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Posts Tagged ‘Blocked Shots’

Dwight Howard GIFs Are Full of Win

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While he might be an oversized man-child, there’s no denying the raw talent level of Dwight Howard. Just ask Luol Deng. Deng tried to complete a driving layup against the Magic defense, and he was rewarded quite rudely by Howard, who pimp-slapped Deng’s offering into the next zip code. The block was so impressive, it had to be preserved in animated gif format, an unexpected renaissance that proves without a doubt what’s old is most definitely new again — in relation to web design, anyway.

After the jump, Dwight blocks in gif format >>

Derek Fisher’s Wild Night

Fisher Lied

It’s safe to say that some Utah Jazz fans aren’t the biggest fans of Los Angeles Lakers clutch machine, Derek Fisher. Whether their initial reason for the fan-hate is legitimate or not, their dislike for the Lakers guard, especially now that the sweep is complete, now has reason. While folks like Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant are being praised for the Jazz series, especially the close-out game, the 12 points provided by Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown in the fourth quarter made all the difference in the game.

Fisher’s damage came from a early-fourth quarter 3-point bomb, that was quickly followed by a three free throws, courtesy of Deron Williams fouling Fisher during a 3-point attempt. Add to that Brown’s two fourth quarter 3-pointers, and you see how the 111-96 advantage got that point.

Yes, Bryant and Gasol finished the job, but without those four three-point plays, even more would’ve been required from the Lakers’ dynamic duo. Important 3-pointers and misguided fans aside, that wasn’t the extent of Fisher’s interesting night.

Highlights of Fisher’s night after the jump >>

Grant Hill Takes Jerryd Bayless’ Poster Away

Check out those young legs on Grant Hill! Question, if Bayless completes the dunk, it’s a poster, much like it was when Trevor Ariza dunked over Hill. Does Hill’s block make it a reverse-posterization? I think it does. Speaking of Hill’s energetic legs, during the Phoenix Suns elimination of the Portland Trail Blazers, Hill did his best Dennis Rodman impersonation, posting a doing-the-dirty-work line of 3 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

And thanks to San Antonio finishing off the Dallas Mavericks, we now have a second-round rematch of the Spurs and the Suns. You know, rivals who can gives us stuff like this:

Can we start the series tonight?

Jarvis Varnado Blocks Shots at a Record Pace

Jarvis Varnado

Introducing your new NCAA all-time blocked-shots leader, Mississippi State Bulldog, Jarvis Varnado. Varnado claimed sole possession of the title last night, during the Bulldogs win against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The record-breaking block — Varnado had eight in the game (Wowzers) — came against a shot from the Tide’s Mikhail Torrance. Varnado’s career blocks total stands at 536.

The previous record, held by Louisiana-Monroe’s Wojciech Mydra, was 535.

I’m not sure what’s rarer: the blocked shots record being broken or the fact the team with the record-breaking player actually won. Usually, when an individual accomplishment occurs in these kinds of games, the team with the record-breaker seems to wind up on the losing end. Not so with Mississippi State. Not only did they avoid the team letdown, the Bulldogs also kept their March Madness hopes alive.

Video of Varnado’s record-breaking block after the jump >>

LeBron Rejects Rondo (Damn)

Cleveland lost, but man, LeBron is just a freak. Question: Is LeBron the best non-big man shot blocker, maybe ever? After corralling four blocks last night, including another breakaway denial of Ray Allen, it’s becoming a point worth making. His timing, paired with his obscene athleticism, makes him almost a perfect defender of the rim, especially on break out plays when James has time to track you down from behind. Unfortunately for James, his four blocks didn’t do much to derail the Celtics. In fact, for a large portion of the second half, James looked like the only Cavalier who deserved to be on the floor. Shaq looks old, Moe Williams looks average and the rest of James’ teammates look downright forgettable. Granted, this one was only one game, but I just don’t see LeBron being happy having to carry his team again over an entire season, only to give it all away in the playoffs.

His talent level gives him the ability to haul his team to a winning record, but to win rings in the NBA, you need more than just one superstud.

LeBron blocks Ray Allen after the jump >>

LeBron James, Still Blocking Shots

King James is making plays like these a habit. Just ask Rajon Rondo. These plays also serve as reminder that the NBA starts its regular season next Tuesday. In other news, is LeBron the best shot-blocking non-big man in the league? How about, perhaps ever?


LeBron Blocking Shots Gets Us Ready for the NBA

Yeah, there’s not much going on today, unless of course, you prefer reading about Steve Phillips and his adventures in moped riding. Yes, that was a crass, little joke, but man, come on. If Phillips just wanted some strange, there are tons of women out there who are a ton more discreet than a 22-year old MySpace user who happens to be an ESPN intern production assistant. Yeah, you might have to pay a little more for said discretion, but at least your wife won’t find Fatal Attraction letters on your doorstep when you decide to move on.

Anyway, I’m digressing. The reason for this post is twofold: First, it serves as a reminder that the NBA is only six days away from starting its 2009/10 season, and judging by the lead video, LeBron James is in full defensive athletic beast mode. Second, this post is being made to avoid an ESPN analyst’s free time peccadilloes, the opening blurb notwithstanding. Back to LeBron, it looks as if he’s having no complications with his recent bout of flu, nor the cancer scare that he dealt with this past summer.

And hey, maybe the Jordan Crawford “incident” taught LeBron to be more protective of the rim. If that’s indeed the case, it looks like he’s passing that test with flying colors. Or flying blocked shots, if you will.

Thank You, Michael Jordan

What we have here is the Q and A session from Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame inception speech, all 21 minutes of it. What follows are some of my middling thoughts about the joy he gave me watching him play.

Some meager reflections on Michael Jordan after the jump >>