competing.

Yeah, even though it’s Tuesday, it’s already been a slow week.

Anyway, because everyone has already jumped on the EA bandwagon — she looked kind of stiff, but man, does she have some nice legs — I’m left to post about the adventures of Chad Ochocinco, and his new sidekick, Terrell Owens,who was in the crowd, watching Ochocinco perform.

Apparently, Ochocinco’s bound and determined to get Owens to Cincinnati, no matter what the Bengals front office thinks.

As for DWTS, Chad’s partner is the smoking-hot Cheryl Burke, which, if I was fortunate enough to have the same opportunity, would be reason enough to learn classical dance moves. Despite my (very) limited knowledge of how this kind of dancing is scored, I was fairly impressed with Ochocinco’s attempt; although, the mere presence of Burke might have had a whole helluva lot to do with that.

After the jump, video of Chad and Cheryl’s performance >>

Reebok’s Viral Ads are Full of Naked Goodness

Reebok Body
Image is unrelated, save being Reebok. I just like the picture

First, it was Chuck Liddel and his very stacked girlfriend, Holly Northcott, working out in the buff, and now, we have the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson running through the woods with his, well, Johnson hanging out. Naturally, Reebok pixelates all the R-rated stuff, but one’s imagination can fill in the digitized boxes if one chooses to (with Northcott, that’s a big yes).

The common denominator in these naked commercials are the shoes the focal points are wearing, and considering the title of this post, the name should be quite clear. Apparently, these ads are the next step in Reebok’s evolution, one that began in earnest when they introduced the Easy Tone commercial girl (Jessica Felice) into our lives.

Video after the jump >>

Chad Ochocinco Makes Tiger’s Apology Fun

Here’s his entire finely-manicured apology. I hope all of you who wanted this feel better and that you’ll be able to move on in your life. I will say, however, probably my favorite thing about this whole ordeal is watching Chad Ochocinco COMPLETELY clown Joslyn James/Veronica Daniels on Twitter. Here are some of gems:

After the jump, Ochocinco goes off >>

Ochocinco Honors Chris Henry

While he didn’t wear Chris Henry’s number 15 jersey, Chad Ochocinco found a way to pay tribute to his fallen teammate after scoring a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers yesterday. While the Chargers escaped with a last-second win, courtesy of Nate Kaeding’s accurate leg, the Bengals — after the needless loss of Henry — played with a great deal of pride and determination. There was a lot of speculation about who the Bengals would honor Henry, specifically Ochocinco. After informing various NFL insiders he wouldn’t be wearing jersey because of distraction issues, Ochocinco found another way to pay tribute to Henry’s memory.

Even though the Chargers wound up winning the game, which resulted in them clinching the AFC West, the Bengals are in a good position going into their final stretch of games. Sunday, the Bengals host the Kansas City Chiefs, and their final game of the season is an away game against the New York Jets. Finishing the season at 11-5 or 10-6, combined with their first playoff appearance in three seasons, is an entirely reachable achievement.

If you would’ve asked a Bengal fan back when the season started if they thought such a result was possible, there’s a strong chance you would’ve been laughed at.

Bengals Honoring Chris Henry

Chris Henry Sticker

How quickly we are reminded that life goes on. If you need an direct example of that, check out the teammates of Chris Henry (RIP), who are committed to honoring his memory, even during the day-to-day grind of practice. Despite the unfortunate news, the Bengals continued with their preparation for Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers. Granted, I have little doubt they would appreciate a day or two to mourn their teammate, but the NFL season stops for no man — rarely, anyway.

The face of the franchise, Chad Ochocinco, has not been shy about his feelings for his fallen teammate, so much so, he donned Henry’s jersey during today’s practice session:

Chris Henry Jersey

There’s also video of teammate Bobbie Williams sharing his thoughts on Henry:

And then there are the helmet stickers of Henry’s number 15 the Bengals will be wearing. All in all, it’s been a tremendously sad day for the Bengals franchise as they mourn a lost teammate, one who seemed to be finally making the most out of his fantastic physical gifts and the opportunities they gave him.

H/t to CNati for the updates and the images (via The Sporting News).