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Posts Tagged ‘Celebration’

15 Yards For This?

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While Keion Bell is probably proud of Miles Austin’s leaping ability, I’d say he, too, is confused by a league that penalizes their players 15 yards for celebrating in such a manner. I’m sorry, did Austin and Williams start a circle with Williams shooting everybody down? Did they pass the ball back and forth, acting like it was hot potato, before spiking it? Or did they use any props hidden in socks or the padding around the uprights?

Since the answer to those questions is a resounding no, is penalizing Austin in such a situation a good and wise decision by the NFL? Instead of cracking down on harmless stuff like this, how about dealing with players who launch while leading with their helmets?

How about ejections and suspensions instead of fines? Or, how about focusing that all-seeing eye on things that take away from NFL enjoyment instead of trying to kill the spirit of these teams? It’s not like Austin taunted the other team (or Williams for that matter). Are players acting exuberant after a big play really that harmful the overall product?

Introducing Your College Baseball Overlords

LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers are your college baseball champions, and man, Les Miles certainly enjoyed it. Hey, at least he didn’t jinx them like he did in Game 2. Here’s the final out and the awesome dog pile that followed. Oh, and Coach Mainieri’s attractive wife and daughter (I’m assuming) make an appearance as well.

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World Series – Philly Fans Are Ready To Party

Cole Hamels

Provided the pitcher in the lead image — Cole Hamels — does his job tonight, the city of Philadelphia is ready to get down and party. 25 years of non-championships have a way of getting a town lathered up, especially when they are this close to ending their frustrations. After reports from Tampa fans about their apparent mistreatment in the two previous away games, the fact Philadelphia is getting ready to throw down shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Over at, they have a list of places you can expect to see or join the carnage celebration, if you are so inclined. If the NLCS festivities were any indication …

… I would expect absolute bedlam if the Phils finish the Rays off tonight. You know, something like the Penn State celebration from this weekend, only more so.

Not to rain on any parades, but seeing how there’s a 100% chance of non-baseball playing weather in the forecast tonight, these celebrations could very well be delayed until the early morning. Although, bad weather didn’t seem to stop anyone from enjoying the game Saturday night/Sunday morning, regardless of what time it ended.