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Posts Tagged ‘Chad Johnson’

Express Train from Cincinnati Bengals Now Departing

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It’s been an eternity since the Cincinnati Bengals have made the Super Bowl. January 22nd, 1989 against the San Francisco 49ers is a long lost memory, a rare positive one at that, in the minds of Bengals fans. They lost that game 20-16 and since then, they’ve lost all sense of direction.

Though the 1990s, their overall record included 52 wins and an astounding 108 losses. Through the decade starting in 2000, their record of misery was 68-91-1. It seems that no matter what level of talented players they add, their perennial high level of haplessness never seems to subside. The only time this organization made news was when one of their many players were arrested for some off-the-field shenanigans that stayed in lock-step with their on-the-field shenanigans.

The 2010 season was full of hope. Adding Terrell Owens to an already deep wide receiver corps along with a rested and healthy Carson Palmer was supposed to turn the tide for the Cincinnati Bengals. While they seemed poised to finish in the upper-end of the AFC, it wasn’t long before the reality that has plagued this team set in. A 10-game losing streak was book ended by 2 wins and 1 loss to open the season and to close it as well.

Why we should leave Cutler alone after the jump >>

Ochocinco Changing Name Back to Johnson

What’s in a name? A player by any other name would still smell as…. well, you get the picture. When you think “name” in terms of the NFL there is but one person that pops to mind: Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco used to be Chad Johnson, but he wanted everyone to call him Ochocinco because of his number: 85. Except that “eight, five” isn’t the same as “eighty-five,” but why split hairs when you’re a publicity magnet? Ochocinco he wanted to become, and in 2008 Ochocinco he became.

Now, (probably since we’ve all adapted to Ochocinco and the novelty has worn off) he is changing his name back to Chad Johnson.

The first thing I wondered at this was whether he might be leaving Cincinnati. He’s publicly said he wants to stay with the Bengals, but it still makes me wonder. While there is a good chance he could go somewhere else (Jets or Pats have been talked about in the most un-serious of ways) and if that’s the case he might not get number 85 on his jersey. That would be awkward. When your name is “eight, five” and you get say, “eight, zero” as your number? How gauche.

As Ocho’s World Turns (Cincinnati Bengals)

Whether he’s kicking unexpected extra points — well, I might add — teaching us how to say “f**k you” to folks without actually insulting them, or seeking financial advice from head coaches, one thing’s pretty clear: It’s Ocho’s world and we are merely observers put here to chronicle his activities. About the extra point. Cincinnati only carries one kicker on their roster, Shayne Graham, who was nursing an groin injury. Therefore, after Chris Henry’s go-ahead touchdown, the Bengals needed someone to kick the extra point. Enter Chad Ochocinco, who, can apparently do it all.

Chad’s extra point fallout after the jump >>

Ocho’s Twitter Stream Delivers

Ocho Tweet

Between here and Cincy Jungle, I’ve been on a little kick concerning Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter profile. It’s becoming a thing of legend, and if he keeps using it like he has been, I fear it will be taken from us all too soon. By now, you probably know about Chad’s use of Twitter while the team was at the theater, watching the new GI Joe movie.

Good times were had by all, or not.

More on Ocho’s Twitter obsession after the jump >>

Reebok Enables Ochocinco

Child Please

As Chad Ocho Johnson Cinco embraces the social media craze — Twitter and Ustream are his “drugs” of choice — he’s brought an older catchphrase back into our everyday vernacular: Child, please. These two words pretty much permeate throughout Chad’s current Internet existence. Take these examples… for example:

After the jump >>

Ocho’s UStream Going Well

Ocho UStreamClick for larger image

Chad Ochocinco (insert Johnson joke here) is another athlete joining the UStream phenomenon, and like most user-interactive media, the responses are about what you’d expect. Some jock-riders, some that don’t like, and some random “Tupac is alive” stuff. In other words, it’s par for the course. The hater side is represented particularly well in the lead image, and perhaps it answers the question of what Chad is doing in his time awaysomething Marbury did NOT do.

Chad Ochocinco’s UStream.

Ocho and Merriman Still At It

Ocho Tweet

Now that the Twitter craze is undeniably upon us — see Time Magazine’s article if you need more proof — it’s fun to watch some of the more well known athletes make use of it. Normally, it’s for silly stuff, like what Shaq posts, or just random 160-character posts of nothingness. There are two, however, that are showing the potential for Twitter, especially when it comes to fanning the flames of fledgling rivalry. Just ask Chad Ochocinco Johnson and Shawne Merriman. Much to my offseason football delight, the two have continued their war of Tweets, and it’s folks like you and I who benefit.

Read more about the war of 160 characters at Cincy Jungle. There’s also some discussion about athletes using Twitter from sporting events.

Ocho Wants To Tweet, Dammit

Ocho Tweet

I think from this point forward, I’m going to simply call him Chad. While there are a few in the sports world, I don’t there are many quite as well known as the receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Chad Campbell might disagree, but he can go screw. ;) Anyway, Johnson Ochocinco Cinco wants to tweet during the game and at halftime, something which has definite potential for entertainment value. Alas, the NFL isn’t encouraging this behavior and has even gone as far to threaten fines.

And that, friends, just won’t do for Chad.

Read more about Chad’s upcoming Twitter battle with the NFL here.