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Posts Tagged ‘Ben Roethlisberger’

Ben’s Back

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Ben Roethlisberger

Guess who’s back? That’s right, after a little hiatus, there’s a return of note to discuss: we’re back posting again after a fantastic Memorial Day weekend (much respect to the fallen who helped make our way of life possible).

After typing that sentence, it feels a little weird to do this next one, but here goes:

Not only does today trumpet the triumphant return of IF, it’s also the day that Ben Roethlisberger returned to the Pittsburgh Steelers off-season workout activities. Apparently, Roethlisberger won’t be talking to the media, either, which could very well be considered a good thing. Lest we forget the last time Big Ben made a media appearance, it didn’t go over too well.

Big Ben’s Google Adventure

Big Ben

Remember Google’s Super Bowl commercial? Do you want to see a mash-up using Ben Roethlisberger’s misadventures in Milledgeville, GA? Of course you do. Well, thanks to the YouTube/Google-created Search Stories Video Creator, your wishes have been met.

All things considered — Terry Bradshaw absolutely calling Ben out on the carpet, his hair in yesterday’s statement (lead image), a meeting with Roger Goodell that inspired Rachel Nichols to blow up her Twitter account commenting on his appearance — today probably hasn’t been the best day of Roethlisberger’s life.

You know what they say: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son;” although, I imagine John Blutarsky might disagree.

H/t to the Sporting Blog for the find.

Under the Bus With Hines Ward

I’m not sure what Hines Ward’s aim was during his interview with Bob Costas before the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Baltimore Ravens last night, but if it was to through Ben Roethlisberger under a bus, he succeeded. With flying colors. While Ward’s comments were no doubt inspired by the frustration of losing, they still came off as selfish, uninformed — especially at a time when the NFL’s concerns about concussions are growing — not to mention, it sounded like Ward had some leftover issues from Roethlisberger’s “taller receivers” lament.

In his defense, Ward said he wasn’t aware Roethlisberger was experiencing any issues with last week’s head knock, and has since clarified his comments to say he wanted his team to have the best chance to win.

Obviously, Ward thinks that chance includes having Big Ben under center. However, the fact he commented about having played with a concussion before can lead one to believe Ward wanted Roethlisberger out there regardless.

As for the Steelers as a team, they are in danger of being left out of the NFL Playoff picture. Currently, they are in a pack of seven other teams fighting the AFC’s Wild Card berth. While one would expect the Steelers to rise out of that morass, the fact that they’ve lost three-in-a-row does not bode well for their Super Bowl Champion-defending opportunities.

Santonio Holmes Picks Up Where He Left Off

Yay!!!! The NFL is back!!! It’s on NBC and it rocks — even with unnecessary pregame concerts!!! OK, enough hyperbole, although, I was being serious about that pregame mess. I just don’t think we need recycled pop country and a pale imitation of the Black Eyed Peas — I’m sorry, but they need to ditch Fergie and pursue the course “Joints and Jams” started them off on, instead of making weak pop music — to get us in the mood for a football game. If anything, hardcore metal would be the prudent choice, but I’m digressing.

Celebrating Santonio Holmes’ apparent Groundhog Day after the jump >>

Troy Polamalu’s Hair is Pure Sex

This here is Troy Polamalu’s latest Head and Shoulders commercial and thankfully for the rest of us, it focuses on his adjective-defying hair. The description “God-like” comes to mind and apparently, when you see it, you can’t help but be won over by it, whether you verbally acknowledge it or not. You can’t stop yourself and your eyes know this. They will fall in love/envy with or without your approval. That is the power of Troy Polamalu’s hair.

Girls want to touch it; play with it, if you will, and guys want theirs to grow like it. Is there a higher form of flattery?

In other news, at least this latest Pittsburgh Steelers-related commercial isn’t a lie, unlike the Roethlisberger/Nike offering. You know damn well Ben would’ve been sacked at least 10 times if that commercial was telling the truth.

New Roethlisberger Commercial Is A Lie

I’m not trying to kick Ben Roethlisberger while he’s going through a potentially tough situation, but his new commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods/Nike isn’t accurate. In it, Big Ben is telling a prospective buyer how the new Nike Marauders are good for helping a quarterback move around the pocket so they can better avoid the defensive rush. Um, yeah. About that: Roethlisberger has been sacked 192 times since he’s been in the NFL, meaning at least one, if not more, of those diving defenders would’ve crushed him, and perhaps injured his shoulder again.

Instead of relying on shoes, perhaps Pittsburgh could use some better pass-blocking schemes to protect their franchise quarterback; either that or maybe build a wall around him. According to Darren Rovell, despite the lingering lawsuit, these commercials will continue being shown, which means football season is getting closer and closer.

ESPN Joins The Roethlisberger Party

Ben Roethlisberger

After being dragged over the coals for their lack of Ben Roethlisberger coverage, ESPN has decided they’d throw their two cents in, as long as it delivered the story in a favorable light towards Big Ben. See, Mike Florio feels because they were “late” to the party, ESPN wouldn’t join in unless they could “advance the story” in their own right (overheard him say this during an interview on KC’s 610 Sports). Apparently, leading your coverage by saying, “Big Ben won’t be criminally investigated” and then going into the particulars frames the story in certain way.

One that indicates where ESPN is leaning.

And hey, that’s their prerogative as a sports news outlet, but still, waiting until there’s something “positive” — for Roethlisberger, anyway — to report the story does nothing to alleviate the feeling the WWL is trying to protect their interests and its partnership with the NFL.

Big Ben and ESPN

Ben Roethlisberger

ESPN is still mute on the Ben Roethlisberger situation — save for a Topix link on his player card. Is there something going on besides glacially-paced “due diligence?” Is ESPN more concerned with protecting their relationship with the NFL instead of reporting the news? Does ESPN have a responsibility to deliver all relevant sports news, good and bad? These are just some of the things I’m discussing in my inaugural post at the Washington Post’s blogging outpost for the NFL, The League.

For what it’s worth, yes, this situation absolutely stinks of a news company trying to protect their own interests. Agree? Disagree? Read more about it here.