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Posts Tagged ‘Bill Walker’

Bill Walker Pisses All Over Andrew Bogut

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When he’s not peeing in towels, Bill Walker likes showing off his athleticism with assorted dunks and assorted frivolity. Just ask Andrew Bogut, who made the mistake of not jumping high enough while trying to block Walker’s dunk attempt. The result was pretty fierce.

You can tell by the expression on Walker’s face.

Nevertheless, the Milwaukee Bucks got the last laugh by beating the Knicks down by 27 points. Maybe Bogut was feeling charitable and let Walker finish the dunk so he and his Knicks teammates wouldn’t get disillusioned. The question for Bucks fans is, at 3-5, now a good time to “Fear the Deer,” or will their team continue to be maddeningly inconsistent?

Bill Walker Is Quick To Make Friends

Mad TMac
McGrady wants to tell Walker how he feels

After posterizing Theo Ratliff to announce his arrival, Celtics rookie Bill Walker is trying to expand on the name he’s making for himself and he doesn’t care which opponent he pisses off in the process. Last week, he pushed LeBron James after dunking in his general direction — something that will probably come back to bite him in the regular season — and now he’s setting his sights on the Houston Rockets roster.

First he bothers McGrady enough to make T-Mac retaliate and then he sets his sights on Yao and Artest. Apparently, the Celtics had an opening for team curmudgeon and Walker is trying to fill this role to the best of his abilities.

Video after the jump >>

Bill Walker Announces His Arrival

There’s one thing you can say about preseason NBA: It provides good highlights while waiting for the weekend fun. Just ask Bill Walker and Theo Ratliff. Walker, a Celtics rookie, made his debut against the 76ers last night and because of his ability to elevate, it was certainly a memorable start to his NBA career.

Not that it matters, but the Celtics did wind up losing the 76ers last night, but the game will be remembered more for Walker’s nasty facial of Theo Ratliff than it will for the final score.

Does Bill Walker Have Incontinence?

This little ditty was sent to me by Jake Dubin and it’s a video of Kansas State’s Bill Walker apparently relieving his bladder in a towel… on the sidelines, during a game.

Perhaps Walker has a medical condition that he’s dealing with or maybe he just drank too much water at halftime. Whatever the case, there’s now a YouTube of the alleged incident.

There’s also a discussion going on at the Powercat Illustrated forums and judging by the consensus, it certainly appears as if Walker is indeed peeing in the towel. Damn, I love sports… and the Internet. Where else could you find such gems?

Thanks to Jake for the heads up. Now for the video. All the action happens to the left of the screen, by K-State’s bench: