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Posts Tagged ‘Boxing’

Evander “Oldiefield” Holyfield Making Comeback!

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Pushing 50 years old, Evander Holyfield is making yet another comeback.  A legacy that includes being a 5-time heavyweight boxing champion can’t be left to rest in peace.  This sometimes happens when you can’t pay your bills, your palatial estate gets foreclosed on, and you’re getting sued for debts you couldn’t afford.  Since someone is going to pay a healthy purse of millions to a name, even if they are beyond beyond their prime, it’s not unreasonable that Evander Holyfield would step back into the ring.  Holyfield said:

“My goal has always been to retire as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.  I’ve taken care of myself and I don’t feel it’s a problem if you’ve taken care of yourself.”

Having watched the video and realizing that he is one old boxer that can still form a coherent sentence and doesn’t shake uncontrollably from the brutality suffered over a long career, it’s hard to disagree with him.  Evander Holyfield is slated to fight Sherman “Tank” Williams on January 22nd, 2011.

More on the Evander Holyfield comeback after the jump >>

Pacquiao Crushes Hatton


While it sucks for those of you who went the pay-per-view route, it’s hard to dispute Manny Pacquiao’s place in boxing after his absolute destruction of Ricky Hatton. The fight was ended in the second round by a straight left hand that left Hatton out cold, but after two first-round knockdowns, it was clear Pacquiao was the far superior fighter, whose performance leaves boxing scribes wondering just how good the Filipino destruction whirlwind really is.

More fight fallout after the jump >>

Sleep Boxing

Apparently, getting your block knocked off is a traumatic experience and over time, can have lingering effects. However, in some cases, these effects are felt immediately, much like the boxer in the upcoming video. What we have is an under card bout featuring what looks like a couple of club fighters who aren’t afraid to mix it up.

Unfortunately for the one on his back, his opponent hits harder.

I’ve seen a few knockouts in my time but I’ve never seen a boxer continue to box after he got KO’d. And no, I’m not talking about a boxer being out on his feet. I’m talking about a boxer getting blasted and continuing to pump his jab while he’s laying on the floor, knocked out. Obviously, the “work your jab” commands nestled themselves inside his subconscious.

Too bad “stick and move” didn’t

Found over at Double Viking.

You Got Knocked The **** Out!!!

This video has been going around at a couple of sites, but it’s so good, we had to feature it here as well. What we have is Edison Miranda knocking out David Banks in the 3rd round of their fight, which took place on ESPN last Friday. Both boxers are super middleweights and so, there punches probably hurt a little more than the Floyd Mayweathers of the world…

Anyway, Miranda knocks the stuffing out of Banks, who winds up falling through the ropes. After he is counted out (did it really take a 10-count to see he was through?), Banks almost trips over his corner stool and has to be helped when he sits down. I’m guessing he felt Miranda’s punch… but did he read Banks his rights first (you know, the Miranda rights rule… oh, never mind).

Hat-tip to on 205th, WithLeather and JoeSportsFan.

Hatton’s Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Seeing Him Lose

On Saturday, Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather faced off in Las Vegas for this year’s fight of the century. Mayweather, solidifying his position as boxing’s best pound-for-pound fighter knocked Hatton out in the tenth round to earn a convincing victory over a fighter some thought would pose a threat. Apparently not.

Mayweather was obviously the better fighter throughout and in the tenth, he ended Hatton’s chances when he knocked him flat on his back. Hatton’s girlfriend, Jennifer Dooley, made the news circuit when she announced she was leaving her position at the Manchester College of Art and Technology in order to attend the fight in Vegas. Perhaps she just should’ve stayed in England.

Dooley, who was at ringside to watch the fight, reacted quite emotionally when Mayweather knocked Hatton out and the Daily Mail has the pictures. If watching your beau fight is this stressful, perhaps you could, I don’t know, root from afar? Anyway, I resized the pics to fit them here. As I mentioned, these images are courtesy of the Daily Mail. Enjoy:

Ricky Hatton

Hatton on his back.

Jennifer Dooley

Jennifer Dooley

Dooley reacting to the sight of Hatton getting knocked out.

Fanhouse also has a YouTube of these reactions if you’d like to see them in moving picture format. I wonder what she would’ve done if he actually would’ve won the fight…