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Posts Tagged ‘Broken Backboards’

Broken Backboards Make Amazing Images

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Full Image After the Jump

In the past few months, there have been some new sports pictures that have really grown legs in a viral manner, thanks to the power of Twitter, Facebook, et al. Both the LeBron/Dwyane Wade picture and the Tiger Woods/Cigar Guy images resonated around the sports world, thanks to power of social media. In fact, some consider the D-Wade/James picture to be one of the best basketball images ever captured. While I’m partial to the Michael Jordan free throw dunk, the appeal of both is easy to understand: they’re incredible images.

But then again, so is this one:

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More Footage From The Jordan Backboard Incident

If this backboard video is viral, it’s really damn extensive — I’m talking about exceeding the Cloverfield hoopla.

What’s your call?

Maybe It’s Jordan’s Fault

I think this commercial is brilliant and conveys the spirit of the NBA Playoffs and what it takes to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy. While we aren’t sure if the Jordan broken backboard video is real or viral — I’m leaning viral — but the message in this one is clear:

It’s not Mike’s fault he’s so freaking great.

And it’s also pretty damn hard to win an NBA Championship — let alone six (off of two three-peats, no less). One more thing, we love the Playoffs and this weekend has been great.

Michael Jordan Broke A Backboard Too

Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, this find comes courtesy of NESW Sports and it features Air Supremacy going in for one of his trademark kiss-the-rim style leaner dunks that he made oh so popular. Only this time, the backboard comes down with him.

And you thought Mike just personified grace and beauty when he was flying through the air. He went to the rim with a little bit of power as well, contrary to the belief set forth in the Dominique/Michael dunk-off from 1988.