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Posts Tagged ‘Celebrate’

68 Instead of 96? Celebration Time!!!!

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NCAA is Awesome

I never thought I’d trot out this picture in relation to anything regarding the NCAA, but lo and behold, thanks to their brilliant decision concerning the NCAA Tournament, here it is. What’s more, I completely agree with the sentiment the pooch is offering. Again, this post and all the accolades I’m throwing is in regards to the NCAA and their decision NOT to expand the Big Dance to 96 teams.

I know, I know. There’s still a great deal the committee could address — one and done rule being number one — but the fact they ignored the temptation and actually expanded in a logical fashion — that is, four play-in games, giving us 68 teams instead of the oft-mentioned 96 practically makes today a red-letter date. At least in my book.

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NBA Finals: Celebrating A Championship

Celtics Fans

I imagine if you were to look down upon the city of Boston from space today, the area would appear much greener than normal. Don’t worry, there’s not a fungus growing over Massachusetts (unless you don’t like Celtics fans), it’s just fans celebrating while their team parades around town.

While I found the above picture to be humorous, I wish they would have used green lettering instead of red spray paint to make their point. When looking at things like that, I have to wonder if Boston fans are happier they won number 17 or if they beat Kobe and the Lakers in the process. I’d say it’s a split down the middle. If the Celtics would have beaten San Antonio or Utah for the title, I think their fans would still be happy but I’m not sure if their exuberance would reach the “We Beat LA” heights.

Maybe I’m wrong.

One more thing, after the Celtics romped the Lakers, it looks Boston has that whole “Title Town” label — provided by ESPN — wrapped up.