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Will Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers Ever Escape Brett Favre?

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The clock had barely counted down to zero before the usual talking heads were pontificating about… Brett Favre.  Now, I’m a fan of Brett Favre.  However, I tend to take a  practical approach about what is sports-important at any given moment.  I don’t believe it is unreasonable, in the aftermath of an excellent Super Bowl XLV, to want to hear a synopsis of the game, how it was played, the positives and negatives experienced by both teams, and accolades showered upon those deserving of them.  Super Bowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers, tops that list.  Yet, in the 48-hours since the end of the Super Bowl, I’m left with the impression that it’s more important for the alleged experts to talk about Brett Favre.

I’m left wondering if it will ever be possible for Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl XLV MVP, to ever escape the gargantuan shadow of Brett Favre.  Interestingly, the shadow is not cast by Brett Favre himself, instead it is cast by the sportscasters and reporters who seem unable or unwilling to focus on the hear-and-now.  They choose to sully an amazing post-season run by the Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay Packers by continuing to focus on someone who had an abysmal season and wasn’t even part of the NFL playoffs.

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Expert Super Bowl Predictions! Who’s Taking Home The Trophy?

Super Bowl Parade

Who's Going to Disney World?

Today we feature Super Bowl predictions from the Intentional Foul team of experts and predictions on how many time Brett Favre will show up. Enjoy!

Cherie Burbach

5 Reasons the Packers Will Win Super Bowl 45

Aaron Rodgers
I’ll admit that when Rodgers first took over as quarterback for the Packers, I thought all the talk about him being “elite” and at the “top of league” was way too early. Now, three years later, he’s becoming the quarterback fans hoped he would be. This year he silenced critics with his three playoff wins (all on the road), which is incidentally the number Brett Favre had in his entire career. Also, in Favre’s last ten years with the Packers he only won three playoff games total, and Rodgers did that this year alone.

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Brett Favre Teaching Class to Steven Tyler

Brett Favre and Steven Tyler

It didn’t take Vikings quarterback Brett Favre long to find new employment. I think Fox hired him to teach a new class. The class is called “How to be a creepy old dude who thinks chicks still want him 101″ and his best student is new American Idol Judge Steven Tyler. The class covers the obvious Favre specialties of sexting and leaving voice mails begging for love, but Tyler pushes for extra credit by making lewd comments to 16-year olds.

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Has Favre Ruined His Legacy?

You know just saying the words Brett Favre right now get some people to just get very very cranky. He’s been overexposed (no pun intended) in the media and gotten more attention for his indecision than anyone should have ever received.

But his legacy? All those records and what he did for the game of football as whole? There isn’t a sex scandal in the world that could break that.

Don’t get me wrong, the personal business that’s arisen of late is disgusting. But we’re not talking about what kind of guy he is, we’re talking about a football legacy.

He didn’t just break a few records. Nor was he a heartbreaking Marino-type story where he had the stats but not the Super Bowl ring. In 2008 alone he set the records for career touchdown passes, wins by a starting quarterback, career passing yards, pass attempts, and yes, interceptions. That was only one of his 20-years in the league.

Kurt Warner, who retired last year, thinks Favre did tarnish his legacy. He says:

“To me, when I think of Favre, the first thing I think of [is] the chaos that’s happened the last couple of years. Hopefully, within a couple of years, people will forget that and remember the kind of player he was on the field. I think in the short-term, he definitely hurt his legacy.”

I don’t. We as fans have a short memory for these types of things. Sure, there always be a few people who never forget anything. But not the majority of us. With some distance and a couple years all those massive records and the exciting way Favre played the game will come rising to the top. We’ll forget that in the last couple years we just wanted him to go away. We’ll see a highlight reel and almost (almost) wish we could see him play live again. That’s the nature of the sports fan.

Brett Favre Fined $50,000 for Penisgate

Roger Goodell’s seemingly limitless power to levy fines against football players for transgressions real or imagined continues unabated. It would appear that Goodell is single-handedly bringing the holiday spirit of donating to charity to an unprecedented level – well into the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. His latest donation of $50,000, made via Brett Favre’s wallet, comes at the conclusion of the much ballyhooed Penisgate.

Brett FavreSecond only in length of time to Brett Favre’s annual on-again off-again retirement drama, the investigation into the alleged sexting incident between Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger has dragged on like a high priced escort working with an ED sufferer. The alleged incident took place more than two years ago while Brett Favre was the quarterback of the New York Jets and Jenn Sterger was a sideline reporter for the team. It appears clear from the outset that Jenn Sterger was a reluctant participant in this salacious Brett Favre scandal story initially brought to light with Deadspin (gratuitous Penisgate photo at the 2:08 mark of the video). There is also little doubt that Brett Favre and his penis were even more embarrassed to have this incident broadcast across the world for all to hear, read, and well, um… see.

Still, Roger Goodell was in the untenable position of not wanting to appear as soft on this alleged violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy, so he came and came hard by levying the $50,000 fine against the legendary quarterback. While it’s a proverbial drop in the financial bucket for Brett Favre, from my perspective, that’s an awfully steep price to pay for an encounter that didn’t even have a happy ending.

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Is This How Favre Saw That Pick Six?

Justa Slingin'

While looking for video of Brett Favre’s game-ending pick six to Dwight Lowery, I came across a fan video of the play, and because it looked like it was filmed by an epileptic after consuming mass amounts of Red Bull, I began to wonder if that’s how Favre sees the field when he throws an interception. First, the video:

Yeah, even though I saw the play last night, I have no idea what’s going on in that video, and it’s probably pretty similar to how Favre saw the Jets’ defense.

Considering the fact “the Gunslinger” has 324 career picks — to his 502 touchdown passes — it’s clear Favre sees the field like that more often than you’d like your quarterback to. And yes, we’re purposely avoiding anything to do with the Jenn Sterger bullshit. While everything she says might be true about Favre, the entire situation feels like manufactured attempt to stay relevant, and considering how many “career changes” she’s had since leaving Florida State sidelines and the approving gaze of Brent Musburger, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

That being said, the voicemails sound awfully damning.

What’s next in the never-ending Favre saga? Deanna hitting him in the noggin with a golf club? Or a football helmet? You know, something like this:

Whatever the case, I wish both of them, Jenn and Brett, would just go away. Jenn’s eye-candy ways are played out — not to mention, done better by many, many other co-eds — and well, Favre is just the biggest attention whore walking.

The Real Reason Favre Returned

Favre Dollars

Was it the disappointment in the interception against New Orleans? Was it the allure of being around his teammates again? Was it his desire to play like a kid again? None of the above. The reason Brett Favre returned to Minnesota, a return that was done completely on Favre’s schedule and not the Minnesota Vikings’, must be money. Perhaps that’s easy to scoff at, but once you understand just how much of a raise Favre stands to receive, it shouldn’t be.

ProFootballTalk has the details:

Per a league source, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre got his new contract on Monday. He received a signing bonus of $4.4 million, and he reduced his base salary from $13 million to $11.6 million… Favre also is eligible to earn $4 million in incentives, which allows him to make up to $20 million in 2010.

If the Vikings are anywhere near as good as they were last season, Favre should reach those incentives, especially if they are performance-based, fairly easily. Even if he doesn’t, he still stands to earn $16 million for the 2010 season, and a number like that is reason enough for most people to leave their palatial confines of their Hattiesburg, Mississippi compound.

Especially if they don’t have to attend training camp.

Patrick Willis Welcomes Brett Favre Back

Favre Sacked

Brett Favre made his preseason debut this past weekend against the San Francisco 49ers, and even though he was only in the game for only four offensive plays, it’s safe to say Favre will remember his first game back, thanks in large part to 49ers linebacker, Patrick Willis. The 49ers are getting a lot of love as NFC West favorites, and if their defense is any indication, there might be truth to those rumors. Granted, it’s hard to take anything from preseason games, so let’s just enjoy the highlight:

One could look at the hit as a karmic payback for Favre’s “make me feel wanted, while giving me lots more money” actions. In fact, I think it’s the preferable way to interpret Willis’ Favre smash.