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Posts Tagged ‘Boobs’

Saints Boobs Caught On Camera

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Saints Fan Boobs

Update: Since someone complained and started to threaten, and I don’t really want to deal with it I replaced the original image with one of these two Saints Fans. Although you can still see what was originally there over at SBB

No, that wasn’t a anonymous cell phone image posted on a random Saints forum somewhere. Instead, you can thank Getty Images for the picture, which captured a particularly exuberant Saints fan and her obvious desire to expose her boobs. And then they put the image on perhaps the popular sports site on the Internet — Yahoo Sports — making sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

And it didn’t.

Here’s hoping Miss Saints Boobs Fan made it home OK. Oh, and to the bloggers making fun of her with “Do No Want” type of comments, please. Just stop. If you were a Saints fan, in the same crowd, you would’ve done the same thing, if not tried to bogart in on SBF’s fun. Don’t lie. It’s unbecoming.

I, for one, admire her exuberance, among other things; although, I’m left wondering if she received any beads for her celebratory exposure?

Boob Grab > Angel Carbrera’s Masters Win

Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera won the elusive green jacket yesterday, beating Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell in a sudden death playoff to secure his Masters victory. Yes, Kenny Perry’s faltering on the 17th and 18th holes played a large part in Cabrera’s second major title, but give credit the first Argentine to win Augusta National’s prestigious tournament. Unfortunately for Cabrera, most of the press is focusing on the aforementioned Perry, as well as the Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson pairing.

Something else is helping steal Cabrera’s post Masters victory thunder as well: boobs. An excited spectator decided he’d share his zeal for PGA golf by grabbing the boob of the woman next to him. Fortunately for the grabber, the woman didn’t take too much offense; otherwise, said boob-grabber might be picking his head up off the ground.

That, my friends, will be what the sports blogosphere remembers most about the 2009 Masters. Angel Cabrera winning is way down on the list, behind folks like Perry, Woods and Mickelson.

And boobs.

Apparently, winning the green jacket only resonates if your first name is “Phil” or “Eldrick.”