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You know just saying the words Brett Favre right now get some people to just get very very cranky. He’s been overexposed (no pun intended) in the media and gotten more attention for his indecision than anyone should have ever received.

But his legacy? All those records and what he did for the game of football as whole? There isn’t a sex scandal in the world that could break that.

Don’t get me wrong, the personal business that’s arisen of late is disgusting. But we’re not talking about what kind of guy he is, we’re talking about a football legacy.

He didn’t just break a few records. Nor was he a heartbreaking Marino-type story where he had the stats but not the Super Bowl ring. In 2008 alone he set the records for career touchdown passes, wins by a starting quarterback, career passing yards, pass attempts, and yes, interceptions. That was only one of his 20-years in the league.

Kurt Warner, who retired last year, thinks Favre did tarnish his legacy. He says:

“To me, when I think of Favre, the first thing I think of [is] the chaos that’s happened the last couple of years. Hopefully, within a couple of years, people will forget that and remember the kind of player he was on the field. I think in the short-term, he definitely hurt his legacy.”

I don’t. We as fans have a short memory for these types of things. Sure, there always be a few people who never forget anything. But not the majority of us. With some distance and a couple years all those massive records and the exciting way Favre played the game will come rising to the top. We’ll forget that in the last couple years we just wanted him to go away. We’ll see a highlight reel and almost (almost) wish we could see him play live again. That’s the nature of the sports fan.