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Posts Tagged ‘Big 12’

Post-Thanksgiving Husker Thoughts

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Nebraska CornhuskersI’m sitting here watching Nebraska play their last day-after-Thanksgiving game as a member of the Big 12 conference. I don’t know if bittersweet is the right word, but it’s…something. I was actually a pretty big Husker fan in high school. I even had one of my senior pics taken in a Tommie Frazier jersey. (I’ll spare you the actual pic. For some reason I thought white socks looked good with soccer sandals. Geez, the fashion of late 90s Iowa!)

How will the Huskers football team fare in the Big Ten? That’s probably the biggest question here in west central Iowa. Most of my buddies lean towards Iowa City, but a few even lean towards Ames, while fewer still lean towards Lincoln. The general consensus, bias considered, is Nebraska will be a middle-of-the-conference team. Hawk fans don’t think they can beat the Hawks. Cyclone fans are glad to get rid of them. Husker fans don’t care because they’re Husker fans and Nebraska football is all there is…the opponent doesn’t matter.

Husker thoughts for you after the jump… >>

Did Louisville Save Their Season?

Victor Anderson

After running over the Kansas State Wildcats last night, did the Louisville Cardinals save their season, one that started so poorly against another team of Wildcats? While it’s a little too early in the schedule to make that declaration, it’s safe to say after scoring only two points against Kentucky, Louisville’s offense has certainly woken up.

In their last two games, the Cardinals have scored 89 points, 51 against Tennessee Tech and 38 last night against Ron Prince’s team. The game was being advertised as a showcase for K-State quarterback Josh Freeman. While Freeman played fairly well, he and the rest of his team was outdone by Louisville’s freshman running back, Victor Anderson.

More Louisville football after the jump >>

Georgia On My Mind

Knowshon Moreno

USA Today released their Preseason Top 25 College Football Coaches Poll today and as expected, Mark Richt’s group of Georgia Bulldogs sits atop these rankings. There were six teams receiving first place votes (Georgia, USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida and LSU — who make up the top six teams) with Georgia leading the way with 22.

Now, as with all things poll-related, there is disagreement about who should be at the top and in college football, because these polls matter (even now), these discussions can get awfully loud and contentious. In fact, Deadspin makes sure to point out Georgia’s ranking disparity between SEC coaches and national coaches. Apparently, the feeling is the national coaches are giving Georgia too much love for bitch-slapping Hawaii in Sugar Bowl last season.

Whatever the case, teams like USC and OSU will get their chances to prove their worth; however, if somehow the Bulldogs make it through their ungodly SEC schedule with none or only one loss, it’s going to be hard to keep them out of BCS Championship Game.

Moving on. Here’s a breakdown of the Top 25 by the big-six conferences. Did somebody say 27 — as in, 27 days left until kick-off?

* ACC – three teams (#9 Clemson, #15 Virginia Tech, #23 Wake Forest)

* Big 10 – five teams (#3 Ohio State, #12 Wisconsin, #19 Illinois, #22 Penn State, #25 Michigan)

* Big 12 – five teams (#4 Oklahoma, #7 Missouri, #10 Texas, #13 Kansas, #14 Texas Tech)

* Big East – two teams (#8 West Virginia, #21 South Florida)

* Pac-10 – three teams (#2 USC, #16 Arizona State, #20 Oregon)

* SEC – five teams (#1 Georgia, #5 Florida, #6 LSU, #11 Auburn, #18 Tennessee)

This means only Brigham Young and Fresno State are the only two mid-major conference teams in the top 25. Based on that, it’s hard to see a BCS-busting team like Boise State or Hawaii (to a lesser extent) making it through this season.

Can You Do This – Big 12?

Mental Floss is back with another college conference quiz and this time, it’s the Big 12′s turn. Can you name all of the Big 12 teams in under a minute? If so, mosey on over and check it out. As for me, I haven’t actually taken the quiz because I’d probably fail… and besides, after Kansas and Texas, does the Big 12 even count any more?


The Basketball Conference Awards

The “regular season” for college basketball ended this past weekend and the conference player awards have been announced. So, instead of making you go to all the conference sites to verify your picks for ACC Player of the Year, we’ve decided to handle the heavy lifting and list the All-Conference teams and the Conference POY awards.

For the sake of avoiding scroll-monster posts and with absolutely no offense to the mid-majors, we’ve limited our lists to the power conferences. See if you agree or disagree with these results:

See the major conference awards after the jump ››

A Closer Look at 5 Overtimes

Baylor Wins

Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells had this to say after the five overtime, three and half hour, 116-110 marathon win against Texas A&M last night:

“I’m tired.”

After playing essentially three halves of basketball—and an overtime for good measure—I’d say everybody, including the trainers were tired. So what does 65 minutes of basketball get you besides dog-tired players? A closer look that some of the stats reveals some eye-opening numbers:

- 4 players logged over 50 minutes of floor time

- 2 A&M players played for 57 minutes

- 191 shots were taken between the teams

- Each team made 35 field goals a piece

- Shot a combined 106 free-throws

- Made 85

- Combined for 120 rebounds and 37 assists

- Committed a combined 69 fouls (over one a minute)

- Shot 57 3-point shots

- A&M made 4 in 65 minutes of basketball.. That’s right, four

- Baylor made only 7, making them a combined 11-57 from 3-point range

- 17 blocked shots

- 30 turnovers (one almost every two minutes)

- 8 players fouled out

- 9 players with double digit scoring… Jerrells led all scorers with 36 points

The game was the longest in Big 12 history, eclipsing the Texas/Oklahoma State triple overtime from last year.