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Posts Tagged ‘Big East Football’

Louisville = Twitter Victim

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Kragthorpe Tweet

Steve Kragthorpe, head coach of the Louisville Cardinals football team, is an apparent victim of a fake Twitter account, and sure enough, Erin Andrews is somehow involved. Thanks to a great find by Busted Coverage, (via the Courier-Journal), we know about Kragthorpe’s affection for EA’s infamous (and illegal) video.

Or do we?

Continue reading about Louisville’s Twitter follies after the jump >>

Poor Voting Not Limited To Elections

Dexter Heyman

Now that we are in November, voting is a hot-button issue. This not only includes presidential elections but college football as well. The polls are the key component of college football — we wouldn’t have a postseason without them. That’s why it’s a good thing when those making the votes are as informed as they can be, much like tomorrow’s Presidential election. If that’s the case, what in the world explains the behavior of Bret Bloomquist from the El Paso Times?

In his version of this week’s AP Poll, he has the University of Louisville ranked 18th in the nation.

The same Louisville Cardinals who lost to Syracuse, a team noted for it’s “badness.” In the preseason polls, the Orange were ranked in the bowels of college football, sharing space with teams like Toledo and Western Michigan.

The 2-6 regular season simply confirmed what everyone was thinking.

While Bloomquist’s top five is pretty much in step with the rest of the country, the inclusion of Louisville makes everything else questionable. The Cardinals over West Virginia and Pitt? Really? They aren’t even ahead of them in the Big East. Why should that be so in a national poll? I mean, a case for Ball State ahead of someone like Ohio State can be made — although the BCS doesn’t agree — but Louisville?

The 18th team in the country? Color me confused. Apparently, 5-3 records are awfully appealing when you are in a hurry to get done.

Memo To Bill Stewart: What Was That?

Bill Stewart

You are looking at what’s probably one of the unhappiest coaches in college football this morning — Eers coach, Bill Stewart. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert in football or anything like that, but I do play one on the Internet. I’ve watched a lot of college football, while staying at a Holiday Inn, and let me say, I don’t think I can recall such poor management at the end of a game in quite some time, if not ever.

Especially in a game that’s essentially a must-win for a school looking for an identity now that the coach who built the team is in Ann Arbor. Or perhaps Stewart gets some kind of sadistic glee wasting the almost unmeasurable talents of Pat White — something that’s obviously not true. It’s just that Stewart’s end-game management last night was so bad, if I was a betting man with money on the Eers last night, I might have jumped out of high-story window.

More great clock management after the jump >>

South Florida Fans Scare KU Fans

South Florida Fans

Welcome to big time college football, KU fans. This is a sport known for rowdy atmospheres where home fans don’t take kindly to visiting teams. Now that the Jayhawks are fielding a team worth following on away trips, KU fans are finding these away school visits can be an eye-opening, insulting experience.

Especially when you get beat.

Take Pat Porzelt for instance. Porzelt is a KU grad and a proud follower of his team; however, his trip to South Florida was one he’d rather forget:

“I was walking through the parking lot, and a guy got in my face and started calling me names that I have never been called in my entire life,” Porzelt said. “And that was before the game even started. It was pretty bad. I can’t even tell you some of the things people said because they aren’t printable.”

While I suppose one could be surprised by this behavior, although, I would suggest such a person hasn’t watched one second of ESPN’s pregame College GameDay offering. One glance at the signs that show up behind Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit should tell these environments are not for the meek.

KU fans are uncomfortable on the road after the jump >>

Kentucky Fans Love Louisville

One of the many beauties of college football concerns the interactions of rival fanbases. Whether it’s Penn State fans acting like a crazed mob around Ohio State students or Alabama fans discussing Tennessee, watching opposing fans mix with one another always leads to entertainment.

One such rivalry that gets overlooked — unless it’s basketball season — is Kentucky and Louisville. While neither team is on the same level, program-wise, as Ohio State or Florida, that doesn’t mean the fans can’t get after one another like they are a top-tier program and this weekend was no exception:

If I’m not mistaken, the fellow in the above video was simply giving his opinion on the city of Louisville, something he was proud to share with the stadium police as well. I’m wondering if a Cardinals fan complained or if the officer took it upon himself to investigate the shirt?

I’m disappointed in the fact the guy wasn’t heckled by the surrounding Louisville fans, who instead opted to get the authorities involved. Do you think Penn State fans would’ve reacted so apathetically? With that in mind, I’m thinking of starting a line of WWPSFD (What Would Penn State Fans Do?) gummy bracelets for such an occasion.