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Posts Tagged ‘Big Dance’

Booby Knight Called The KU Game, Apparently

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Booby Knight
Thank god for high definition television broadcasts; although, the twin peaks behind Bobby Knight’s head would’ve been noticeable even if they were in black and white. This little gem of a picture was seen during the Kansas/Oklahoma State beatdown. After the glorious low-cut Kansas shirt was observed, the first instinct was to take a screenshot, but then you realized 30 FPS was on it, and so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

More on the Jayhawks after the jump >>

Dancing In The New Season

Terrence Jones

Normally, dancing, at least, in relation to college basketball, is saved the for end of the college basketball season, but with schools officially starting their season — well, practice anyway — last Friday, it’s quite apparent dancing is the thing at the start of the season, too. Whether it was Bill Self and his squad acting out various pop groups, or Kentucky’s women’s basketball coach showing everyone how to “Dougie,” it’s clear just about everyone in college basketball had dance fever to open the season.

First off, Bill Self and his awesome sense of self-deprecation:

And then there was Matt Mitchell showing the world the right way to “Dougie”

Speaking of the “Dougie,” Texas A&M’s president got in on the fun, as well:

Just out of curiosity, but does anyone know why the basketball event was held on A&M’s football field? I know football is king in Texas, but man, the Aggies have a pretty decent basketball program, so why not keep in their facility?

As for the dancing, UNC got down as well. Bonus: It was with their dance team, too; so you know the players just loved it:

Of course, Kentucky’s ball players got in on the dancing fun, something they said they’d do, and if the fan reaction was any indication, the dances were a hit:

Jones wasn’t the only Wildcat who danced in the new season, either. Keep an eye out for Josh Harrellson doing “The Carlton” (around the 4:00 mark going forward) and Doron Lamb come through like he promised he would (5:24 mark).

And that, folks, is how college basketball returned to your life: It danced its way back.

March Madness Changes To Accommodate 68 Teams


Thankfully, the NCAA avoided depth-charging the preferred college basketball tournament by not expanding it to 96 teams, something that was quite feared shortly after Duke beat the Butler Bulldogs. While the basketball committee did decide to include more teams in upcoming editions, it won’t be a glut of schools that have no reason to challenge for a National Championship, regardless of name recognition.

According to a new article from Andy Katz, the expansion plans call for the addition of a new first round, one that will pit the last four at-large bid teams against the last four automatic qualifiers, in a newly-created round called the “First Four.” Some details:

The “First Four” will be played either the Tuesday or Wednesday after Selection Sunday. The winners of the four games will advance to what will now be called the “second round” on either Thursday or Friday. The newly named third round — with 16 games — will be Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the tournament — regional semifinals (Sweet 16) and regional finals (Elite Eight) — will remain as they have been, as will the Final Four, which is set for Houston in 2011…

[Tournament selection committee chairman Dan] Guerrero and [NCAA vice president Greg] Shaheen said the last four at-large teams would be put on the seed line the committee decided they earned. So, this could mean that two could be considered No. 12 seeds playing for the right to play a No. 5 and two could be No. 11s vying to play a No. 6 in the second round.

Essentially, these last eight teams will play each other in the “new” first round and the winner advances to play what we recognize as the old first round (now the second). Think of it this way, two teams will fight for the right to be a “12-seed” with the winner facing the traditional “5-seed” in the second round. The other two games will be an extension of the current “play-in game” scenario.

The “First Four” games will be shown on TruTV earlier in the week so they don’t interfere with the traditional start of the Big Dance.

68 Instead of 96? Celebration Time!!!!

NCAA is Awesome

I never thought I’d trot out this picture in relation to anything regarding the NCAA, but lo and behold, thanks to their brilliant decision concerning the NCAA Tournament, here it is. What’s more, I completely agree with the sentiment the pooch is offering. Again, this post and all the accolades I’m throwing is in regards to the NCAA and their decision NOT to expand the Big Dance to 96 teams.

I know, I know. There’s still a great deal the committee could address — one and done rule being number one — but the fact they ignored the temptation and actually expanded in a logical fashion — that is, four play-in games, giving us 68 teams instead of the oft-mentioned 96 practically makes today a red-letter date. At least in my book.

More NCAA celebration after the jump >>

Edwin Ubiles Get Us Ready For March Madness

Edwin Ubiles

You might want to get used to the name of “Edwin Ubiles” because in about a week, you’ll be seeing a lot of him — for at least one game — when Ubiles and the rest of the Siena Saints get their March Madness journey started. Siena recorded their third straight NCAA Tournament birth by beating the Fairfield Stags in overtime, 72-65. The reason I’m focusing on Ubiles is because of his awesome 27-point (2-2 from behind the arc), seven-rebound performance, which powered the Saints to another Big Dance.

Not only did Ubiles stuff the stat sheet, he also provided a nifty 360 breakaway dunk that even caught SportCenter’s attention. There’s also a fan video of Ubiles’ nasty flush, courtesy of the Siena Saints blog.

After the jump >>

Ashton Gibbs Gets Us Ready For March Madness

Ashton Gibbs

We are now only nine days away from Selection Sunday, and two weeks away from the second day of the NCAA Tournament. During times like these, it’s good to get in the right mood/mindset, and thanks to Pittsburgh Panther Ashton Gibbs, and his game-winning exploits against a pesky Providence Friars ball club, we have just the thing to get in a March Madness kind-of mood.

Get ready, because it’s coming.

Gibbs’ game-winner after the jump >>

Chris Allen’s Dunks Brings Joy To His Teammates


Nasty dunks illicit a number of different reactions. A collective “daaaaaaaaaamn” from the crowd, the hung heads of an opposing team, and the hyper-excited reactions from teammates are just a few of them. Take Chris Allen of Michigan State for instance. Allen had a vicious, play-of-the-day worthy dunk Saturday against Northwestern. The result? His teammates, as you can see in the lead image, went absolutely ape-pooh. Granted, I don’t really blame them, considering the dunk Allen threw down, but still, it’s a funny reaction.

Of course, if you are reacting to this (11 second mark):

You might lose whatever cool points you have stored in your reserve. Here’s another video, this time focusing on the reactions of Allen’s teammates:

As for Allen’s Spartans, while Kansas and Kentucky battle for meaningless mid-season number one rankings, Tom Izzo’s team continues to run over Big 10 competition, positioning themselves for yet another deep run in the tournament. While other teams are getting the hype, the Spartans continue to simply be a really good basketball team that no one will want to play in March.

Mizzou Makes Memphis Look Overrated

“We kind of got punched in the mouth right from the beginning of the game,” Memphis coach John Calipari said. “They broke us down defensively like we break people down. They beat us at our own game.” I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description for a Memphis Tiger team that, save for Tyreke Evans, looked like overrated also-rans against the Tigers of Missouri.