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Bruce Pearl’s Termination Letter

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Bruce Pearl

While it’s being reported that Bruce Pearl will be coaching the 2010/11 season without a contract, and to inform him of their decision, the University of Tennessee’s athletic department drafted a termination letter for Pearl, and it’s a pretty damning piece.

It’s clear to his superiors that Pearl knowingly committed various violations by inviting recruits to his home, while trying to initiate a cover-up of the his activities. The letter (PDF), written by Mike Hamilton, Tennessee’s AD, takes Pearl to task in such a manner, it’s honestly surprising he’s still the coach of the basketball team:

On September 20, 2008, you knowingly violated NCAA rules by hosting, at your house during a team cookout, three prospective students-athletes making unofficial visits and their families. At your house, you admitted to the unofficial visitors and their families that their presence at your house was a violation of the NCAA rules…


Your conduct failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance within the men’s basketball program and conveyed the wrong message to prospective a student-athlete and his family about your stance…

There’s more:

Prior to and after your interview on June 14, you interfered with and failed to protect the integrity of the NCAA’s investigation by calling the father of the prospective-student athlete who had been at your home… At the very least, your calls to the father created the appearance that you were trying to influence the father’s statements to the NCAA.

Still going:

During your June 14 NCAA interview, the NCAA enforcement staff showed you a photograph off you and a prospective student-athlete in the kitchen in your home and you were asked whether you recognized where the photograph was taken. You specifically denied that the photograph was taken at your home, which is false and misleading because you subsequently admitted to the NCAA (on August 5) and to Chancellor Cheek and me (on multiple occasions, including September 7) that you knew the photograph had been taken in your home.

They are on a serious roll:

Based on the facts described above, Chancellor Cheek and I have determined that you engaged in gross misconduct, including dishonesty and other acts involving intolerable behavior. As a result, the University is terminating your Employment Agreement for Adequate Cause… The effective date of the termination of your Employment Agreement is October 8, 2010 (“Effective Date”). On the Effective Date, you will become an employee at-will with no definite term of employment and will remain an employee at-will until the University enters into a new employment agreement with you.

So yeah, why did Tennessee retain Pearl again? Sure, he’s had success in Knoxville, but the letter is incredibly damning. So much so, in fact, if Pearl were to be fired, it’s hard seeing him getting another college coaching job for the foreseeable future. All things considered, Pearl should be counting his blessings. It would also be wise for Pearl to keep his nose completely clean, unless, of course, he’s actively trying to get fired.

Pearlz N The Hood

Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl gets mad love in the hood, as well as the state of Tennessee. Although, that love apparently dries out when Pearl is making jokes about a group of people known for white robes and hoods; a group founded in Tennessee. What happened was Pearl was talking about who difficult it can be to mesh the different personalities on his team because his players are from different areas. Some are from inner-city area — the hood — while others are from rural areas, or, places that have people who wear hoods. Now, to me, this is a harmless way of saying his team is diverse in a racial sense and getting these players to bond in a team chemistry environment isn’t necessarily easy.

However, because Pearl used the word “hood,” the content of his message has been completely disregarded.

After the jump including the video of Pearl >>

The Josh Selby Hubbub

So a stud basketball player decommits from a team he pledged his eligibility to when he was 16 and reopens the recruiting process. All-in-all, it’s just another day in the world of college basketball recruiting, where the fates of millionaire coaches are decided by the whims of athletically-gifted children. Why is it, then, when John Calipari’s name is mentioned, everybody assumes there’s something underhanded going on?

More on the Josh Selby fallout after the jump >>

Bruce Pearl is No Longer Available

Bruce Pearl
Click for bigger image

Sorry ladies, but it looks like one of the more charismatic coaches in America is no longer a bachelor. That’s right, Bruce “Boat Trip” Pearl announced his engagement to Brandy Miller, the lady who appeared with Pearl in our infamous “Ladies Love Bruce Pearl” post. While most of us thought the lady in the image in question was just another Pearl conquest, apparently, the Tennessee coach had other plans.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is the end of all the “I Want to Date Layla Kiffin” fun.

Bruce Pearl Has Mad Lyrical Skills

I want to thank whatever deity you choose for letting us have Bruce Pearl in this world. The Tennessee coach is a god among men, and while his new football coach counterpart might be making a lot of the headlines in Knoxville, he’ll never approach the stratosphere Bruce Pearl resides on — hot wife or not. Another god among men, Jai Eugene, call Pearl’s stint on the mic “a rap song of total domination.”

Considering how the blogosphere is eating this — and all things “Bruce Pearl” — up, Jai might be on to something. Vols, bitch, indeed.

Tim Floyd is Staying at USC

Tim Floyd

Apparently, the lack of door love has negative effects. Just ask the University of Arizona, who saw their head coaching job offer get turned down by Tim Floyd. Maybe next time, Arizona’s athletic department will allow their back door to be featured while they are entertaining their next coaching prospect.

In other coaching news, Bruce Pearl turned down Memphis’ offer in order to stay in Knoxville — if there ever was one to begin with; although, Pearl just signed a six-year extension to stay in Tennessee — and the University of Georgia finally found their replacement for George Felton in Mark Fox.

Apparently, finding a coaching replacement, even for high-profile jobs like Arizona, is harder than ever. Memphis, meanwhile, is absolutely floundering since John Calipari’s announcement to take the Kentucky job. Rumors of transfers and de-commits now plague a team that was on the cusp of an extended flirtation with college basketball greatness. Now it’s back to the drawing board for program that’s still looking for a new head coach.

Thankfully, It’s Over (SEC Basketball)

It was a bad, bad season for SEC Basketball in 08-09. Besides LSU (and surprisingly Auburn), no team has played up to what was expected of them. This especially holds true in the SEC East. For instance, fast forward to the 50 second mark in the above video and you’ll see a great buzzer-beater from Alabama’s Anthony Brock, who attended his grandmother’s funeral the day before he hit the shot that let the Crimson Tide beat the Volunteers in Tennessee. Brock’s shot brought a merciful end to the SEC East regular season schedule, one that saw not one team step up and grab the title. The South Carolina Gamecocks tried to, but lost two-of-three to close out their regular season, leaving the door open for Bruce Pearl’s Volunteers.

However, Tennessee didn’t take advantage of their opportunity to claim the east outright by allowing Anthony Brock’s last-second heroics to beat them. In other words, both South Carolina and Tennessee backed into the SEC East title, something they have to share with one another.

Jodie Meeks is God

Jodie Meeks

There. I said it. Care to dispute my account? Care to dispute Meeks’ record-breaking 54-point outing against the Volunteers of Tennessee (on 22 shots, no less)? How about 10-15 from behind the arc (what 3-point line move)? I mean, it’s not often a scoring legend at Kentucky gets unseated, but the world watched last night as Meeks moved the once unmovable Dan Issel out of the top spot for most points in a game–a record that was set on February 7, 1970.

More on the Meeks 54-point explosion after the jump >>