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Posts Tagged ‘Boston College Eagles’

Win Tickets to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

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Fight HungerWould you like the opportunity to go to San Francisco to watch the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl between Nevada and Boston College on January 9th?  What would you say if the tickets were free?  Further, what would you say if, by entering our little contest, you’re also helping raise awareness for fighting hunger?  Good football on the west coast and the chance to help those less fortunate?  Sounds like a win-win, and if you’d like to be apart of the contest, all you have to do is hop on Twitter, follow @IntentionalFoul, and re-tweet the following:

@IntentionalFoul #KraftFightsHunger Win Hunger Bowl tickets and hotel accommodations!!

If you aren’t apart of the Twitter revolution, you can also enter by commenting on this post.  Winners will be chosen tomorrow afternoon (sorry for the short notice). If you’re not anywhere near the San Francisco area, Ticket Solutions will supply you with hotel accommodations for Saturday and Sunday!

Read more about free tickets and fighting hunger with Kraft Foods >>

Are Disallowed Dunks Still Poster-Worthy?

All-in-all, that was a viciously-nasty dunk from Boston College’s Reggie Jackson (Mr. December, apparently), but there’s a lingering question: Does the posterization count if the referee interferes with a bastard charging call? Granted, Jackson’s victim knows what happened there, but since the bucket doesn’t count, should the nastiness of the dunk be wiped away as well?

It’s kind of like unringing a bell, right?

Pesky referees aside, sophomore Jackson led his Eagles to the win over Providence with a nice 20 and 12 double-double.