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Posts Tagged ‘Carolina Panthers’

Steve Smith Still Loves Jake Delhomme

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The Carolina Panthers have been experiencing a quarterback meltdown here lately. In their last two games (playoffs from last season and first game of the 2009 season), Jake Delhomme has thrown for NINE interceptions, making some wonder if he’s still the man to lead the Panthers. I’ve got some good news for you, Jake — stud receiver Steve Smith still loves you, but his love comes with conditions.

You see, Jake, Steve loves you as person, but not as a quarterback. Quoth Smith:

“I never really liked you as a quarterback. But as a person, I love you as a person.”

Chin up, Jake. When you are the primary reason your team got bounced out of the playoffs as well as getting beatdown by the Philadelphia Eagles to open the season, a little love is better than none at all, right? In other news, Smith’s emotional support must be the reason why the Panthers let a player like Jeff Garcia sign with the same Eagles that wiped the floor with Delhomme’s pathetic passing. If Delhomme fails again, something he promises won’t happen again, the Panthers always Matt Moore and A.J. Feeley.

In light of that little detail, I can see why Smith is being so supportive of Delhomme. Sounds like he’s saying something like, “Thank you so much for being terrible thus far, because if your slide continues, look who will be throwing me the ball.” Hell, if I had Smith’s unending reservoir of ability, I’d be pissed too.

Update: The NFL is pulling these videos because, well, I’m guessing they are looking for some way to monetize sideline chatter.

Ahmad Bradshaw Drives A Truck

Just ask Carolina Panther Chris Gamble, who saw Bradshaw’s truck up close and personally in the Meadowlands last night. It was a fun game with an exciting finish — especially for John Gruden — but ultimately, not a lot of questions were answered, especially about the New York Giants retooled passing game. Eli Manning attempted only three passes ,however, and two of which were caught (Brandon Jacobs and Domenik Hixon). While the absence of Plaxico Burress will obviously be felt, the Giants running game continues to be the strength of the offense. Both Jacobs and Bradshaw had effective evenings and if their new-look passing game can at least keep defenses honest, the Giants should have decent offensive success this season.

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Jake Delhomme Had a Crappy Weekend

Jake Delhomme

If that’s what Jake Delhomme can expect from his arm whenever he plays on his birthday, he might just want to cancel the celebration altogether. The early chatter for the Carolina/Cardinals game was pretty much this, “Don’t bother showing up if you play for Arizona,” and it came from pundits and fans alike. It’s funny how six turnovers–five picks and one fumble–can cause tunes to change so quickly and decisively.

Delhomme’s play was so poor, some folks are entertaining thoughts of gambling debts and thrown games. I myself thought perhaps his family had been abducted and their release depended on just how poorly he played. If that was the case, I would imagine his family is home, safe and sound. Delhomme’s play was so poor, it’s being immortalized throughout the sports blogosphere:

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Who Is The NFL’s MVP?

DeAngelo Williams

After the games have been played and the coaches have been fired, the NFL starts giving out its season-ending awards. The question is, who is the NFL’s MVP for the 2008 season? There are a lot of players that deserve consideration, even if most of the buzz seems to be going to that relatively unknown quarterback in Indianapolis. Adrian Peterson is also getting a lot of recognition and considering his incredible ability, that goes without saying.

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NFL Preview – A Quick Look at the NFC South

New Orleans Saints

Jeremy Shockey

After taking the NFL by storm and making the NFC Conference finals two seasons ago, the Saints had a little bit of a fall back to earth in 2007, finishing 7-9. Injuries and a lack of defense played a big part in the disappointing end but because of a good draft and guarded optimism concerning injured players — not to mention the trade for ex-Giant Jeremy Shockey — 2008 looks like a bounce-back year for the Saints.

The keys are this: a return to form for Reggie Bush, something that should be aided by the return of Deuce McAllister who represents another key for the Saints; improvement on defense, a situation they tried to address in the Draft when they selected Sedrick Ellis; continued greatness from Drew Brees; and avoidance of the omnipresent injury bug.

The addition of Shockey, Ellis and the return of McAllister improves the outlook for the Saints a great deal. McAllister’s presence makes Reggie Bush a weapon again, instead of a 3.7-yard-a-game back who fumbled seven times. If Sean Payton utilizes Shockey correctly — and signs are he will — New Orleans should once again be an offensive juggernaut and could potentially hide a lot of defensive shortcomings.

10-6 and the NFC South championship.

Hottest Saints Cheerleader
The sad thing about NFL websites are for every San Diego cheerleader page, there’s one like the Saintsations. If San Diego and Dallas are the Facebook of cheerleader pages, the Saintsations must be Angelfire or GeoCities. To wit, they have no full images of the team members and the design looks very Frontpage-ish, especially when it comes to resizing images. Nevertheless, I did stumble upon Samantha and her nice smile.


After dealing with that site, I wish Roger Goodell would implement some kind of web standards for these team sites.

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