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Posts Tagged ‘Big 12 Basketball’

Fear Jacob Pullen’s Beard

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Jacob Pullen

The “Fear the Beard” campaign of Kansas State-induced fan support for Jacob Pullen is certainly all the rage right now. I guess beating the number one team in the country, followed by your coach wearing a fake beard in your honor at the post-game press conference, has a way of solidifying your arrival. Hell, it doesn’t even matter that Pullen had a subpar game against the Longhorns (2-15 from the field, 0-6 from behind the arc) because K-State still won, thanks to their underrated frontline.

And now, fearing the beard is upon us.

With all due respect to the west coast basketball blog,, but it looks like Pullen and his fearful beard have taken over that moniker for at least the next couple of months.

To wit, in order to prepare for the game against Texas, K-State officials ordered 1000 beards — the same Martin was wearing after the game — to be distributed to students. The results, as you could see if you watched the game last night, were pretty tremendous. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of college students cheering for their team while wearing fake beards.

K-State Fans

Here’s hoping “beard outs” continue as long as K-State’s season does. Oh, and just in case you were wondering why Pullen is receiving so much love — well, besides the beard, of course — he’s averaging 19.3 while shooting over 40% from behind the arc. In fact, Pullen might just challenge Kansas’ Sherron Collins as the best guard in the Big 12.

The K-State/KU game should go a long way in determining that outcome.

Do Jayhawks Fight Each Other?

Tyshawn Taylor

Evidently, there’s not a lot to do in the town of Lawrence, Kansas. Why else would members of KU’s football team be allegedly fighting with members of its basketball team? According to the Lawrence Journal World, there was a little fracas on the University of Kansas’ campus yesterday involving members of the two teams, and that apparently including Tyshawn Taylor, who was the only player named in the report. The details, while sketchy, indicate Taylor and some other basketball players got into it with some football players in front of Burge Union, which is located on the KU campus. Taylor was named in the report because he was treated for a dislocated finger at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

More on Taylor’s fun night after the jump >>

Denis Clemente Is Better Than You At H-O-R-S-E

What we have here is Kansas State guard Denis Clemente demonstrating his mad H-O-R-S-E skills with a shot even Larry Bird and Michael Jordan would envy. This video, which was posted in July, is finally making the blog rounds, and rightfully so. Clemente’s shot was indeed awesome. I wonder, however, how Frank Martin would feel if Clemente launched one of these during K-State’s showdown with Kansas in Manhattan — a game that will play host to ESPN’s College Gameday?

More on Clemente’s shot after the jump >>

Hopefully, This Settles It (Xavier Henry)

Xavier Henry Tweet

Can this whole Xavier Henry saga be done now, please? First of all, I’m not really sure why this subject was even topical to begin with. If Carl Henry gives normal, trained-by-a-publicist responses to the Kansas City Star, instead of throwing the KU team under a “my son should be front and center” bus, there would be no legs for the story to walk with. Instead, the fallout of the KC Star interview required two revisions and led to unnecessary revelations about Xavier Henry perhaps leaving Kansas for John Calipari and Kentucky. But at the end of the day, and after reading what Evan Daniels and Jeff Goodman tweeted, it’s hard not to get the impression this was much ado about nothing — or an unnecessary grab for additional spotlight.

Look, I know it’s summer and people tend to forget about college basketball, or at least put it on the back burner; however, manufacturing stories for the sake of keeping your son’s name topical is not the way to go about fostering good conversation… Or to win over the fans.

Blake Griffin Is AP’s Player of the Year

Blake Griffin has been named AP’s college basketball Player of the Year, and in other news, grass is somehow green, the sky is a mysterious color — I think it’s called sky-blue, water is, for some reason, wet and the sun rises in the east. The AP described Griffin’s winning margin as “runaway,” which is fitting considering the Oklahoma forward received 66 of the 71 first place votes. As a comparison, North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough and Pitt’s DeJuan Blair both received two.

I’m not sure who got the final first place vote; although, Ty Lawson is about the only player that could be argued here.

In other AP _______ of the Year news, Kansas coach Bill Self received AP’s award for coaching excellence. Self led his rebuilt team to the Sweet 16 a year after winning the National Championship. While the AP’s result is solid, perhaps LSU’s Trent Johnson should’ve received a closer look.

Mike Singletary Is The Man (March Madness)

One of the better ways to comeback from a 22-point deficit in basketball is to have one of your players go on an absolutely bonkers scoring tear. Simply overwhelm the team that’s ahead with so much offense, by the time they react, it’s too late. It also helps your comeback efforts once a team establishes such leads because the leading team has a tendency to let up, losing much of the intensity they used to build the lead in the first place. Just ask Texas A&M and Texas Tech. The Aggies were up big on the Red Raiders, dominating the game with a “hey, we belong on the bubble, too” type of intensity.

And then Mike Singletary woke up.

When the second half started, the Red Raiders were down by 19 points. What followed will go down in Big 12 basketball history: the now-awake Singletary scored 29 straight points as he single-handedly brought his team back from what was going to be an ugly loss. His 29-straight were apart of his 43-point total. Fittingly, Singletary hit two free throws with about two seconds left to help seal the Texas Tech victory.

When asked about his performance, Singletary offered this deadpan response, “I was just in the zone, I think.” You think? 29 straight and you think you were in a zone? Don’t be so damn humble, Mike. Not only were you in the zone, you ran around and played in it, making it your very own. Just in case you were wondering, Singletary didn’t have to jack up a ton of Iverson-like shots to get his either:

* 14-20 from the field
* 3-4 from behind the arc
* 12-14 from the free throw line

That, my friends, is the definition of efficiency.

KU or OU? (Number 1 Seeds)

KU or OU

Ah. The month that puts the “March” in “March Madness” is upon us. Talks of bubbles being burst, pods, regional finals and number 1 seeds increase exponentially. Conference tournaments. Joe Lunardi is fired up. Brackets are being postulated. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if its college basketball you seek.

Because “March” means “NCAA Basketball Tournament,” all the talking heads are theorizing on how the field of 64 will look, usually starting with the four number 1 seeds. This year, the consensus of number 1s is focusing on this group:

North Carolina

More number 1 seed speculation after the jump >>

No Blake Griffin? Problem.

Sad Sooners

The Kansas Jayhawks, thanks to some incredible 3-point shooting down the stretch, went to Norman, Oklahoma last night and took control of the Big 12 conference by beating the Blake Griffin-less Sooners, 87-78. While there may be some sort of asterisk next to the Kansas’ win, the fact is, the Jayhawks overcame an 14-point deficit on the road and won by 9. Of course, missing a player of Griffin’s ability is going to make a difference. Just ask Cole Aldridge and his 15 point, 20 rebound, 4 block game. Would the Jayhawk sophomore center been as successful with Griffin matching him in the paint?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Nevertheless, Kansas’ accomplishment, powered by some stellar 3-point shooting, courtesy of Sherron Collins (22-second half points, 5-8 from downtown) and freshman Tyshawn Taylor (career-high 26 points, 3-5 from behind the arc), should not be discounted. Collins essentially won the game for Kansas when he exploded in the second half. Down the stretch, it was Collins who also hit the big shots to stave off Oklahoma’s comeback attempt, including one from about 30 feet.

Highlights of the shootout after the jump >>