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Bobby Bowden
I ain’t… goin’ nowhere. I can’t be stopped… Cause it’s Seminoles for life…

And with that, we now know the immediate plans for Florida State Seminoles godfather head coach Bobby Bowden. He — to quote Puff-Diddy-Daddy — ain’t goin’ nowhere. Not for the time being anyway.

In fact, the all-time leader in Division I coaching victories (373) indicated he would stay the course at Tallahassee until his Seminoles return to the top of the ACC.

“I’m still the head football coach,” he said Monday at ACC media day. “But I know we’ve got to win more than we’re winning now. I’m not interested in getting out, though. I plan on getting this thing back to where it ought to be, and go on from there. Time will tell.”

The Seminoles are coming off a pair of 7-6 seasons. And Bowden is aware that another mediocre season won’t do in Tallahassee, where there have been rumblings in the past few years that perhaps it’s time for him to step aside.

“We had better be heading in the right direction … 7-6 ain’t gonna do it,” Bowden said. “My goal is to get back to the top, but if we get there, we’re not going to stay there. There’s too many good teams in this conference.”

When you look at Florida State’s roster, you see a bunch of three, four and five-star recruits, meaning the talent is indeed present. Furthering this point is the fact FSU had the ninth-ranked recruiting class this past spring. However, it’s been the quarterback play that’s hamstrung FSU these past few seasons. In fact, since the days of Chris Weinke and Charlie Ward have passed, Florida State’s quarterbacking unit has been, well, lacking as names like Chris Rix and Wyatt Sexton come to mind.

In order to move his team past the back-to-back 7-6 finishes, Bowden needs FSU’s quarterback position to be good again. Until that time, he’ll continue to have a talented roster that lacks the necessary component(s) to get back to the top of the BCS.