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Posts Tagged ‘Big Ten Football’

Iowa Linemen, Trucks and Motorcycles Don’t Mix

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This video’s making its way around the blogosphere at an exponential rate, and with understandable reason. What we have is Iowa Hawkeyes offensive lineman Josh Koeppel enjoying an afternoon spin on his small Yamaha motorcycle. I’m sure things were going well for him: Nice weather, breeze in his face, and then — *BAM* — and he enters a popular Iowa City intersection and some dumbass in a truck isn’t paying attention.

Next thing you know, he’s doing backwards somersaults off the bike while what looks like his shoe gets about 30 feet’s worth of elevation. Ah, the joys of coming to a complete, abrupt, unexpected stop when riding a motorcycle.

Fortunately for Koeppel, his injuries weren’t life-threatening — which is a surprise considering the violence of the collision. Police representatives stated Koeppel “appears he’s going to be fine,” which is fairly amazing when you watch the video.

All Out Blitz – Texas Rises Up

Texas Wins

Mack Brown’s big win over Oklahoma came with an added bonus, or a curse, depending on your point of view: Texas is now the number one team in the land. Some folks in Alabama aren’t sure about that particular decision considering Texas leapfrogged a bye-week Tide to secure the number one spot. Nevertheless, Texas is now in charge of wearing the target, which comes under fire next Saturday when the Longhorns play Missouri on Saturday night.

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All Out Blitz – Pachyderms Eat Dawgs

Bama Wins

Another wild weekend has come and gone and we saw a group of pachyderms crush some dawgs, Oklahoma rise to the top, Houston hanging his Nutts on the Florida Gators, Rich Rodriguez perhaps save Michigan’s season and too much more to even mention.

The highlight of the weekend was Bama/Georgia and boy, it didn’t disappoint — provided you root for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. Meaningless second half point notwithstanding, Bama’s victory over Georgia was so definitive, they look like the class of a stacked SEC conference. 31-0? At the half? What happened, Coach Richt? Were you more worried about the blackout than you were getting your players ready?

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Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 5

Bama and UGA

We all know what this is for — our look at the upcoming weekend of college football and some of the games you should be paying attention to. The biggest game of the weekend is in Athens, leading us to our first preview.

Alabama at Georgia – 7:45/6:45 Central on ESPN
Beware of blackouts with this one as Alabama invades the confines of Sanford Stadium. Nick Saban’s coming to town and he’s bringing Glen Coffee and Mark Ingram with him. They’ll be met by the Great Flying Moreno and a bunch of black jerseys. The showmanship for this game as been entertaining. Let’s hope the game lives up to the hype. Keys for Georgia — pressuring John Parker Wilson into making mistakes and stopping the run (obviously). This game also features a match-up of two fantastic freshman receivers in AJ Green of Georgia and Julio Jones of Alabama.

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Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 3

USC Shorts

There’s a lot of college football to watch this weekend, even with Hurricane Ike interfering the state of Texas’ football slate. The game getting all the national attention is the Navy at Duke and ESPN is pulling out all the coverage stops it can think of to bring you every aspect of Duke versus Navy you can think of.

There’s also a random meeting of the state school from Ohio and that one California school famous for their condoms; although, the hype surrounding this game is surprisingly lacking. It’s so bad, the MSM has completely missed the boat on Chris “Beanie” Wells and his questionable availability. OK, I think I’ve made my point.

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