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Posts Tagged ‘Bill Self’

Kentucky Coaches Slap KU for Fighting

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Rich Brooks Tweet

Rich Brooks thinks fighting between varsity teams for major universities is bullshit, as does John Calipari, but he doesn’t work in this meme. So much so, Brooks is willing to take their combined displeasure to the world of 140 characters worth of madness. While I’m quite used to Brooks’ “no BS” delivery, I’m kind of surprised to see he and Calipari comment on Kansas’ issues in such a public forum. I’m guessing, however, that Brooks could take Mark Mangino in a fight — provided he was willing to outpoint him and not mix it up. As for Calipari, he’s probably still mad about Mario Chalmers’ shot and is using the KU fights as an opportunity to rib Bill Self a little.

Speaking of Mangino and Self, does anyone else find it odd neither coach is publicly disciplining the players involved? While both have said things will be handled internally, no suspensions have been handed down. This includes Tyshawn “Point Plankn” Taylor.

H/t to EDSBS (via SBNation)

Has Peace Finally Come To Lawrence, Kansas?

Jayhawk fans

Has the national emergency that’s been gripping the University of Kansas’ campus finally come to an end? Is it safe for non-athletic students to leave their dorm rooms now? Or will football and basketball players continue to run amuck, causing KU students to fear for their non-athletic lives? If reports are to be believed, it seems as if KU’s administrative arm is on the case, making the combatants apologize and shake hands, all while issuing feel-good missives discussing the benefits of teamwork and solidarity among athletes.

Too bad that meme wasn’t being perpetuated yesterday.

We have the released statement after the jump, courtesy of

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Another Scuffle at Kansas?

Mark Mangino

Following up to our Tyshawn Taylor post from earlier this morning, apparently, last night’s alleged scuffle didn’t get everything out of the two opposing sides’ respective system. Reports indicate another fight between players from KU’s basketball team and their football team took place this morning, meaning football coach Mark Mangino and basketball coach Bill Self will have a full slate of punishment to dole out when the dust settles. Again, reports indicate the bad blood has to do with a member of the female persuasion.

Apparently, the girl in question used to date a player from one squad, and now, she’s dating somebody from the other squad. And this, boys and girls, gives all the justification in the world to jeopardize a free education.

I guess that doesn’t matter as long a you maintain your “G” status, right Tyshawn?

Do Jayhawks Fight Each Other?

Tyshawn Taylor

Evidently, there’s not a lot to do in the town of Lawrence, Kansas. Why else would members of KU’s football team be allegedly fighting with members of its basketball team? According to the Lawrence Journal World, there was a little fracas on the University of Kansas’ campus yesterday involving members of the two teams, and that apparently including Tyshawn Taylor, who was the only player named in the report. The details, while sketchy, indicate Taylor and some other basketball players got into it with some football players in front of Burge Union, which is located on the KU campus. Taylor was named in the report because he was treated for a dislocated finger at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

More on Taylor’s fun night after the jump >>

Odds-On Favorites (College Basketball)

Bill Self and John Calipari

Are we heading for a Bill Self/John Calipari National Championship rematch next March? If you are going by the newly-released betting odds for the upcoming college basketball season, then yes, Kansas and Kentucky will be favorites when the season begins (now just four short months away, give or take). Does this mean we’ll get to find out if John Calipari can finish the job when his team is up by seven points with less than two minutes remaining? Or will Bill Self find another miracle shot somewhere on his bench? That’s certainly what the odds makers are thinking.

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Attention Whore Status? (Henry Brothers)

Xavier Henry

An interview in the Kansas City Star with Carl Henry, one that was semi-refuted, has caused some eyes to open about whether or not the Henry boys, Xavier and C.J., will be suiting up for Bill Self this fall. While the primary reason this is even a topic has to do with the NBA’s “one year out of high school” rule, the story received its legs when the elder Henry dropped a number of bombs in the interview in question. The KC Star article was controversial enough, Daddy Henry felt it necessary to clear the air. Twice.

The details of the initial interview are everywhere if you feel like catching up.

Continue reading about the Henry brothers after the jump >>

Blake Griffin Is AP’s Player of the Year

Blake Griffin has been named AP’s college basketball Player of the Year, and in other news, grass is somehow green, the sky is a mysterious color — I think it’s called sky-blue, water is, for some reason, wet and the sun rises in the east. The AP described Griffin’s winning margin as “runaway,” which is fitting considering the Oklahoma forward received 66 of the 71 first place votes. As a comparison, North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough and Pitt’s DeJuan Blair both received two.

I’m not sure who got the final first place vote; although, Ty Lawson is about the only player that could be argued here.

In other AP _______ of the Year news, Kansas coach Bill Self received AP’s award for coaching excellence. Self led his rebuilt team to the Sweet 16 a year after winning the National Championship. While the AP’s result is solid, perhaps LSU’s Trent Johnson should’ve received a closer look.

Jayhawks Struggling at the Sprint Center

Rock, Chalk, No Sprint Center

Kansas City’s Sprint Center is supposed to be one of the crown jewels of KC’s urban renewal program. It’s a modern multi-purpose arena, catering to sporting events and concerts. Another major draw of the Sprint Center is it gives the Kansas Jayhawks a close-to-Lawrence “neutral” site so they can participate in conference and holiday tournaments without having to travel all over the continental United States.

The Jayhawks’ home away from home began as just that as they started out 5-0 in Sprint Center games. Apparently, however, the Jayhawks used all that new building luck in those first five because Bill Self’s team is currently on a two-game losing streak at the new arena.

Their first Sprint Center loss, a great overtime game to Syracuse, is understandable because the `Cuse are a respectable team enjoying an 8-0 record and top-25 ranking. However, last Saturday, the Jayhawks lost to a mediocre Massachusetts team, 61-60; which begs the question:

Is the Sprint Center now an unfriendly place for the Jayhawks to play?

If you focus on their gangbusters, 5-0 start, the answer is no. But losing to the then 2-6 UMass Minutemen, a team that has already suffered a 6-game losing streak this season, takes a lot of the shine off of KU’s home away from home. Unfortunately for Bill Self and crew, they won’t get to defend their Kansas City digs until next season at the earliest. The Big 12 postseason tournament is being held in Oklahoma City and KU has no more Sprint Center games on the docket for the 08-09 season.

Considering the outcome of their last two trips to KC, perhaps that’s for the best.