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Posts Tagged ‘Bracket Challenge’

The Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge Strikes Back

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Bacon Explosion Bracket

It’s March Madness time, ya’ll, and you know what that means: The Intentional Foul Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge (or IFBEBC for short) is back for its second go-around. The rules are simple: Join our Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge (Yahoo), pick your winners, sweat out the tournament, and if you’re picks are worthy, you might find yourself as the new owner of a Bacon Explosion. In case you can’t smell what the guys at Burnt Finger BBQ are cooking, allow this description to entice your imagination and your appetite:

2 pounds thick cut bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
1 jar of BBQ sauce
1 jar of BBQ rub

So yeah, it’s a worthwhile Bracket Challenge, especially if you are one of the millions of people on the bacon bandwagon. Of course, when you’re fighting for something like the Bacon Explosion, that’s not a bad bandwagon to be apart of.

Anyhow, the information for our Tournament Pick’em is as follows:

Bacon Explosion Challenge (group ID# 71753)

PW: letmein

Simply go here, enter the group ID (71753) and enter the password (letmein). Oh, and there’s only one bracket per entry, so get it right.

Best of luck to all the entrants, may the best bracket win. Oh, and one more thing, the winner will need to provide us with a mailing address in order to collect the Bacon Explosion prize.

One last thing: Even though I live in Kansas City, I’m the only one who can pick Kentucky to win it all. ;)

Your Bacon Explosion Winner

Bacon Explosion Bracket

All of the bracket challenge scores have been tallied and the winners have been announced … well, except for here. The winner of the 2009 Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge is, none other than ASU Jon from Jon’s winning bracket scored him 1540 points and his bracket was in the were 99.3 percentile. Jon’s bracket even had Michigan State and North Carolina playing in the final game, with North Carolina winning. Nicely done, Jon, and congratulations on your Bacon Explosion victory. It was a hard-fought, well-deserved victory that saw the competition cower in fear when faced with Jon’s devastatingly correct bracket.

A Little March Madness House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Chris here with some news: IF will be doing our second-annual March Madness live blog, starting tomorrow. I’ll be watching and commenting on all of the games going one, with the help of a couple of laptops and CBS’ MMOD service. Hopefully, I won’t be seeing too many of those nag screens. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to join the IF Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge over at ESPN.

As the name implies, the winner of this particular group gets one of these:

Bacon Explosion

If you are looking for another kind of March Madness challenge, check out what InGameNow’s got going on with their little twist. Instead of teams, you pick players. Say you want Blake Griffin. Are you confident enough to think Oklahoma will be in the tournament long enough for you to get the scoring benefit of his basketball abilities? You had better hope so because DVD prizes are at stake.

Don’t forget — live blog tomorrow and through the weekend and the Bacon Explosion bracket challenge. Our little contribution to the world of March Madness. Good luck and may all your picks come true.

NBA Gets March Madness Too

Celtics Dancers

This image serves two purposes–first, it helps us say “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to you, with the help of some lovely Boston Celtics dancers. Second, the image also helps us focus on the NBA’s answer to all these bracket challenges going on. Instead of dipping into the amateur player pool, the NBA is using their version of March Madness for good instead of youth-corrupting evil (because that’s what happens to early NBA Draft entries), and by good, I mean a bracket letting the users decide which team has the best, or hottest dance team. Is it the pictured Celtics? What about the golden standard that is the Lakers Dancers? The beauty is, you the voter gets to decide who “survives and advances.”

Unfortunately, you have to register with before they allow you to cast your vote, so if Internet anonymity is a concern, this “contest” is not for you. The good thing is, there is no wrong answer. If a bracket gets busted in the NBA’s version, it can only be considered a positive. I don’t know how many of the desired demographic would mind getting their brackets busted by attractive NBA dancers.

Whatever that number is, I’m not included.