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Posts Tagged ‘Beijing Olympics’

Usain Bolt Wins Again

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Usain Bolt

While Michael Phelps captured SI’s “Sportsman of the Year” award, it appears his victory wasn’t as acknowledged on an global scale. Members of the International Sports Press Association voted “Usain Bolt” for their “Athlete of the Year” designation. Bolt narrowly beat Phelps for the award, earning 1673 points to Phelps’ 1557. As indicated in an earlier post, I am all for Usain Bolt being recognized ahead of Phelps because I’m not sure having more opportunities to win gold — eight chances for Phelps as opposed to three for Bolt — is the perfect qualifier for being named 2008′s dominant athlete.

Michael Phelps was amazing. This much is true. But Usain was alien-like, not to mention, his performances were every bit as dazzling as Phelps’ swimming conquests were. If not more so.

On the other hand, other posters think Eight is Enough, and suggesting otherwise seems to be futile, no matter how strong an argument Bolt’s otherworldly performances provide.

Google Confirms Giants Domination


Google released their 2008 Year-End Zeitgeist, and as expected, names like “Obama” and “Sarah Palin” represented quite well.

Oh, those feisty hockey moms.

Speaking of hockey, Google also analyzed search terms related to sports and as one might expect, the New York Giants had the highest search volume, reaching a peak in January that couldn’t be overtaken in the following 11 months:


More on Sports Zeitgeist after the jump >>

Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt?

Michael PhelpsSports Illustrated released their “Sportsman of the Year” issue and as expected, the second-most decorated Olympic athlete ever — Michael Phelps — was their choice. But was it the right one? Look, there’s no arguing about what Phelps accomplished in Beijing. Eight gold medals is an incredible feat and deserves to be acknowledged.

But were Phelps’ Olympics any more spectacular than Usain Bolt’s, a sprinter who electrified the entire sports-watching world every time he took the starting blocks? Granted, Phelps has more medals, but isn’t that a result of the various swimming styles used in the Olympics? Is it Bolt’s fault there wasn’t a variation of the 100-meter dash requiring the racers to run backwards?

During his impressive domination of the swimming cube, Phelps swam in three different relay races. As for Bolt, he only ran in one. It was another incredible performance, to be sure, but the sprinter only had the 4×100 as an option. Sure, Bolt could’ve ran the 4×400, but were there three other Jamaican runners capable of keeping up with the US 4×4 team?

More Bolt or Phelps discussion after the jump >>

Michael Phelps Likes $5 Footlongs

Phelps Footlong

Apparently, the Beijing Golden Boy can’t get enough of that incredible Subway jingle, and so, he’s decided to endorse their product. Phelps will be joining other professional athletes — But wait, isn’t he still an amateur? I don’t understand Olympic rules. — like Reggie Bush, Ryan “MVP” Howard and Michael Strahan pitching the product that made Jared famous and commercial jingles fun again; at least for me.

I’m wondering if he’ll go on Dan LeBatard’s show and tell him all about it? The presser has more, if you actually need anymore details:

Mr. Phelps and SUBWAY(R) are a natural fit because they are both advocates of active and healthy lifestyles. Through his Michael Phelps Foundation, Mr. Phelps promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and advocates swimming for children. During his travel for training, meets and races, he takes advantage of the 30,000 SUBWAY(R) locations.

“SUBWAY(R) restaurants have always given me the options that I am looking for – whether that’s healthy sandwiches before a big meet or the tasty meatball sub that I treat myself with,” stated Michael Phelps. “I was ready to take my SUBWAY(R) fan-dom to the next level – I really think of SUBWAY(R) as a champion food option.”

I hope that “champion food option” doesn’t become their catchphrase. The $5 footlong song is hotter than “Crank Dat” and I don’t want Subway screwing around with something so golden. Not even for something equally golden (Phelps, not the phrase).