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Posts Tagged ‘Big East Basketball’

Bob Huggins Lays Down the “Law”

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Bob Huggins

Whether it’s basketball or football, it’s always a good time when Pitt and West Virginia get together. There’s a genuine affection between the two fanbases, one that extends beyond mere physical activity. Um, yeah. About that. I mean, the rivalry is called the “Backyard Brawl” for goodness’ sake. To say there’s no love lost would be understating things. The latest edition of the Backyard Brawl saw the Panthers traveling to West Virginia, and if you’re a fan of unruly student fans throwing things at opposing coaching staffs, this game was for you.

Watch Huggins work the crowd after the jump >>

Jamine Peterson’s Nasty Self-Oop

Yes, the Providence Friars got beat by Syracuse, one of the best teams in the country, last night, but their trip to the Carrier Dome wasn’t without merit — if highlight-worthy dunks in losing efforts are meritorious events. Helping matters for the Friars’ Jamine Peterson is our professed love for the alley-oop, especially those that go against convention.

In other news, how good is Syracuse?

Kenpom likes them, and if you enjoy statistical conclusions that go beyond the typical points-per-game categories, it’s hard to argue with the logic. Looking at their RPI, you see the Orange have the second-hardest schedule, and their 22-1 record clearly demonstrates their regular season excellence.

Of course, a simple glance at Jim Boeheim’s roster reveals some high-grade talent. Players like Wesley Johnson, Kris Joseph, and Brandon Triche are bona-fide, (or up-and-coming, anyway) studs. Johnson represents a potential lottery pick and he has a number of complimentary parts that make the Orange one of the favorites when tournament time rolls around.

Be that as it may, it didn’t prevent the Orange from getting absolutely dunked by Jamine Peterson’s nifty self alley-oop.

Stanley Robinson is the King of Putbacks

There’s nothing like a Stanley Robinson putback dunk to start your day. Besides offering even more proof that the college basketball season is alive and kicking, it goes a long way in confirming my hypothesis: Robinson is the best putback dunker in the amateur ranks, and his domination might extend throughout the basketball universe. That’s a heady statement, I know, especially when folks like Greg Oden and Patrick Patterson exist (Patterson had a nasty putback of his own last night), but Robinson’s timing, coupled with the springs-in-the-legs-like jumping ability, makes him one of the best at taking a missed shot and converting it for two in the most emphatic of fashions.

I’ve already spoken about Robinson’s ability at STF, and last night’s finish simply furthers his legend. Oh, and by the way, UConn won, beating Colgate 77-63.

H/t to The Dagger for the video find.

Relishing Pitino’s Misery

Weeks Late

In light of Rick Pitino’s admissions concerning the Karen Sypher story, allow me to relay a little lesson I’ve learned: If you want to find the best reactions when it comes to a Kentucky-related story, turn to Kentucky fans, something the lead image shows very well. Granted, the mock-up of the “Miles Ahead” billboard (originally found here) is pretty tasteless, but it goes a long way in capturing the kinds of reactions Pitino’s confession elicited.

Fan reaction to the Pitino news after the jump >>

Tar Heels Back On Top

Something should be said for finishing the season the way you started, especially if that consists of starting and finishing in first place in the rankings. The team that started as the preseason number one finished the regular season back at the top of the ranking pile and as you can see in the above video, Danny Green couldn’t be happier about it. Of course, if Carolina loses in the upcoming ACC Tournament, they will yield the regained spot to a team like Pittsburgh, but that hasn’t happened yet.

With that in mind, the Tar Heels, a team Rick Pitino feels is the most talented in the land, should be commended on their consistency, because, as the following graph shows, the Heels were consistently better than their opponents, says the Master of the Obvious.

Back to the video: Danny Green is, in fact, dancing because it was Senior Day for the Tar Heels yesterday, and after beating Duke to close their regular season, I’m sure Green wanted to give the Carolina faithful a little something to remember him by. The dance he does should work just fine.

More March Madness minutiae after the jump >>

Get Your Popcorn Ready (Paul Harris)

I’m not sure if Jim Boehim feeds his players before games, but if he doesn’t, he might want to start. Or ask if guard Paul Harris is at least hungry. It’s either that or beating down the Cincinnati Bearcats makes Harris hungry. In the lead video, we have Harris getting back on defense, but before he gets set, a fan offers him some popcorn. Harris accepts, puts his handful in his mouth and then finishes getting back on defense. Notice he wipes the popcorn grease off of his hands as well. We wouldn’t want potential steals and rebounds being mishandled because of greasy mitts, now would we?

H/t to Rush the Court, via Awful Announcing.

Providence Earned Their Court Storming

Does Pittsburgh get stuck in broken record mode when they receive the number one ranking in the land? For the second time this season, the Panthers were rewarded for their play with the target, which they evidently don’t wear to well because after being voted into the top spot, Pitt lost. Again. This time, to the Providence Friars, a team absolutely dying for a quality win as the “On the Bubble” talk picks up in earnest. If beating the number one team in the land doesn’t help your tournament resume — one that actually looks pretty fair when compared to media darlings Georgetown and Notre Dame, record-wise, anyway — the phrase “quality win” should be dropped from the college basketball vernacular.

After the final horn sounded, the Providence students stormed the floor with some enjoyable enthusiasm, complete with a giant student head.

Don’t Mess With Jim Calhoun’s Money

If you get the opportunity to discuss salaries with UConn’s Jim Calhoun, you better make sure you have your facts in order. Just ask Ken Krayeske, a freelance writer who is also a student of UConn’s law school. When it was Krayeske’s chance to ask the head coach a question, he decided to focus on Calhoun’s salary instead of, say, basketball. The results — and Calhoun’s reaction — was priceless.

The lesson here is don’t bring financial questions to a press conference unless you have the facts to back up your statement — at least when it comes to UConn’s head coach. Calhoun indicated his basketball program generated $12 million for the university and therefore, his salary should be a non-issue. From Krayeske’s point of view, I’m sure the question made perfect sense. The US economy is in shambles and the state of Connecticut isn’t immune, having some huge budgetary issues to address.

Nevertheless, Calhoun generates a lot of money for the UConn and should be awarded as such.